Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.6 Part 1)


Hii guyssss…
I know all of you are eager to know who the mysterious dancer is…..but I can’t just reveal it just yet. I want to show you the step by step process as to how Anirudh solves the mystery. The next few updates, will be totally from the POV of Anirudh. Of course, Tanya will be included, but it will be mainly of solving the mystery. I’ll try my best as to not to drag it and reveal it as soon as I can!!!

Last part:

Anirudh wandered his gaze throughout the room, checking each and every corner to make sure she didn’t leave behind any clue of any sort. No luck, he found nothing in the old, dusty room. How did she manage to find this room anyways? His face filled with the determination to find answers to his questions.
He left the room and headed upstairs to his first suspect, Sammy. He leaned back at her locker for a while, casually texting Armaan about his whereabouts. Within the span of 20 minutes, Sammy appeared at her locker, talking to a bunch more people. She turned to face Anirudh, and raised her eyebrows as to why was he here?

“Hey,” he asked flirtily, with a boyish grin covering his face

“Hi,” she replied back enthusiastically, opening her locker.

“I never noticed, but you have quite beautiful hair,”


“You should tie it a braid to make it seem longer,”

“Hmmm….okay” she obeyed him like a well disciplined child.

Instantly, she pulled of a braid from her long hair, and settling it to the side. The brain only reached to the side of her hips. “There,”

“Do you have those wigs or attaching braids to you hair?”

“Nope, I don’t like them, they are extremely gross and fussy,”


“When is our next dance rehearsal?”

“Wednesday, after school,”

“Cool! I can’t wait to start zumba for warmup,”

“Have you ever tried classical dance before?”



“ But everybody says Via is great classical dancer, I never met her have you??” Anisha said as she approached both of them.

“Bingo!” Anirudh mumbled as he just got his clue to the last person in his list.

“Did you say something?” Anisha inquired back.

Anirudh nodded in a negative and asked, “Where is her locker?”

“What??” Sammy asked astonished and quickly changed her words after looking at her friends’ confused expression, “I mean why?”

“I want to see if she can teach you girls classical dance,” Anirudh sternly replied back.

“But I don’t want to learn classical,” Anisha and Sammy both yelled at him at the same time, making him stumble back a little.

“Let me at least meet her,” he concluded.

“Fine, her locker is to the left of our science class,” Anisha said.
“Look who’s here, the captain of the dance team,” Via arrogantly said as she saw Anirudh approaching.


“What do you want?”

“I came with a request,”

“Which is?”

“Can you please teach the twins classical dance for a few days?”

“Why so?”

“For the National Dance championship, more dance forms, more chances of winning,”

“But why me?”

“Everyone knows you are a good classical dancer,”

“I guess so,”

“That means a yes,” She gave him a tight smile and closed her locker.

“Cool, we will provide you ghungroos too,” Anirudh said, trying to get something out from her.

“ I have my own,”

“But ours are good quality and are shiny, golden ones,”

“I don’t want them,”

“They are actually made of gold and are pretty rare,”

“Dude, I have them too, so I am fine.”

Anirudh’s heart was leaping in excitement, he finally narrowed his suspect to one person, only in 1 day. He was way better than he thought, he quickly came out of his thoughts and said, “Geez! I didn’t know that,”

“Can you please send Tanya to me, I need to talk to her about the rest of the details,”

“Why her?” “ I mean I am the one who asked you, why bring her in?”

“Have you ever done classical dance before?”


“Exactly, she has done classical before, she will know more about the needs, levels and form,”

The whole day y’day , Anirudh didn’t manage to talk to Tanya for explaining her the concept. Should he trust her?? As he descended down the stairs and quietly slid beside the wall of the dance room where he saw her the day before. He put all his concentration on the door at the back of the room.

“Who are we finding?” he heard a familiar voice call out, he didn’t bother to see who it was, but blindly answered, “ The mysterious girl.”

“Is she your girlfriend?” the voice asked back, Anirudh was in no mood to look at her and answer. With the voice, he recognized it as a female voice, but who, he didn’t want to think too much about it, instead focus on the door, where the girl might enter.

“No, not yet,” he replied back causally.

“So you have plans tho?”

Anirudh was frustrated by this random girls stupid questions, and turned his head around to face her. He let out a girly squeal, followed by another soft one by her. It was Tanya.

Of course, who else would think about all these stupid questions other than her. She gave him a tight smile and stepped back to escape.

He grabbed her wrist in sudden movement and threw her back to the wall. Pinning her arms underneath, and looking at her irked face. She let out a suffering sigh as his fingers dug deeper into her skin. Although her skin looks smooth and fragile, but it’s not, her skin is her protector which keeps resisting his effort of his nails. She winced as he didn’t let go even when she stomped his foot.

“What are you doing here?” he huskily asked her, slamming her hands one more time to the wall to make her face him. Her innocently sharp gaze met his, drilling the pain she was having right into his eyes. The fierce and intense look on her face made him release her hand slightly,making her finally speak.

“I was here to help the band,” she replied back in a low tone.

He shook his head in disbelief and said, “what does the band need help with?” not wanting to believe her white lie.

She looked back at him, blinked her eyes twice and answered, “fine, I came here to watch my favourite show in my phone.”

Anirudh looked on flustered by her words, “you came early in the morning to watch your favourite show?”

“Oh come on, mine at least sounds believable, you came here to find a mysterious person. Really?”she said irritated.

Anirudh opened his mouth to tell her what exactly happened y’day but changed his words as his mind was hindering over something else, “why would you not watch it at home?”

“Because of my cousins,” she complained like a 3 year old.

“Whoa Whoa… go easy there, will you?” Anirudh said, she doesn’t explain anything properly and then tells him that he asks too much questions.

“If they come to know I woke up early to watch a show, then they will make me help them in their chores, I can’t find time to watch it in the night. So , I come to school and watch it. Simple!” she said with a genuine smile, assuring him to believe her words.

“In the basement?” he quizzically wondered, making her roll her eyes.

“Noooo, I saw you creepingly walking downstairs, so I followed you,” she said in low tone again.

“And I should believe that?” he said in disbelief.

“Why wouldn’t you?” she shot back at him which made him think about a suitable response. Just then he realized about the classical dance with Via.

“You have to meet Via today to discuss the classical dance rehearsal tomorrow,” he said sternly, hammering the words into her brain.

She nodded confused and questioned back in a faint voice, “What?”

“Ughhhh…. I organized a dance rehearsal to get Via to teach you all classical dance. She wants to meet you, so GO MEET HER.” he yelled back at her, which caused her move her face more backwards to the cement wall.

“Okay, okay, you need to chill,” she said as he released her from his tightened grip and looked back at the room before leaving the basement. All hell would break loose if he stayed there any longer.

Next: Investigation Step 3

I hope you all liked it!!!! Pls tell me how it is!
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  1. Actually who she is tanya?

  2. Keep reading to know!!

  3. Huff…!! Mandy finally they uploaded….
    Thnk god..!!
    Now I’m so relieved after reading it…

    And cmng to today’s update…
    It was superbbb….
    And d way anirudh investigated was no less than a super cop…
    Lolz.. I njoyd thoroughly…
    And as usual Sammy’s stupidness and aniya’s nhok-jhok was cuteee…
    And I have a doubt Mandy…
    Who is dis new character via ??? Never heard b4 in ur previous updates…
    Hope she is not the mysterious girl…
    Luv to see aniya together always…
    And I strongly believe tht the mysterious girl is Tanya…
    Thnx for d update Mandy…
    And nadokka request… Velaithe everyday 2 updates cheyadaniki try cheyyava plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Endukante inni rojulu miss aindhi kadha… To compensate tht loss(lolz)…..
    Hope u don’t mind… Loads of luv n support for u all d time… Luv u… Keep going…!!

    1. Ikr!!!!! Finallyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
      I am super glad you liked it and feeling relieved after reading your comment!!!

      Nice that you r enjoying the case solving…..I love to write about mysteries and suspense. (Crazy….ik)

      Via is just a experienced classical dancer in their school, she pursues it outside school.

      Keep reading to know weather the mysterious girl is Tanya or Via or someone else?

      And don’t thank me for updates.,……the pleasure is all mine!!??

      See, exams are approaching soon…..I have loads to prepare, so at the moment I can’t BUT Il try in Feb!
      I know that is like a month away……let’s see how it goes!

      1. Thts fine Mandy…!! Do update when u r free…!! Study well for ur exams..!!
        By d way wht r u studying dear??

      2. Hey…I’ll update 2 episodes a day in Feb!
        Didn’t mean like I won’t update till Feb….sorry for the confusion!
        I will definitely not leave you guys with a cliff hanger!

    2. * Typo….I’ll not update 2 times

  4. Gud going. . .Reveal mystrious girls id soon. . . Updt nxt part too. . .plz. . .

    1. Thanks….ill try to reveal it as soon as I can….

  5. Superb episode dear and anirudh’s investigation was too nice but I think he didn’t got any doubt on Tanya, because tanya also knew classical dance na .will be waiting for next episode.

    1. Thanks….keep reading to know more!!
      Lakshmi…..come back on Google+!!

  6. mysterious girl ha. name itself sounds so mysterious. haha. ok ok.
    ani oh god he will have good career in investigation yaar. he is so gud in it. sharp brain.
    tanya she is just amazing. she is so full of life. ani he don’t hav anything except yelling at her n frightening her.
    what is ani’s plan? what will he do after finding the MYSTERIOUS GIRL??? so many questions.
    but ok for now i’m interested in who the girl is??? i wish she is my tanya.

    1. Lol!! Hey… I am writer….how can only Anirudh have a good career.. Me too right?? 😉 😉
      About aniya..opposites attract!! many questions all at once?? I assure you I’ll answer all of them slowly!!

      To know about the girl….keep reading!!

  7. I hope its tanya only…waiting 4 nxt part all d best 4 ur exms…rock it…!!!

    1. Thanks!! They have not yet started…will start in 2 weeks. So, prep is going on!!

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    1. Ofcourse….I will update till last week of Jan…u’ll know the mystery by next week!
      Keep reading!!

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR MANDY! ! Awesome update . I am very eager to know who is the mysterious girl.

    1. Thanks…HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!!
      Keep reading to know about the mysterious girl !!!

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