Friendship, Love and Passion ( Ch. 5 Part 7)


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Anirudh walked through the hard, rugged walls of the lonely basement of the school. There were not many room in the basement, or people in the school at this hour. He glanced at his watch with projected 6:30 am. He sighed, with the thought as to why was he here? Anybody seeing him around at this time would probably laugh at him without fail.
As his feet padded the bumpy floor of the wing, he recollected his night from y’day, which woke him up in the morning.
The sweat from his forehead dripped onto his eye, waking him in a jiffy. He gasped for breath as he was comforted by the walls of his room. His hands loosened from his strangled neck and tightened their grip on the blanket covering him. He had dreamed that the wall were closing in on him, strangling him with the little amount of air available.
There was obviously no light all around, throwing him deeper and deeper into the black hole of loneliness. His stomach firmed up with the dizziness in his head due to claustrophobia.
Every time he was held in closed spaces, he would have these nightmares.
He looked up to see his room lighted up with the candle light and the aroma of vanilla in the air. (No wonder he smelled like Vanilla to Tanya 😉 )
He took a few deep breaths in and out, let loose of his blanket and hopped out of the bed. The light rays forced their way around the room, penetrating the room from one corner to the other. His sleepy gaze was replaced by modesty,wishing for a hand of comfort to be placed on his shoulder. The picture of her care and chirpiness started to glue back his broken heart back in place.
The lightning from the rainy weather of November, filled the place with even more light than needed. He yearned for the day where he could escape all this, go live in a place far from all these fears, in a place where no one could ever find him again…….his home, Los Angeles. He recalled the time where Tanya started to say something with Lo for her hometown.
Was she his LONG LOST childhood friend?? Was she the person who he was longing to take REVENGE from??
With all these thoughts in his mind, he rested his startled mind to pause, assuring it the fact that he would find out all the answers in the morning.

He kept on walking from one of the corridors to the next, which were all intersected, circling the mass building. He didn’t really know what he was doing hear anyways, so he made his mind to ascend upstairs to the open atrium. The atrium was filled with chairs from the previous night of the Dance Mania. The atrium was a open space, with nothing except the ceiling on top of it. All the 3 floors had an open balcony which permitted to see the atrium below. At the moment, there was no sound in the building except for a very few teachers moving from place to place. He took a seat in of the chairs placed before him to calm the restlessness in his body. He wanted answers to his questions, RIGHT NOW.

The music band entered the building with their instruments. Pianos. Guitars. Flutes. Drums. Clarinettes. etc. Anirudh spotted Ky and Mark within the crowd of people and waved back. He lifted himself and dragged his body to them.

“Yo, what’s up?” Anirudh asked as he approached his buddies.

“We’re having a concert at St.Luth’s today,” Ky replied with a smile

“Cool! Heard that they are really good,” Anirudh said back

“Good, you know how good our dance team is compared to others, St.Luth’s band is that good,” Mark said tensely,

“Pressure, lots of pressure,” Anirudh teased back, relieved he does not have to deal with anything like that at the moment. “Lol! You’ll do fine,”

At that minute, Anirudh heard faint rhythm of classical music. The beats of the music caught his ears, waking up his rested body. “Guys, do you hear that,”

“Yeah, but that’s not our band,” Ky responded instantly, concentrating on the music.

“I wonder who it is then, isn’t it coming from the basement,” Mark concluded.

“I am going to find out, catch you later,” Anirudh said.

Anirudh sprinted to the stairs, where the music was still not clear to him. He rushed down the stairs, and walked cautiously to the wing on his right. The music was still not clear, but he heard the ghungroos clamping to the rocky floor. Where was this happening? Who on earth would dance in the BASEMENT of the school.
Anirudh took a sharp turn into another hallway of the basement. He moved slowly like a snake, slithering through the corridor without stopping the music. Half way through the hallways, he was able to hear the music pretty well.

Dha Dhin Dhin Dha
Dha Dhin Dhin Dha
Dha Tin Tin Ta
Ta Dhin Dhin Dha
Dha Dhin Dhin Dha

He heard the person catch every beat of the tune, which he could tell by the constant motion of the ghungroos. This to him seemed like a warm up exercise, which quickly changed to another tune

Dha TiRaKaTa
Dhin Dhin Dha Dha
Tin Tin Ta
Dhin Dhin Dha Dha
Dhin Dhin

As he got closer to the ‘Forbidden Dance Room’ which nobody really used, he spotted a girl with very long braided hair, wearing a large black hoodie with black leggings underneath. Her ankles were padded with golden and extremely shiny ghungroos.
Anirudh stood there awestruck by seeing her grace and beauty of the dance. He failed to see her face, as she kept facing the wall in front of her. Looking at her physique, she didn’t seem like anyone Anirudh knew. Her hair reached upto her knees, Sammy had extremely long hair, similar to hers.
This person also had long sharp nails like Tanya and looks like she had a sharp nose like Via by looking at her shadow appearing on the other side of the wall.

As he was admiring her, the song paused to an end. She walked ahead and bent onto her knees to take her phone out. The minute she did, she probably noticed him standing behind her, by his shadow or with the mirror of her phone. She went all numb, caught her bag, from the side of the music player and ran through the back door of the room. Anirudh hurried to the door to stop her, by couldn’t catch her due to her fastness. She seemed like quite an athlete, just like Anisha. Anirudh cursed himself for not paying attention to the back door of the building which led to the exit of the building. More importantly, her identity laid a mystery to him, WHO THE HELL WAS SHE????

Next: The investigation (Anirudh trying to see if this person is someone he knows.)

The story took a quick turn into suspense and mystery. How do you like it?? I hope you all are not confused with the part, if so pls leave a comment and I will be happy to reply 🙂

PLEASE do tell me who YOU think the mystery person is, a new addition to the team or someone from the gang, I am quite eager to know your opinion on this matter!!!

Take care lovelieeeesssss……..;)

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  1. Hey Mandy…!! I guess it is Tanya… And this classical dance somewhere has a connection with tanyas past…. And Tanya and anirudh are somehow related to each other who were separated by destiny and now brought together by the same destiny…
    I hope after knowing each others identity the things would turn better instead of worst…
    At any cost I want to see Tanya anirudh together…
    Plz plz plzzzzzz Mandy…. I just love them… Day by day I’m going crazy with ur ff…. Its just amazing and more worth full waiting for than any daily soap operas( lolz its my feeling)…. .. I’m ur huge fan….
    Though most of the time I couldn’t comment yet I never miss to read ur ff…
    Luv u loads Mandy…keep up with ur gud work…

    1. I am so speechless after reading the message!!!! I really didn’t expect so much appreciation for my story…….Thank you soon much! ?
      You made my day!!! Don’t worry about comments……I completely understand!! ?

      About the Story- let’s see who the girl is and what will happen in Tanya and Anirudh s lives!!!
      They are the protagonists, so they will end up together!!!

      Keep reading and supporting me!!!
      Thanks again!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow ? the story gets me very excited day by day . Continue writing love it?
    Does the girl has anything to do with Tanya’s past

    1. Thanks Elena!!! Super glad you’re liking the story!! Keep reading to know whether she has anything to do with Tanya’s past or not!!

  3. Nice episode yaar .If she is Tanya why did she ran away from him .

    1. Thanks!! Good point……Keep reading to know!!!

  4. Wow? the story gets me very excited day by day . Continue writing love it ?
    Does the new girl has anything to do with Tanya’s past

    1. Thanks and keep reading!!!

  5. I think it will b our dearest Tanya. Loves ur story too much. tc bye

    1. Let’s see who she turns out to be!!! Thanks a lot!!! Keep reading!!!

  6. Is she tanya dr

    1. We don’t know yet……let’s see what Anirudh finds out!,

  7. is she tanya??? i really hope it would be her. some more mysteries, secrets ahhh i’m just eager to know them.

    1. Lol!! I am super glad u r liking it…..keep reading!!

  8. Awesome but sad DAT no taniruddh scene but its OK and wat is Tanya hiding Mandy I. Think Tanya is the childhood friend and the secret dancer

    1. Sorry for no scenes!! There will be less aniya scenes for a while till the mystery solves! Keep reading!!!

  9. Hey guys! I have written the next part, but apparently they’re not publishing stories until the new year……….so see you next year with the continuation of the story!

    1. Yeah Mandy…. I got to know about it…!!
      Miss u dear… I’m eagerly waiting to know d mystery behind the unknown girl… And miss aniya …. Happie new year in advance Mandy… New year… New start.. With many many surprises joys and adventures to break through the year…!! Have loads of fun guys… HAppie New YEar to all d fans of FLP…

      1. Thanks chinnu!!! Happy New Year to you too…..may you have a very joyous and prosperous New Year!! I miss you all sooo much! I thought of revealing the identity by next Tuesday….but I guess you have to wait longer to know!!
        Happy holidays to everyone!

  10. Amazing update

    1. Thanks!!! Say tuned for more!!

  11. Is she taniya?.good episode.

    1. Thanks!! Keep reading to know whether she is Tanya or not!!

  12. Wow mandy !! I love it n I love u !!
    Really I jus like aniya like so much !!
    So ela unav ?? guess ur busy !!
    Hey cum on rahul gandhi part 1 !! Trust me u ll love it !!

    1. Hiiiiii akkka!!!
      Awwwew….i love you loads!!!!
      I am super duper glad u r liking It!!!
      I AM AWESOME!!! And u??
      not really busy….more like snow shovellin. 🙁
      Yeah……If you say I’ll come for sure!

      Advanced Happy New Year!!! Have lots and lots of fun!!!

      1. Thanq so much mandy !!
        Dat u loved my thing !! I got it from d net !!
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        Hey happy advance new year to u too !!
        Thanx for coming wen I said dat !!

  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY LOVELY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wishing you all a VERY VERY happy, joyous, prosperous NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See you guys on Jan 4th!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey mandy r u there ??

    1. Hi akka…I’m here!!!! busy with New Year celebrations, so didn’t get time to look at it!
      How did ur New year celebrations go??

      1. Mandy can u remember me ?

  15. Hey mandy ela unav ??
    Em chestunavu ??
    Hey r u there ??

      I am literally getting bored, nothing to do!!! Normally spend my time reading ff, but not there….
      Nuvu emi chestunavu? Anything new??

  16. Wow nice story dear….I am new here …nd aa nice to see telugu people here…..

    1. Hello Vaishanvi…..thanks!!!
      There are actually many telugu ppl here……
      where are you from?

  17. Many dear… I’m waiting for d update…
    When r u going to update the next part…!! U can update it today na… Plz do it asap… Missing aniya soooo much …. Luv u Mandy….. Velainantha twaraga upload chey plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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    1. Mandy ippudu post chesi choodu… They r accepting now… Hope they will publish it today .. I feel so…

  19. Hey Mandy if u don’t mind then plzz try to give all answers in English as I don’t understand telegu :-p…and yeah coming to episode it was awesome I m waiting for next update….and in how much time this suspense of girl is going to clear…update soon:-) wishing you a very happy new year and may u have huge fan following

    1. Sorry!!! I’ll keep tht in mind next time!! The suspense should get clear in a week….I don’t want to drag it! Thanks a lot for your wishes, Happy New Year to you too!!!
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  20. Lovelyyyyyy, awesome episode. …loving it sooo muchhhhhh. …keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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