Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.5 Part 6)


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Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 5 Part 5.)

Anirudh realized that he wasn’t breathing heavily or becoming anxious to get out. This was the longest he ever stayed in a closed compartment, he was actually enjoying her company. Many of his relatives and doctors say that he is not that easy to convince and control when he is in closed spaces, people need a lot of patience and experience to make him calm. He was very surprised how she managed to get him calm so easily, with hardly any efforts. He also felt at ease, talking to her. There was something familiar in her, hitting him every time he is with her. But what is it? Does he know her from before?
As he thoughts liberated in his head, Tanya snapped her fingers in front of him to bring him out of his thoughts.

“Where were you lost?” Tanya enquired

“No where”

“Never heard of that place before,”

“Are you always this annoying to everyone?”

“WHAT?? I am not annoying!”


“Oh come one, you might have seen more annoying people than me,” by just listening to his silence, Tanya started to tense up. Was she that annoying? “Right?? U did right?”

“Actually not,”

“Really? Oh God!” she dramatically said after listening to the sarcasm in his voice.

“Now, do you want to get out?”

“From like forever,”


As she tried to open the door, Anirudh jammed her with a question causing her to shiver with sudden surprise,”Which city were you born?”

“I was born in Lo..” As she started to voice out an answer, they heard footsteps and locked the door again to maintain perfect silence.

“Wait a minute, don’t you have a phone,” Tanya glowed like a light bulb, as she realized they have a mean to contact people.

“Shoot, I have a phone,” Anirudh cursed himself for not thinking about it earlier.

“Fast, call someone and ask them to get us out of here,”

“Hello Ryan, dude we’re stuck in the principal’s office, come fast” he called Ryan, who was the only person who was free at the moment, “There on their way,”


Within a few minutes, they heard voices of their friends along with the principal.
“What do you want again?” Mr.Vy demanded as the gang entered trying to search where Tanya and Anirudh were.

“The form for the caf,” Armaan said still examining the room.

“Yes, it’s in the closet,” Mr.Vy said turning around to open the door to the closet.

The gang turned around to examine each and every corner of the room by the time Mr.Vy got to the closet.

Tanya’s body started to shiver, causing a wide range of goosebumps to appear throughout her skin. Her stomach went taut and her mind blank.

“Let’s get out and explain them the truth,” she said walking up to the door to pull it open.

“Not now,” Anirudh ordered, grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him.

Water from her hair, hit his face, sending shrills through his body. While one hand held her arm twisted at the back of her body, the other hand wiped the water off his face.

Right at that moment, the door was opened by the principal, THANK GOD he was facing the gang.

With the other hand free from his hard touch, Tanya signalled the gang not to say anything seeing their shocked faces. The light from the room, finally penetrated into the closet, making Tanya notice how small the closet was. There were a few files to the corner of the room, which probably was what Mr.Vy wanted. Anirudh glared at his friends, to stop him from turning back.

“Mr.Vy, we need a new copy, not an old one,” Anisha quickly said, diverting the topic as much as possible. Mr.Vy closed the door and turned to his computer.

Tanya and Anirudh were relieved, Tanya closed her eyes in relief, as she realized her hand still twisted at the back. She could sense his breaths on her shoulder, she flinched a little to alert him of their posture. He released her hand, and let Tanya move to the door, opening it slightly to peek through the space to witness the incidents outside.

“You want a new copy, and why so?” Mr Vy asked back in confusion

“For keep sake,” Minisha randomly said

Sammy came into the office, leisurely texting in their phones. As soon as she observed Tanya sticking out her head from the closet behind Mr.Vy, they let out a squeal.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she abruptly blurt out, as Anisha slapped her forehead at her idiocy.

Tanya pointed to herself and asked who Sammy was talking to, unknowingly that Mr.Vy did the same thing.

“Yes, you,” Sammy replied back, making Mr.Vy furious in anger.

“Why me?” Mr.Vy asked out again, trying hard to control his rising anger at Sammy.

“Not you?” Sammy said and turned to Tanya, took the moment to hide back into the closet before Mr.Vy spotted her.

“Then who?” Mr.Vy scowled back to the gang, who were moving their hands back and forth between Sammy and Mr.Vy. At that point, everyone was confused as to who was referring to whom, while Armaan quickly came up with a plan.

“I saw someone there,” Sammy said horrified as she visualised seeing only the head of Tanya from the closet.

“What?” Mr.Vy asked with a good amount of uncertainty.

“Sammy it might be your imagination,” Minisha said, trying to get her out of the thoughts and merely shut her mouth so they can execute their plan.

“Mr.Vy please ignore Sammy, and can you please print us a new copy of the form,” Ryan said handling the situation.

“Students these days,” Mr.Vy mumbled as he prepared the document to print out.

Anirudh cautiously poked his head out again, hoping not to meet the eyes of Mr.Vy or Sammy, but it was too late as Sammy already has seen him and blurted out again.
“You too?”

“Sammy ,can you please wait outside,” Mr.Vy ordered, who completely lost all his patience with her.

“But, Mr.Vyyyyyy” Sammy tried to explain him that she had seen Tanya and Anirudh in his closet

“Sammy, please, how about Minisha accompanies you,” Anisha buttered her to leave, before every single person in the room gets in trouble.

“No, but..” Sammy tried once again, before being interrupted by Mr.Vy “Sammy this might lead to your suspension,”

“I hate them both,” Sammy muttered before being dragged out of the room by Minisha.

“Mr.Vy the form,” Sahil reminded him, as he signalled Minisha to jam the printer on her way out.

She quietly, pressed a bunch of keys at once, slowing the printer down. She showed a thumbs up to Sahil slyly and sat down at the front with Sammy complaining to her about Mr.Vy.

“There you go, go take it from the front,” Mr.Vy shooed them all away from the office.

The rest of the gang thanked him and slowly exited the office, while Anirudh whispered to Tanya,
“They left, how can they leave like this?”

“Forget about them, what will we do now?” Tanya panicky whispered back, both of breaking into thoughts to get through Mr.Vy’s office without being spotted.

“Mr.Vy, the printer is not working,” they heard Anisha say.

“Let me check,” Mr.Vy said getting up from his desk and proceeding to the main office.

Tanya and Anirudh’s faces glowered in excitement and slowly opened the door.

Armaan popped up and covered the closet, so Tanya and Anirudh could escape out. Anisha and Ryan blocked the view from the Mr.Vy to view Tanya and Anirudh’s sprint.

Ms.Rina popped up from the room near by, causing Tanya and Anirudh to duck down near one of the cubicle, they watched her in dismay.

“What is she doing here?” Anirudh snapped at Tanya who shrugged back.

“Ms.Rina, you look gorgeous today,” Armaan said flattering her, while she blushed by touching her cheeks.

“Thanks young man,” she replied back in a very sweet tone.

Armaan continued to engage her in his flirty talks, as Tanya and Anirudh ran as calmly as possible and landed near the front office without being noticed by anyone else.

“OMG! You saved us!!!!” Tanya said breaking into a hug to Anisha who was smiling widely.

“Anything for you bro,” Armaan whispered to Anirudh who silently thanked him.

“By the way, how did you even land in there,” Sahil interrupted holding the form, to show to Mr.Vy that they were talking about it.

“Long story, come I’ll tell you,” Tanya volunteered as they all left to atrium to witness the end of Dance Mania.

Next Part: The Mysterious Sound…..(Leading to the notice of a mysterious person)

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