Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 5 Part 5.)


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“Guys, here is another pair of clothes.” Minisha said giving them both a bag each with new clothes.

“Go fast, apparently a few principals and another man wants to meet you both,” Armaan yelled out as they both proceeded to the washroom, feeling the cold from the rain spread into their bodies.

Tanya shivered and said,“Okay, but if there is any problem, my bluetooth will be on,”

“Even in washroom?” Anirudh mocked at her, while she glared at him in anger
In a few minutes, Tanya came out of the washroom changed in a simple teal dress, with a mint green flower at the hand of the right shoulder.
She was trying to find her bluetooth in the bag of wet dresses, when she clouted hard on a brawny and powerful surface, making her wince hard. She looked up to discern a familiar pair of eyes, smiling at her clumsiness.

She took a step back, placed a hand on her head, which hurt with the sudden hit of a surface and retorted, “What now?”

He looked back at her blankly for a second, before saying, “We are called to the main office for the meeting.”

Tanya looked on demented by his words, why the office? The main office is closed to avoid confusion for the other schools as to where to go.

“Isn’t is closed?” she disputed back, while he shrugged expressionless and turned around to walk towards the stairs, situated at the end of the hallway.

“But, how do I know this is not one of your tricks,” Tanya interrogated, making sure that he wasn’t up to something.

She heard a heavy, displeased sigh as he turned back to her, pulled out his phone and made her listen to a voicemail.

“The proof is right in front of you, trust it or not, I don’t care,” he hitched back at her and walked back.

The voicemail clearly stated to meet in the office, whatever! She should just go, and check, what’s the harm, thinking that she made her way to the main office.

The minute they reached the main office, Anirudh pulled the transparent, glass door, there was no one seated in the desks in the front. They both looked at each other in a vacuous face, and proceeded silently to the principal’s office. There was dead silence in the office area, which made Tanya wonder if there was really anyone in the office at all. The door clinged shut when they left it behind after they walked into the empty office.

“What the hell?? Where is everyone?” Anirudh asked failing his arms wide in the air.

Tanya shrugged innocently, and said, “Yeah…where is everyone?”

Anirudh grunted hard and shot back, “Very funny,” his eyes were on the edge of rising anger, while Tanya teased back, “I know right! That’s why I said it.”

The rawness and emptiness in the atmosphere started to suffocate Tanya as she gulped hard to imagine the thought of being stuck here for a while.

An immense amount of bleaked air started to fill her nostrils, so she reached out for the knob of the door when she heard words that blew her mind into millions different directions, “The door is open and the lights are on in the principal’s office. The students were informed not to go in there, whoever it is, is going to be in big trouble.”

Tanya gasped, retreating her hand from the door knob and facing Anirudh,whose face flushed pale.

“Dude, it’s a trap,” Tanya whispered tensely, grabbing her hand and shifting themselves to the back of the room.

“Really? I didn’t know that,” he murmured sarcastically, while his eyes showed signs of pleasure at his mock.

“This is no time to fight,” she mumbled, patting his stomach gently to end the jokes of his.

The faint footsteps started to get louder and louder by the passing millisecond, making Tanya stomach taut and mind solidify. Oh no, what now??

Both of them looked at each other, and slammed back into the wall. Tanya saw Anirudh slide his hand across the wall to hit into a small knob. Both amused, gently inserted a force, bulging it to open. It was a tiny closet with not many things inside it, both slid inside it right in time the door opened. The closet was narrow in space, surrounding both of them with rugged walls and little room to move.

“Oh look, the light is on for no reason,” the office clerk said as she slammed the door shut and probably left the office, as Tanya couldn’t hear any sound of footsteps.

Just when both of them took a sigh of relief, releasing their body of tension. They heard a book smacking hard on the desk and tapping of footwear on the pitted floor. Somebody was sitting in the front office, OH NO!!!!

Tanya slapped her hand on the forehead, as she started to sense the feeling of anxiety surround her, she could feel him take short breaths in and out to calm himself.

She looked for a switch to turn the light on, but failed to find one. She sensed back as she started to feel his body tense up, “You are claustrophobic, aren’t you?”

With the little amount of light available from the office, she could see his face turn even more pale.

He simply nodded and said, “we need to get out of here,” He advanced to door, but Tanya caught hold of his hand and dragged him towards her.

“We can’t, we will get suspended,” she said once her started to pay attention to her.

She let go of his hand and moved back as she realized that claustrophobic people need as much as space they can get.

“So, is this from childhood?” she asked him, trying to open him up to calm him down.

She heard him hiss, and reply unsteadily, “Yes”

“So, you never ever stay in closed places for too long?” she questioned again,

“Ofcourse not, I get more anxious leading to heavy breathing,”

“So, it’s medium fear, not too much right?”

“Right” with not much voice coming from his mouth, “Now if you are done with the interrogation, can we please leave,”

“Geez! Even I have no interest in being stuck with you in this closet,” There was again an immense amount of silence filling in the space between them, making things even worse, so Tanya said, “How did this fear come up?”


“See, a fear is based on a proper reason, it doesn’t just come like that,”

“Oh, really?”


“What is your fear then?”

Fear, fear….what is her true fear. Well, she is kinda scared of darkness, but who isn’t? Who wouldn’t get scared to stand in an empty, dark space by themselves. Insects? Not really.
Drowning? No, she knew how to swim, within a minute, she went through all the common fears and finally came up with one, “Animals,” she said firmly. She heard a chuckle from a step in front, he was getting distracted. Not bad Tanya.

“Animals? All of them?”

“yeah..I think so,”

“Okay, tell me how you got this fear then,”

“So you see, I was always told that animals will bite you if you go near them, or run behind them, etc.”

“Hmmmm,” he replied back to explain Tanya that he is actually paying attention to her.

“I was never really exposed to playing with them, so that is stuck in my head, making me not want to go near them due to the fear of getting bitten, chased, whatever.” she ranted chirpily, she had no clue why she was narrating him this whole thing. But, she could see he wasn’t breathing heavily or getting anxious, instead he was paying close attention to her words.

“Unhuh…” he said sarcastically at her, folding his arms, she could tell due to the passive movement in the air.

“So, now think about your phobia and how it is related,”

“ummhh…I guess, it is just because I hated to be closed in places, as I felt I could get lost,”

“There you go, see your mind registered the fact and now here you are facing it,”

“Have you ever considered being a psychiatrist?”

“Actually, many people tell me that I should become a counselor as I have the ability to ease out situations in people’s lives,”


“Yep, I just did it with you,”
Anirudh realized that he wasn’t breathing heavily or becoming anxious to get out. This was the longest he ever stayed in a closed compartment, he was actually enjoying her company. Many of his relatives and doctors say that he is not that easy to convince and control when he is in closed spaces, people need a lot of patience and experience to make him calm. He was very surprised how she managed to get him calm so easily, with hardly any efforts. He also felt at ease, talking to her. She didn’t judge him based on his phobia, but instead decided to comfort him, well she did gain the fact that she wasn’t going to get suspended, but still she made him feel better about his fear. Making it sound like it is not his fault at all. There was something familiar in her, hitting him every time he is with her. But what is it? Does he know her from before?

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How did you guys like this?? It is too long??? I wanted to describe the scene very well…..maybe that’s why it took so long!

Please tell me if you liked it or not!
Also, tell me YOUR fear….Mine is the same as Tanya’s and the same reason too!!!


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