Friendship, Love and Passion ( Ch.5 Part 4)

Before u guys expect a full update, let me tell u that due to the fact that I am sick, I couldn’t type up a full update, I’ll do it in 2 parts, this is the first half, and the next will be up by tmr!
“Kian, who is that?” Tanya curiously enquired, while the others stood tensely.

“I have never heard of him before, is he in our grade?” he heard Tanya voice out a question again.

“What do we tell her?” Anisha demanded him, as he threw the crumpled paper from his fist.

“The truth,” Tanya said, with a face filled with the anxiety to know every single detail of this new person.

“Okay, so..” Armaan started innocently to tell Tanya the story, Anirudh held his hand to stop him from his rant.

“Are you both nuts? There are people downstairs waiting for the performance, but we have none”

“Umm…I have an idea, this will either succeed 100% or fail, there is not okay, okay in this,” Tanya hesitantly said,

“We don’t have a choice, so we’ll have to take the risk,” Anirudh assured her to keep going on,

“Fine, then here is the plan,”Tanya calmly said.
“Hello, and welcome to Dance Mania.
We hope you all are enjoying your time here, and are looking forward for the first performance.” she said humbly and slowly, taking her time with just the right amount of enthusiasm to get the crowd to quiet down and pay attention to her.

“Before, we begin, I want to take your attention to the weather outside.” Lightning struck once more, as the weather turned intense with wind and rain drenching the place. The crowd took a minute to scan through the weather and listen back to Tanya on the speaker.

“Most of us feel, rain is the season for a romantic passionate dance. Or even for a solo, melodious dance, hip hop and pop are very unusual in the rain. Am I right?”
“Yes!” the crowd yelled out, giving Tanya the indication of their presence.

“Great! We’re on the same track then, So ladies and gentlemen, today our school is going to break this stereotype by performing a hip hop, breakdance, using weather as our theme.”

Tanya heard the crowd cheer, from the top of the lungs. She smiled and continued, “Please proceed to the entrance of the building to witness the never done performance of the event.”

By the time the crowd headed outside, Tanya and Anirudh were all set standing in the middle of the road, located in front of the parking lot. The entrance of the school was completely filled with people on either sides, the DJ and the sound system placed at the edge of the entrance.

“Go random,” Minisha shouted to the DJ to put on any random song from the playlist.

The crowd went silent as the song You light up my world like nobody else started to play.
A new way of the song was presented to the crowd as Anrirudh and Tanya started to dance their way through the song. The water drenched both of them to the core, the rough surface of the cement and the slippery layer of water was a perfect stage as the two dancing birds collided to break into a pop in the middle of the dance. The whole crowd stood awed with the new presentation of this unique idea.

As soon as the song finished, and both of them came together for a bow, Criminal started to play from Ra.One. Minished and Sahil gasped as the playlist changed from English to Hindi.

A few people started to cheer, and Minisha yelled out, “Atleast it has a rocky tune, go on with hip hop.” She gave them a tight apologetic smile while Tanya and Anirudh stood there for a minute before breaking into hip- hop as the crowd hovered.

During the song, Tanya and Anirudh caught hold of Minisha, Sahil and Ryan and pulled them into the rain. As the beats hit their ears, their legs swayed to those beats presenting a spectacular performance they never imagined before.

They stopped at the end and took a bow, as all the teacher of their school and others were impressed by their new idea and performed.
The gang gave each other a big high five, while the crowd went inside to see the performance of Anisha and Minisha.

A boy appeared through the faded crowd and declared, “I see you have done pretty well, but Anirudh this is not the end of the long guerilla war. I’ll be back within a few days with so much fire that your rain can’t shut it off.” He smirked and left the place in a black car. (Guess who this is 😉 )

Next: The performance continuation
I am soo sorry if I disappointed any of you guys from the super short update, after I take the rest needed, I’ll type the update up!
Due to this, I can’t even think about what to write next, so I’ll hopefully be back tmr with a full update!
But, pls tell me about how u felt about the track….just because I am curious to know. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to comment ……I can understand, just want to know ur feedbacks and opinions!
Take care!!

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  1. mandy first take care dear. tanya has always solutions for the prblms. looks like we hav to wait for the kian part to come out. but the idea of dancing in rain is too gud. u make me remember STEP UP. thank u.

    1. Lol!!! Thanks and sorry…..I’ll take rest and come back with the rest of the part!!

  2. Ohoooo so much suspense yaar

    1. I really like leaving in suspense…….that’s why!

  3. Mandy take care dear.Thanks for the update despite of ur illness,nice episode n tanya gets instant ideas .tc…

    1. Awwww….thanks a lot Lakshmi!!!! I promise I’ll be back with a superb update for you all!!

  4. Take care dear.good episode

    1. Thanks for the concern!

  5. get well soon n I m addicted to ur stories so keep updating

    1. Thanks Manisha!!! I’ll update as soon as I can!!! Glad your liking it!!!!

  6. hey mandy dear hye how r u dera . I love the episode of today dear Dance in rain its so awesome with the beloved ones anirudh and tanya I loved both of them dear.

    Merry christmass mandy dera may god bless u with lots of happiness dear

    Keep smiling always
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. I am fineee Nisha!!! Nice to hear from u……I’m glad u liked the episode!!!
      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!! Hope you get all the joy, love and happiness life has in store for u…

      Take care dear!

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