Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.5 Part 3)


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Tanya’s heart beat almost stopped when she collided into Anirudh who stood their stiff.

“May I know what you two are upto?” Mr.Vy firmly asked.

“Nothing…”Anirudh blankly said, while Tanya stamped on his foot for the stupid answer he gave.

“Then why are you running through the hallways?” Mr.Vy questioned again, more relaxed now.

“Physical exercise,” Anirudh blurted out, while Tanya swore to kill him for all his weird answers.

“And why so?” Mr.Vy tried again, hoping to find a better answer.

“You see, we have been working too much for the past few hours,” Anirudh started to distract him while Tanya whispered in her bluetooth,

“Guys, we have emergency, 2nd floor science hallway.”

“You see, we have finished the arrangements in all the places, from stage to the entrance. The classrooms have also been prepared,” she continued, when Anirudh could no longer keep up with his stupid story

“This is not our fault, we didn’t do anything,” Sahil yelled out as the gang made their way through the hallway. Tanya slapped her forehead, after they were ANIRUDH’s friends, what more can she expect from them?

“Excuse me?” Mr.Vy asked confused.

“He means to say, it was not Tanya and Anirudh’s fault, it was all…” Anisha tried to cover up for the sudden outburst of Sahil.

“Keith’s fault,” Armaan concluded with a smile to prove their accuracy.

“Who is Keith?” Sammy randomly questioned. Minisha held her hand to make her shut up and said, “Yeah, it is Kieth”

“What the hell are they doing?” Anirudh puzzled asked Tanya, whose face was in a state of shock.

“Who are they?” she shot back at him

“My friends” he whispered back cluelessly,

“Exactly, how am I supposed to know?” she said back irritated at their responses.

“So you are telling me that Keith told them to run in the hallways?”Mr. Vy clarified again

“What? No,” Sahil burst out again. Tanya could see Mr.Vy face turn more perplexed than it already was.

“Running?” Armaan asked, realizing what trouble they both were in.

“In the hallways,” Anisha continued, understanding the blunder they did by bringing this random Keith in.

“Yes, yes Keith told them that?” Minisha said, trying to stick to the main part of their lie.

“Who is Keith?” the lost Sammy questioned again.

“I see, Anirudh why didn’t you tell that before to me” Mr Vy finally said, relaxing the entire gang, revealing the lost breaths of Tanya and Anirudh.

“Huh? Yeahh…” he said again, eyeing Tanya to manage the situation.

Tanya immediately jumped in to give all of their big drama a proper ending, “He means, he told us that we should check if the hallways were safe for running, if all the other teams show up and run. They just got it cleaned, so testing that. At the same time, we were also relaxing our muscles as they have been sitting in the same posture for hours now.”

“Okay, good job with the arrangements tho?” he said patting Tanya and leaving through the stairs nearby.

“Thank you” she replied with a genuine smile.

“That was sooo close,” Anisha exclaimed as all of them breathed a sigh of relief.

“What were you guys thinking, are you nuts?” Tanya said in a critical tone.

“Who is Keith?!!” Sammy asked once again, with the hope to know the answer at least now.

“Let’s get going! We have to be here at morning 6 to start the preparations. Remember?” Anirudh said ignoring Sammy and her questions.

“Okay,” Armaan and Anisha said and started to walk to the exit

“Sure” Tanya said, eyeing Anirudh with the look of revenge.

“Who is KEITH?” Sammy yelled at Minisha, who was dragging her to the end of the hallway.

“Your best friend” Minisha ridiculously stated,

“But you are my bff!” Sammy innocently said, seeming not to understand that everything was a complete lie.

Tanya opened the hard door and walked into the house. Her feet padded the soft carpet placed in living room. Tanya let the weariness take over her body, with her legs sore from the running around the hallways.

After the principal had left, she had chased Anirudh around the whole school for the next hour, finally throwing color on his clothes in the parking lot before she got into the car, safe from his attacks. By the time she drove home, the laziness turned into tiredness.

She smiled when she saw the fireplace lit in the living room with fresh bowls placed all around. She slowly walked into the kitchen on her tippy toes, she saw her grandparents standing in front of the island and talking with her Rohan, Tanaya and Aleks. Aleks akka distracted them, as Tanya gently slid her hands on both of their eyes, standing on top a mini chair placed behind them.
“Now, there can be only one mischievous person who can do this,” her grandpa gently said.

“Right Tanya?” the voice of her grandmother, filled Tanya with immense pleasure.

Tanya hugged her grandmother from the back and said, “I am so so so soooo happy you are here,”

“Hmmm…..don’t try too much, here is your gift.” her grandpa joked.

Everyone burst into a giggle, when Tanya opened the wrapper like a 3 year old, tearing it into pieces and bits, falling on the floor. She finally uncovered the gift, to find a silver plated coffee mug. It had Tanya written in the centre with small bubble like crystals. The mug shined as the bright rays of the light hit the smooth surface of the mug. Everyone knew her love for cofffee, so everytime they came, they made sure to get her something purple or related to coffee.

“OMG! Thank you sooo much.” she said breaking into another hug.

“Anything for you dear!” her grandma humbly said.

“Okay, okay we get that you love her, can we please have dinner now?” Rohan whined clutching on to his stomach.

“Yeah, we have been waiting for you for like forever,” Tanaya said in a dramatic voice, making everyone laugh.

“Look at you guys, all so tired, come let me feed you my delicious meal!” Tanya heard her grandma say as she looked back at her gift.

Within minutes, everyone squished themselves near the fireplace to relax. Tanya and Tanaya shared a blanket, while Aleks sat in a comfy chair next to their grandparents. Rohan on the other side, didn’t bother to find anything cozy to put on. Tanya cherished this moment as grandfather started to tell on of his master stories while the night settled in, growing creeps of nervousness of Dance Mania in Tanya’s stomach.
Anirudh saw Tanya put together the final touches for the event. He was more surprised by how she payed immense attention to every small details, some even he didn’t notice. Maybe she was not as selfish as he thought she was.

“How much time left?” she asked him panting for breath.

“20 minutes, all the schools have arrived,” he sternly replied back.

“Cool, Anisha and Armaan, are you guys ready for the 1st performance?” she said in the bluetooth to grab the attention of the gang.

“Yes, we are on the way to the our classrooms for our costumes,”Anirudh heard the response on his.

“Guys, please hurry up,” Tanya dryly said.

“Hey, chill. Everything will be fine,” Anirudh assured her by placing his hand on hers which was holding on to the railway.

“I hope so,” she said biting her lower lip.

“OMG!” a voice from the bluetooth hit them both hard, it sounded like Anisha.

“Anisha, are you okay?” Tanya asked back.

“Guys, you have to get here NOW” they heard a screeching voice

Before, he could understand what was going on, he saw Tanya grabbing his hand and breaking into a sprint. They both rushed to the 3rd floor and made their way through the hallway crowded with people they have never seen before.

Once they reached the clsss room, their eyes froze on the point on the sight they were seeing. The whole classroom was in a MESS, their costumes ripped apart with bits all over the floor. Dark RED paint spilled all over the floor, while the ceiling was covered with glue dripping onto the ground. The windows had BEWARE signs all over them, while Anirudh spotted a blue piece of paper in the side of the ONLY desk in class. It was the same kind of paper, he had in his locker when it was filled with white artificial snow. He cautiously stepped into the class and took the piece of paper and moved back to the front. He opened to recognize the handwriting,

“It’s him..” he hesitantly declared,

Anisha let out a gasp and slapped a hand on her forehead in disbelief.

“What?” Armaan said coming closer to examine the handwriting, even closer.

“Who?” Tanya questioned totally lost and confused as to what going on.

“Kian” he let out silently as she crumbled the paper in his hand.

Next: The performance
It has been long since the artificial snow scene, here is the link in case you have no clue as to what I am referring to:

So, as I mentioned before everything is interconnected to each other, I said he is important later on……..THAT IS NOW!!!?
I hope you liked the mystery, so now the question is WHAT relation he has with the gang. And WHAT will happen to the performance when all their costumes are ripped apart.?

So, anyways, please do take the time to comment and tell me how the track is going!!!??
Tilll then…..take care!!

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