Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 5 Part 2)


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Tanya froze. There was a clawing pain swirling in her heart, making her take in breaths to understand the motion taking place around her. The dropped her phone before she even realized what she had done, luckily it was caught by a palm at the right time preventing the phone from being hit to the ground. Her eyes wanted to shut off for a few minutes for understanding the words. Her glare turned black and limbs motionless, recalling the words of her mom.

“Dear, I know this might take you for a surprise but I need to tell you now that all of us, including Rohan and Aleks’s parents, are going to India. I really didn’t want to tell you did through a voicemail dear, but I can’t see the hurt in your face. We have always told you the reasons behind all our decisions, no matter if you wanted to know or not. But, this is one of the decision we can’t tell you the reason we took such a drastic step. Nana and Nani are coming to stay with you guys, to look after all of you. By now, Rohan has probably already heard the news, he will move to stay in our mansion. But listen to me carefully, no one must never be told about our sudden trip to India. Everyone should be told we are going for a business trip to London. I promise I’ll give you all the details once we come back. Take care of yourself and Tanaya. I sent another voicemail for her, make her listen to that for explanations. Take care and call us when you reach home.”

The sign of betrayal started to clot in her eyes, while she regained her senses back. Why did they not tell her this before? Why did they just leave like this? She shut her eyes and inhaled to become aware of the fact that her phone didn’t hit the ground and produce a THUD. Her eyes slowly opened and observed a muscular figure standing in front of her. His eyes were filled with concern and care, when she blinked a few times for the tears to escape her eyes and evaporate into the air. He was firmly holding her phone in one hand and her wrist in the other gently shaking her body.

“Huh?” she asked when her face softened from the electric shocks in her body.

“Your phone,” he handed her phone back to her and released his grip from her wrist.

“Thanks,” she thanked him gratefully.

His face was still concerned for the fact that was she okay, “Are you fine?”

“Yeah, how do you managed to show hatred at once and concern at the next moment?” she blurted out without thinking. It is when his body started to stiffen and eyes started to widen, she realized that she was literally trying to get the sleeping lion from his den.

“Just like how you change from a composed person to angry tigress.” Tanya gave him the ‘seriously dude’ look and shook her head in disbelief, averting her gaze from his.

“Anyways, why did you come back?” she quizzically questioned him, seeing the colors of holi in his hand.

“Oh! Do you need these colours?” he said pointing to colors in his hand, some of the color spilled on his hand.

“Yes, I am making a rangoli with them!!” she said enthusiastically, while he had a confused expression on his face.

“I can never understand you!” he said throwing his hands up in the air, and giving up on Tanya.

Tanya frowned deeply by his words, and said “Come, I’ll show you.”

Tanya spent the next hour neatly putting the rangoli in place of the main entrance. Amazed by this new idea, there was a crowd formed encircling Tanya. Anirudh who was lost before, now figured out what she was up to.
Anirudh was quite astonished to see the creativity that lied in her head. She seemed like the person who was neither interested in what people have to say about this nor what they thought about her ideas. She was the person who would only stick to hers, even if people liked it or not.
Interesting, Anirudh thought as she finished writing Welcome on top of the design with colors. She stood up and gently patted her hands together to get off the extra color on her hands. Anirudh saw her smirk at him when the whole crowd praised her for the idea and efforts.
After all of them left and she also went on packing the colors into bags. This was his chance.

“The L is slanted like your eye,” he mocked at her, to see her reaction and increase her work load.


“Can’t you see the L you wrote is crooked”

“No, not all. If it was then all the others would have told me.”

“Well, they were all standing slant to the design, but I am standing straight to it.”

“Even I am, but I can’t see that is it crooked,”

Anirudh grabbed her by her wrist, and pulled her back, her spine smacking hard into his chest. Her breath immediately turned hacked, when his hand clutched on to her other hand to steady her from escaping. The scent of fresh shampoo from her hair hit his nostrils hard, and mixed with his vanilla scent. She moved her head sideways, to face him. Her eyes yearning for freedom, while the rest of the body stood motionless, awaiting an answer for his actions. He locked her eyes, and tightened his grip of the hands. He saw her gulping hard when he pulled her closer one more time. She turned her face back to the centre. Shrills started to rise in her skin,and warmth that spread through her body could be felt by him.

Anirudh moved his face close to her right ear and whispered, “See, the L is crooked.”

“No, it’s not” she hesitantly said. Anirudh moved his hand upward into her arm, and pulled her even closer.

“Look at it…” he drawled once more, to which she agreed. He stood there amazed by her sudden agreement.

She took the opportunity to release from his clutch and took a step forward. She pushed her bangs behind her ear and tilted her head to face sideways.

“Fine, I’ll do it again properly,”Saying that, she moved ahead and resettled the L again.

Which really made it even more crooked than it already was. Anirudh controlled his laughter, and said, “I think it should be a little more right,”

“Umhh…okay” she shifted it even more right, making it meet the letter C.

“No, no, maybe left” he ordered her, she made a frown and moved the colors to form the letter on the left side.

“You need a doctor” she reluctantly stated,

“What? I need a doctor? Says the girl who is totally crazy herself.” he shot back irked at her random thoughts.

“Have you ever known you have OCD” she asked showing fake signs of worriedness.

“OCD?” he asked even more confused. What goes on in this girl’s head? She has too many random and weird thoughts, maybe that’s why she is so crazy.

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” she ridiculously stated, making him huff and puff in anger.

“Damn it, I know what it means…” he yelled back at her, which made her flinch all of a sudden.

“That’s great, you are not as dumb as I thought you were,” she mumbled loud enough for him to hear her.

“I am dumb?” he questioned back at her.

“Why do you keep asking questions for everything, can’t you understand when people say stuff once?” she stated flatly, with the same tone he used before when he stated that he didn’t understand her.


“There you go again, and somebody says I keep saying no too many times.”

“That’s because you do,”

“Then you can’t hear anything and ask too many questions, like a child.”

“You’re the child here, who is always landing in trouble.”

“When the hell did I ever land in trouble?” Anirudh opened his mouth to answer her questions, but was immediately shut off by another question from her,
“Okay leave that, at least you admitted I am a child and you are not. Children have a clean and clear heart. Unlike you, who was ice in his heart.”

“Who told you that I have ice in my heart?”

“Everyone who has OCD has ice in their heart.”

“What? That is so not true,”

“See, by staying with me you are turning to grow smart too. You know the difference between lies and truths. Good boy!” she said sarcastically showing a fake hint of enthusiasm in her voice.

“Sure…” he blankly said,

“So, you agree you have OCD?”

“Even more to the right ,” he said diverting the topic while she rolled her eyes, made a groan and moved it right, without paying much attention that he made her move it right where it was.

A smirk appeared on his face, he moved closer to her and settled on his knees. He took a pinch of the color pink and padded her nose with his finger.

“There, that makes your eye straight.” saying he breaks for a run, followed by Tanya on his feet. She was way faster than he had imagined. The last time when they ran for the paint, she was not this fast. How did she improve in a span of a month?

Anirudh was tired after running through the hallway for straight 15 minutes. The most appalling part was that she was ready to pound on him, what was she made of? She had too much energy in her small, lean body. As they were both running through the hallway, both of them stopped at a figure staring at them with shock. Nervousness started to creep in both of their bodies as they looked up to see, the principal.

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  1. Haha. Superb epi. U hav great skills. She was just shocked n crying abt her family decision. But u cmpltly turned it to other level. The nok-jhok was too gud.

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  2. Hey Mandy nice update with aniya sweet and cute convo,what’s her past reveal it soon. Eagerly Waiting for next update. I know telugu ,i’m from A.P.

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  3. Again aniya part was super

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