Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 5 Part 1)


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I am starting the chapter of Dance Mania which will be a bit longer than the others. Pls tell me what you think about the current track!

Here is the link to the previous update of the last part of chapter 4, as to what happened in Tanya and Anirudh’s unique coffee date.


“How was your day?” Aleks gently asked Tanya as walked into the washroom to get herself a brush.

Tanya let out a sigh from the happenings of the day, she bent her knees forward and wrapped her hands around them like a little child. Her and Rohan were leisurely sitting on the bed of Aleks, she looked at Rohan who was texting people in his phone. He was sleeping on the other side of the bed, with his head out of the mattress while his rest of the body laid back to the warmth of the bed.

“Okay, so you know that Anirudh dude, right?” Tanya started to explain.

Rohan nodded and Aleks hummed, smoothly placing the brush in her hair.

“He challenged me for saying yes the whole day.”

“Hmmm” Rohan moaned back at her, assuring of his attention.

“Then, he asked me for a coffee date”

Both of them glared at Tanya and their faces were filled with curiosity and surprise for the fact that she accepted.

“And I said yes, but destiny came to my rescue when a few other girls asked me if they can join too. For the challenge, I said yes too. OMG! You should have seen his face when 10 girls popped up for a ride,” she laughed out as she remembered his paled expression and speechless mouth.

Rohan threw a chuckle and said, “I can imagine that…..that would have been hilarious. Right?”

“Totally” Tanya shot back to ensure that nothing happened at the date. Her face turned a little hurt when she recalled his words about selfish. Aleks seeing that distracted the topic quite easily,

“We thought it was a formal date or so”

“It’s not that easy to get a date with Tanya.” Tanya proudly said, smirking at her cousins faces.

“Yeah..yeah we know” they both singsang together while Tanya burst into a laughter.

“Guys, it’s 11pm….I think we need to go to sleep.” Aleks said yawning after the tired day.

“Already 11?” Rohan muttered to which Tanya responded,

“You would have known the time if you weren’t playing on your phone,”

“also, all the elders said they have special news for us, I am actually nervous for it.” Aleks said as Tanaya walked into the room and jumped into Aleks’s lap.

“Mee too….remember the last time, they said that. They wanted to adopt a cat, even though they know I am afraid of them.” Tanaya said sadly.

“Tanaya, that was just for fun,” Aleks assured her, caressing her hair to make her sleep.

“What if they want to really adopt one this time. I am going to die.” Tanaya replied scared.

“Maybe they will this time” Tanya and Rohan mocked at her, taking total advantage of the situation.

“Really? I am scared”Tananya said poking her head out of Aleks’s lap.

“Guys, stop scaring my little darling.”Aleks’s said taking Tanaya back in her lap.

“hahha….I have aleks akka with me. You can’t do anything to me” Tanaya said as Rohan and Tanya giggled within themselves.
Tanya woke up the next day to find herself laying on bed next to all her other cousins. The night before they had talked a lot about animals, consoling Tanaya who was scared about the cat adoption. Tanaya slept after a lot of effort of consoling. After that, Aleks spent the time explaining them of her life in London and project and friends. Tanya didn’t realize when all of them dozed off to sleep without any notice. She glanced up at Aleks coming out of the bathroom completely dressed up to go to work. She signalled Tanya to wake up Rohan and dress up for the discussion and the news. The sister part of Tanya wanted to lay back and enjoy the day with her cousins. But the Dance Mania head part was bothering her to go and get ready to start the prep. She woke up Rohan who looked at her blurry vision with shaggy hair and a tired, morning face.
“Dude, how long will you take?” Tanya said frustrated, standing infront of her bathroom door where Rohan was taking a loooong shower.

“Coming..” a reply came from inside.

“Haa…even I don’t take this long in getting ready”

“I am the style king of the school….I deserve more time”

“Bullshit…I am the diva of the school.”


The minute Tanya and Rohan descended down the stairs, their parents had left, leaving a note which states that they will tell them the new during the school hours.

“I HATE TO WAIT” Tanya yelled out in irritation.
“Coffee for you my lady” Armaan offered her coffee as Tanya entered the atrium of the school.

“umhh..thanks!” Tanya thanked him taking the hot coffee from his hand and continued, “Nice, exactly how I wanted…how did you know?”

“The best way to get to a girl’s heart is knowing her choices.” he said a flirty voice, winking at her.

“Flirting with me?”

“I wouldn’t dare”

“Oh really? this coffee?” she said pointing to the coffee.

“Someone told me that coffee relaxes you, so I thought you might be needing it 2 days before Dance Mania. Stressbuster”

“Thanks, who is this mystery person who told you this?”

Armaan started to whistle and left to give Anisha her coffee. Who told him? She only had coffee with….Anirudh. Her eyes started to search for him, scanning through the entire crowd of people who were helping her with the preparations.

His admiring eyes caught hers, which instantly turned around as they saw hers. Was he guilty for hsi words as she saw an expression of hurt on his face when she faced him. Then why did he send her coffee?

There were poster placed all over the building. Several classrooms were cleaned to allocate the dance teams of different schools. There were many people decorating the stage in atrium. It had different coloured streamers at the pillars. connecting to the top of the stage. They stretched from the end of pillars on top to join at the centre of the stage. The stage was decorated with golden and blue colored ribbons,bells, etc. It looked magnificent as the lights all over the atrium shined to the heart of the school. Tanya’s face relaxed even more after seeing the setting of the event. She took some more sips of the coffee and showed a thumbs up to the lights crew to turn them off. A voice from the behind called her, spinning her around to face her friend, Minisha.

“We have a problem…” Minisha said hesitantly,

“What now?”

“See, the posters all around. The carpet in the beginning, the band, etc everything has been done before by other schools. We need something new.”

“OMG! You are telling this to me now. 2 days before the event.”

“Sorry! We just figured this now when we were discussing the past events.”

“Kay, I’ll do something. Can you please ask them to clean the classrooms and ask your lazy sister to decide the costumes.”

“I can get the classrooms cleaned up, but I can’t guarantee anything about Anisha.” She said disappearing into the hallway full of people.

“Something different, something new, but what?” Tanya whispered to herself and immediately halted to the words of a person from behind.

“Maybe if you give a big lecture of how to say NO, it will be new.” Anirudh swiftly said as he approached her. She started to feel a gush of anger rising in her body again as she remembered his hurting words. “You again? I won the challenge if you remember.”

“So?”he asked back confused.

“So, after we finish the Dance Mania, I want a treat in the 5 star hotel….Hotel Marriott”

“Treat. In a 5 Star hotel?”

“Actually, for the whole team. AND you can’t say NO”

“Fineee…” he said, vanishing into thin air by walking to the doors of the school. She was quite surprised he instantly agreed and didn’t bother to start another argument with her. That was very unusual of him to do so.

Just then, Tanya spotted a bag of red powder, the holi powder of color. As soon as she saw that, her eyes widened and a gentle smile came across her face.

“Rangoli” she declared picturing a big rangoli at the main door for the welcome. New, different and easy.

TO break her excitement, her phone beeped from her dress pocket. She answered her mom’s call and dropped her phone for the words she heard.

Next: Why did Tanya drop her phone? What was the shocking news? What will happen now………….stay tuned to know in Phone Call (cont.)
Soooo…….guys how was it?? I hope I am not boring u all……keep guessing about the phone call and tell me about the new track.
Sorry for the short Aniya scenes, more will be up tmr for sure!!!!
Till then take care……

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  1. Nice episode Mandy.

    1. Thanks!! U didn’t tell me whether u r telugu or not….waiting for d answer?

  2. May be they are going to adopt a cat ha ha ha even i hate cats yaar dont know why….

    1. Lol!! I hate cats toooo!!!! They r weird creatures!?

  3. niceeee awesomeee waiting fr next part mandy if possible update one more chapter

    1. Thanks aditi!!!! Keep reading!! I’ll see if I can..

  4. Omg. Mandy i’m laughing like anything reading the coffee date part. It was tooooo gud. Ani my poor dude. Ah what is happening with him. Ok. Ok. Nw i’m cmg to tdy’s part. The cousin’s part was just superb. I loved it totally. Ani was asusual cool. Tanya why does she always find herself in prblms. Nw what surprise or shock??? Waiting for next part.

    1. Thanks Manha!! I am glad that u r enjoying it !!!! About Tanya, once all her past comes out u’ll see why she has so many issues. Everything is related to her past, making her life complicated. Anyways, that’ll take a while to come out…..till then enjoy d suspense!!!

  5. Im so sad for ani.but it was fun

    1. Thanks Appu!! He will be back tmr with a BANG for u 😉

  6. The cousins part!!!!!! :* :* :* loveelllyyy !!! Could visualise every bit! Tanaya :* ! As always … aleks pet 😉 … But what a grt suspense !!!!! Plsss update soon Mandy!

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    Hey ur stoey is superbly funny yaar esply d cousins part it was OMG !!

    Keep writing n b smiling !!

    1. Hahaaaa…it’s okay!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment!!! Means a lot to me!!
      I was just on Nisha’s page today, OMG you guys turned that into a group hangouts page! LOL! Nice idea tho….all come to one page to chat!
      Anyways, thanks again! and when will u update ur story??

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