Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.4 Part5)


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As the sun rose to its early position, everyone hurried to their works, filled with a new beginning.
Tanya walked to the dance room, for her very first rehearsal with the group, after deciding on the songs and the steps, she would choose the costumes for the Dance Mania.

As she entered the room, familiar faces filled her view as she put down her bag and said, “Guys, we have 30 min to come up with a routine. Is your warm up done?”

All the 6 members positions stiffened as they stood straight to show that they were ready, Tanya chuckled lightly and proceeded to stand in the middle of the circle which formed earlier.

“Any ideas?” she hesitantly asked, spinning around to meet everyone’s faces which were staring into outer space.

“I was thinking…how about we do a Spanish Flamenco dance?” Minisha suggested, lighting a smile on Tanya’s face as she nodded.

“AWESOME!!!” she yelled across with excitement, grabbing a few skirts from the storeroom at the side of the room.

She tossed them to the girls, while the boys stood there in confusion, “What about us?” Armaan asked as Tanya went to sign in into the school computer.

“You can stand there on the sides watching our dance,” Anisha mocked at him, quickly putting on the pink laced skirt with frills filling the borders.

“Please don’t start again….” Minisha protested, standing in between the both of bickerers.

“Well, we can break into a Tango after the solo of the girls,” Tanya said quietly, opening youtube to put on the music to the song.

“Wait…which song, tho? Anyone familiar with Spanish music?” Tanya said realising that the noone had clue about Spanish music seeing them all shake their heads in negative.

“All I know is the song Senorita from Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara,” Sahil said which made Tanya and Anisha look at each other and say, “THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!”

“What’s it?” Armaan asked, sounding all lost from the happenings,

“We can start with Senorita, keeping the Spanish parts”Tanya said with tone of enthusiasm filling her voice

“and taking out the hindi words to go instrumental at the point”Anisha continued on to explain the procedure to her friends.

“But will that work?” Sammy countered, rubbing her nails gently against the filler in her hand. (Typical sassy girl :P)

“Let’s see…’Tanya said, as she punched in the song, opening the one she needed and let her herself completely dissolve into the sway of the music.

Her feets swayed from side to side and gently using her skirt as her every action showed grace and elegance. She took sharp turns as the music took various different melodies. At the last verse of the song, she grabbed Anisha, both breaking into a perfect Flamenco duet.

“WOW!” Ryan applauded while the girls giggled by themselves.

“So, at the parts where it is only melody, the boys can come from the back and join the girls for a quick Tango. What say?”

“Cool” they all echoed together!!!

“Let’s work on the Tango today, as we can do the flamenco anytime…its pretty quick!” Tanya instructed.

“Okayyy…” they said in confusion as she tried to explaining.

“Let’s start with the tango part” She said trying to instruct the couples of the steps. It was hard without a partner, and god knows where that idiot it.

“Umhh…okay, lets start with” she tried explaining by asking them to move 2 steps front and 2 steps back. She stood there staring as all her efforts go vain as all her concepts to make them understand failed miserably.

“No, no, NOOOOOO” she irked one more time, before she heard a laughter from the entrance of the room.

She turned her gzae to face the hazel eyes that looked as if they were swirling with joy seeing her frustration. OMG!!! Finally he’s here. A new vibe of energy projected on her face as she saw his light face turning red due to the excess amount of laughter.

“Scared of joining, so u tried running away. But didn’t succeed, right??”Tanya shot back at his laughter

“Me, scared?”Anirudh fruitily,asked surprised, seeing Tanya in a role of irritation.

“yes, YOU scared” she repsonded in a gravelly voice, as she signalled him to step in.

He looked at her as she turned on the music, as she finished the first verse of the song, she sensed a warm hand hit her waist pulling her into a Tango. She smiled as both of them eased the Tango, his breath catching up to hers as she hurried too quickly catching every beat of the song. His eyes turned wide and his grip hardened as she smirked at him, breaking into a twirl. Understanding her move, in seconds he grabbed at lifted her to form a perfect split in the air. As the song settled into its last, both their eyes locked each others, Tanya’s showing a smirk of pride all over her eyes, while Anirudh just stood there on hers filled with various unsaid emotions. They stood in that position for 2 sec before breaking apart and facing their friends. All of them were awestruck by their immediate dance forms,

“That’s how you do it!” Tanya declared as she looked back at Anirudh in a smirk, while he made a frown in his face.

They spent the next 30 minutes listening to Tanya yelling NO, her voice was also tired by uttering the same word like a million times. Her throat ached for some air, all the costumes shown to her were weird. One had too much glitter, one was too short, the other had feathers all over, some had random designs all over. She was frustrated by the all the designs, which drew her patience to 0.

She saw Anirudh approach her as the last person blunt out a curse at her with displeasure for the rejection.

“NO, No, No” he mimicked her voice as her dull haze fell on him, she glared with anger at him and said,

“If your hear to mimic me again, I am not interested!’ She was starting to burn with anger, heat rushed through her body and settled on her cheeks, turning them to a cherry red.

“Oh really, then even I am NOT interested to hear you yell NO at every single person on earth” he flatly mocked back at with a stern expression which guarded the door to escape. The rest of the group already left, meaning that only both of them were left to leave to class.

“I didn’t yell at every single person on Earth. I just said No to a few” She honeyed the words onto him, trying to get her lie through.

“A few ya, totally. Only a few. I am only the one who is exaggerating the whole thing. Right?” he responded shrilly, taking a few steps closer to her after noticing her expression change from time to time.

“yeahh…” she hesitantly said, averting her eyes and changing her expressions to confuse him.

“You have been saying to No to at least some 50-60 people for the past hour.”he sternly declares, as his hands which laid flatly on the sides, drew in front of him in a cross.

“Because, I didn’t like them….” she protested gruffly, letting her her eyes finally come in contact with his to prove her point.

“Too picky” he said flaring his arms and shared a frowned expression.

“No, I am not” she said as appealing as possible, like a kid begging for chocolate.

“There we go again..” He taunted her, shaking his head from side to side, while his face showed displeasure and willingness not to believe her.

“I don’t say No to everyone, only some” she said blinking her eyes a few times, and came up with a genuine smile to show to him.

“Some huh?” he said huskily, examining her face a few times to come up with a conclusion to stop the discussion.

“Yes…only some” She repeated again to enunciating on the word ‘some’ so he can completely understand her.

“Fine then prove it by saying YES for the whole day” he challenged her once again.

WTH? Why did always bring some challenges or fights up? Can’t they just behave like normal people, who talk, smile at each other and leave. He should understand that she had a sensitivity to the challenges, she accepted them no matter what they were, which she really need to STOP. Especially with him and his stupid challenges.

“Wwhole day?”She asked again, making sure to understand what he just said

“Yes, why? Scared?” he asked, rather teasingly to add more fuel to the already burning volcano in her mind, which would not think twice before erupting on him.

“Fine, fine”she agreed blankly as she tried to escape the stare that caught her off guard.

“Let’s seee” he teased her, as he turned around to head out of the class.

“umhhh…okay” she mumbled as spinned around to get her stuff too, before leaving the class.
As she got her bottle in her bag, and put it on her shoulder, she heard something that appalled her to the core,

“Hey, do you want to get coffee with me?”

“WHAT?? Are you nuts? Me with you?” She said, seeing him stand at the door with his hands in the front pockets of his jeans, too much style!

“Yes!” he said harshly, getting her to the point of the question.

“Ofcourse n…” She started to scream, but when she realized what she was about to say when his eyebrows raised at her, warning her to think before she speaks. his eyes showing that he will win no matter what she says.

“I mean Ofcourse, why not!” she changed her words, and looked at his eyes swirling with joy seeing his victory!

“Great, then I will see you at 12 near the parking lot by the main entrance”he declared as he left the place without another word.

It’s just coffee right? Not a date..right???

Next part: Is this a….date??
SO SORRRY for the delay again!!! Hope you guys like it….I hope ur not loosing interest! I know the story has not so many twists and turns, as it is a real story and is hard to add more masala to it!! But, I promise, this is a very unusual one, as it is real life, is has a mix of light and harsh moments……KEEP READING and COMMENTING!!! I am eager to know how you feel about this!!!

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