Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.4 Part 6)


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This is the last part of the chapter, the next one will focus on Dance Mania and the hurdles that will bring in the life of Tanya and Anirudh!

Tanya made her way through the corridor to the entrance of the building. The corridor was filled with the noise, which echoed from the people on either sides chatters. The weather was cloudy, with wind blowing from side to side. Tanya spotted a physique kneeling against the brittle walls of the building, hands in his pockets, his face was drowned with laziness evidently seen by his messy hair and choice of clothes. Blue jeans with green hoodie and sports shoes. Boys these days! Tanya thought as she saw that the boys he was talking to took a leave.

“So, you’re finally here,” he remarked at her in quite a persistent voice!

“Yesss” her lazy voice uttered a word forcefully.

“Great! Let me get the car from the other side of the school, and make our way to Starbucks.”


“Why don’t you like it?”

Tanya threw on a fake smile and said, “Do I have a choice?”

“Nope, so wait….I’ll get the car” he turned around and headed past the building,

Tanya stood there for a minute and was on the edge of dragging herself back to her locker. But as usual, the laziness in her body took up the part of her brain too, ordering her to wait and get a cup of coffee.

“Yo, what are you doing here?”Armaan asked her from behind, sending shrills through her body and making her spin in surprise. No wonder he is friends with Anirudh, both have the same idea to shock people to the core.

“Yes, let’s go to the caf” Akshaya insisted, half dragging her through the hallway.

“Actually, I am going with Anirudh to get coffee” seeing their suspicious faces, Tanya added, “for some people he promised, he needs help, so…ya”

“Ohh, cool” they waved at her leaving for the caf themselves.

“Wait, you’re going to Starbucks?” a girl asked her right when she was about to head out the door to find Anirudh’s car.

“Umhh…..yes”she hesitated in answering to the most obvious question.

“Can we please join you, and a few of my friends”

“See, I am not going alonee…” Tanya instantly remembered the promise and continued, “With pleasure”

“OMG!!! Thanks a lot. Girls here”

10 people show up making Tanya stand there with her mind completely frozen. She could feel her body go numb and her blood start to turn cold. She needed a plan to get all of these people to Starbucks. But how?

“Hello, I need my car here in 5 min. Great! Thanks!!” she called their driver, asking him to send their 9 seater car.

She noticed a shiny silver car, making it’s way through the driveway, she walked upto the car with a tight smile on her face.

“We have a few people joining us,” she told him while he opened the door and came out of the car. He was mid-way out when a perplexed emotion spread across his face.

“WHAT?? why?”

“They need a ride to Starbucks,”

“How many?”

Anirudh stumbled as he saw around 10 people standing in front of him with genuine and pleading faces for a ride. His face started turning pale, showing no sign of blood travelling through those areas. His eyes stood frozen at the group while his mouth was hung out in shock.

Tanya shook her head, as her car arrived at the parking lot. Perfect timing. The driver got out of the car, and tossed her the keys of the car, settling in another one which accompanied to take him back to her dad’s office. She smiled at the keys in her hand, and thought about her method to relax. Driving.

“I’ll take 9 people, you take 6. Okay?”she faced him again, to bring him out of the unexpected twist in his smooth going life.

He just noded blankly at her, Tanya pushed him back into the seat.

She faced the girls and declared,“6 in mine, 4 in his.”

“Can you drive?”he popped his head after opening the window from the car.

“Even if I can’t I have to say yes, thanks to you” she said showing great sarcasm in her voice, blaming him for all the situation.

Grabbed her arm and pulled her closer, “Is this any of your tricks to take revenge from me?”

“I will take revenge for sure, but this is not my trick.”

“Then, how did these people come to know about our plan,”

“We are getting late, I’ll tell you later,”

“Do you actually know how to drive,”

“OMG! Yes, I do. You can make sure by sitting in mine, and asking someone else to drive your car.” she blurted out with anger. Did he think she could do nothing or what?

“I don’t want to die so soon,” he mumbled to himself from the corner of lips which were curled to make sure she didn’t hear anything.

“WHAT? What did you say,” Tanya asked again, who only understood half of what he had to say.

Anirudh ignored her, and pulled up the window. Tanya flipped around and made her way through the car.
Anirudh watched the long line formed by the girls, in front of him, crowding the entire place with their voices. He let out a curse as he wished to skip through this massive line and get his coffee. Everything with this girl, always went wrong. She either lands herself or him in trouble. By the way, where was she? He skimmed through the crowds to catch a glimpse of her face, but had no luck.

Several minutes of boredom passed by, him staring at the window of the shop. The autumn leaves were just on the edge to start falling off. He looked at the leaves, and their delicate tip, waiting to be detached from the tree. He ordered caramel cappuccino for himself and leaned against the wall. His posture was quite leisure, one leg bent to the wall, with one hand on his thigh. The other hand was gripping his cappuccino while his wandered through the person who was responsible for all this mess.

His eyes finally got a glimpse of her talking to a girl named Natasha. They bought were laughing over their cup of coffee. WOW what a nice girl, he was the one who bought her here, and he is only who is alone….what amazing destiny he had.

He pulled his phone from the back of his jeans pockets and texted Armaan if him or anyone else wanted coffee. As soon as he finished doing so, a female silhouette appeared in front of him with wide eyes of forgiveness. Tanya leaned to the wall, next to him taking a sip of her peppermint cappuccino. Her relaxed shape tend to grow brighter and brighter as the rays of the afternoon shine hit her fragile skin. It spread warmth throughout her body and sizzled her eyes. Anirudh could feel the heat in her skin as it drilled holes into his.

“Look, I am sorry for all this,

He nodded and said, “How did this happen”

“It is all your fault okay,” she bursted back at him, like all her coffee mingling into her blood. From the relaxed figure she was seconds ago, changed into a hyperactive one filled with the energy to spam at him.

“Mine?” he wondered, recalling all the incidents from the morning, and not seeing any connections between them

“Yes, you said the words ‘Starbucks’ so loudly that everyone on Earth heard that. And because of your stupid challenge, I could not even say NO” she snorted back a reply which immensely pleased her to get rid of the blame on herself.

“Trouble, trouble always” he muttered back curtly at her who was keeping extreme concentration at his words.

“Huh?” she asked him, seeming like she understood nothing.


“Well, maybe next time we’ll have more of a better luck.”

“Oh hello, just because I asked you for a random coffee doesn’t mean I have a soft corner for you. I only did this to break your challenge. To me, you’re still a selfish brat, willing to do anything to prove yourself right. Nothing changed. My judgement is still the same,” he said pulling off his cold hearted figure again.

His eyes filled with fierce anger and his face in a smirk. His eyebrows were raised, and arms were folded in front of her.

Tanya’s body slowly stiffened as she moved back to her original form, away from the wall. Her expression was blank while her eyes showed several signs of pain and the flashed of the incident when she was 10 revealed once again in front of her. His words repeated in her mind while goosebumps started to rise in her warm skin. Her brain started to flash images of all the people who said similar words to her, blaming her for the loss of her family. Was she actually selfish??

Next- Chapter 5: Dance Mania
Sooooo…….howz it?? Did you guys like it? I completely diverted the actual story line to provide you Tanya and Anirudh scenes! Hope you liked it!!! Now getting back to the original one, the next will be Dance Mania with much more revelations about many things that you won’t ever expect…so stay tuned and keep supporting me by explaining your views to me!

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