Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.4 part 4)


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The whistle blowed, making Tanya snap back from the thoughts wandering in her mind, and concentrated back on the field. A mild angry gaze held hers, as she looked in to see him looking at her and person next to her in extreme care. She looked at Nihal sitting next to her, she recalled what happened a few hours ago,cursing her fate for sudden twist in the game.
Tanya walked into the field along with Anisha who was as usual arguing with Armaan. While the duo kept on walking past Tanya, she stood there with her feet frozen and not willing to move. Her look was on the opponent team, it was Rohan’s school. What were they doing? They were already qualified for the nationals. A few boys from the team faces lit up, when they saw her standing in shock. Her ears wanted to go deaf as they yelled at her to come and join them.
The anger in his face started to rise when a few other boys came up to Tanya and gave her a hug, she smiled at the team, and looked up into his eyes where traitor was written all over. Her eyebrows narrowed and her face started to worry as his face started to burn with intense anger.
She drifted her gaze from his to look at the Rohan, who assured to explain everything to him later.
She used to go to Rohan’s teams practices when ever she can, which not only improved her soccer skills but also made her meet some amazing people, who are sitting next to her. Rohan’s soccer teams players. She was extremely lucky, Rohan decided to stop playing soccer and concentrate more on hockey, skating and swimming…his true passions. Otherwise, Tanya would have been completely stuck between the 2 teams.

“How’s the school?” Nihal asked her, as she sagged back into the seats of the massive field.

“Not badd…i guess. Until now, I’m not sure what is going to happen next” she said trying to stop the dreaded nervousness from creeping out into her. She saw Nihal nodding from the tip of her head, seeming to understand the complexity of the situation.

“Howz my girl doing?” Rohan questioned her, sitting next to Tanya and signalling Nihal to leave them for a moment.

“I swear if you don’t fix the mess I am into, I am gonna kill you,” she said agonizing, feeling the slight sense of irritation trying to crawl into her.

“Yep, you’re the same old Tanya. Nothing changed,” he mocked at her, as she let the irritation take the better of her and said, “I am sooo done with you!”

She turned her head back to the field, it was a tie, 2 all. She looked as she noticed Anirudh ordering the others for a switch, he was not playing today. WHY? she didn’t know.
It seemed like some sort of telepathic communication, as soon as she finished thinking about that. He took the place of the replacement stopping the person who was supposed to. She was sure he didn’t plan to do that before, then what changed his mind?

“Looks like the captain is on board now,” Rohan whispered as she nodded vigorously, as she saw the game take a quick turn.

The whole field was on fire, as not once the ball was not chased by three quarters of the players.

“What is wrong with him?” she asked as he let go the ball on purpose for a few times, Thank God the goalkeeper was in attention, or Rohan’s team would have made a few goals by now.

“Maybe, he is waiting for your attention,” Rohan teased her as her face padded with a slight shade of pink. Waiting for attention? Why hers?
Anirudh lay in bed, as her mind juggled through various ideas and finally fixed on one thought. He recalled the time he scored one goal after the other after Tanya came back to the stands of the his team. Why did her attention and choice matter so much to him? This never happened before.. He forgave her as soon as Rohan explained how she frequently spent her time with Rohan’s soccer team.
The breeze in the wind, made his eyes twinkle with wonder, while his mind was not able to draw a conclusion from the feelings of his heart. He stood up to let his dreamy haze meet the image of the moon, which seemed as if it was smiling at his extreme confusion of events swirling in his minds.
A star from above smiled at the thoughts of these 2 distinct people, Tanya and Anirudh. It failed to comprehend why wouldn’t they just listen to their heart, which evidently showed that it had a clear understanding of the situation. Both were wondering what the other was thinking, but not able to admit due to their constant ego settling into the place of curiosity. It (the star) saw both, wondering with the same though of was there something between them, friendship, attraction or something more?
The star twinkled once more, before they settled in bed to start their new adventure of finding their paths to the their respective hearts which will ultimately lead them to their answer which they have now about their feelings.
Now, how long will that take? Well, the star left that to their destiny!!!

Next part: Coffee date
How was it?? I hope I didn’t confuse u with the POV’s. The first is Tanya’s, then Anirudh and a random star’s. I included the star to tell you about the upcoming plot of the story… has clues as to what the plot will be between Tanya and Anirudh …..if u r confused, drop in a comment and I will be happy to explain!

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