Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.4 part 2)


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I am back! Here is the update as to what happened during the match that the crowd froze!
The crowd, froze to the point where their breath were held tight at the witness at the moment that completely changed the game. All they could see was Ryan fallen on the ground, smacking hard on to his face. Tanya and Anisha gasped as they saw this happen right in front of their eyes.
The crowd took a minute to rewind the happenings, and take in the situation. The rest of the team rushed to Ryan, as they shook him gently to wake him up from the mud pool he fell into. Tanya stood there numbly, the player that he was guarding, hit his leg, losing his balance….he fell, this comprehension cringed hard in her head, was she responsible for all this?

By then, the whole crowd was scattered in either directions looking at the figure lifted up and taken to the medical room. Anisha hastened up to Tanya, and shuddered her to gain her attention as she stood their in lost thoughts.

“Huh?” Tanya said looking up at Anisha, who was indicating that the coach and all the others were waiting to talk to her.

As she cautiously took tiny steps to the crowd, she noticed that the coach and the person sent by the school board were arguing over some topic.
She quickly met a pair of familiar eyes, his eyes, which warned her to control her tongue and not argue like she usually does with him. She assured with her eyes gently, that she understood, which made him relax from the stiffened position.

“So, this is the girl responsible for all this,” the man said brashly, staring at her from top to bottom, examining her like a quick monitor. She was very surprised that she was not nervous anymore, the butterflies in her stomach started to fly away and replace with confidence to prove him wrong.

“Never seen her before, new eh?,” he scowled back at her, while she took a step back to prevent herself from bursting out at him for no specific reason.

“This is your standard, you give the strategy to a girl, with no experience,” he ranted in a critical tone as the coach frowned at him, trying to explain the reason, “ was actually,”.

Only to be interrupted by Anirudh who said in a hitching voice, “It was my idea to get her to make the strategy up for the team.”

The coach and the rest of the team looked at him in pride, while Tanya face heated her up and gave Anirudh a scruffy look to shut up. But, like usual, he didn’t bother to listen to her. Haaa…he wanted her to listen to him, but won’t himself…..idiot! she thought as she her glare got even extreme than it already was.

“What?” the man responded with a pale face, which looked like there was no blood there.

“Yes, as the captain of the soccer team, I give Tanya the complete responsibility to make the strategies for all our games,” he said with more even more ringing tone, drawing the attention of all the people left in the field.

Which was only their school’s students, as the opponent team left the place as soon as the accident took place.
Tanya had a brain freeze when she heard his words, give her responsibility? HER?? What was wrong with him? He was defending her? infront of the whole school and the person from the school board with the power to do stuff she didn’t know about. WHY was he doing this? All these thoughts began to revolve in her mind, she looked back in his eyes which also started to lock in place seeing her confused look, trying to solve the puzzle.
“YESS, he is right!” Armaan called out from the back of Anirudh, Anirudh rotated his head to the side as gave his friend a grateful smile, which was returned by a reassuring one when the whole team joined into supporting the captain.

He could see Mr.Dean’s face turn paler than before as he looked around the crowd cheering for Tanya. He looked to notice her giving Armaan a ‘you too’ look, which made him shrug his shoulders flatly and point at Anirudh. She slowly moved her eyes to look up to his, and give him a tense look. He could see her face changing into different emotions within the next minute as she probably didn’t understand how to react. He gave her an assuring look, notifying her that he knew what he was doing. Her expression settled to a more composed and relaxed one as she heard him.

The coach further concluded the discussion by stating, “I completely agree with all the students present here.”

Tanya gave him a tight smile and looked at the Mr.Dean and uttered an apology, “I am very sorry for all the happenings, but I request you not to base your decision by my mistake.”

He flatly noded at her and whispered with a faded smile, “The next match will decide whether the team will go into the championship or not. For now the game is a tie. You’ll play against another team tomorrow, which will be revealed to you tomorrow morning. ”

He left the place swiftly, and the coach went with him to thank him for reconsidering his decisions on Tanya’s request.
Anirudh noticing the pair of eyes filled with intense heat, waiting to snap at his as soon as they come in contact, he drew them towards her eyes, as she drifted hers away, making him look on in surprise.

“I could defend myself you know, why are you always behind me?” she muttered in a strangled voice, which resisted her to speak.

“Me, behind you? you are the one who came up and said let me help you in the game. You are not a good captain,” he mimicked her in a girly voice, making the twins and Armaan burst into laughter.

“How rude” she snarled back at him, crossing her arms in front of her, waiting for him to respond.

“How rude,” he mimicked back, crossing his arms too.

She was awestruck by this, deciding to put an end to this, “What the hell?? Stop it…NOW” she yelled back

“What the hell? Stop it…NOW”he didn’t bother stopping, so he just kept mimicking her…..



“I am warning you, stop it!”

“I am warning you, stop it!”

“Oh God, why are you after me?”

“Oh God, why are you after me?”

Tanya was running out of patience now, a rush of anger filled all her blood. She opened her mouth to say something, but decided to play smartly,
“I am an idiot”

“I am glad you finally realized,” he said making the twins clutch their stomach to control their laughter, while Armaan and Anirudh high-fived each other.

Anirudh mingled along with the laughter of and glanced back at Tanya who grunted hard and stormed into the building.
Anirudh was feeling happy and light for some reason. He had no clue if all this was worth the risk? Which team they were playing tomorrow for the final decision? If Mr.Dean will not let them into the championship with the grudge against him or Tanya? What is going on Tanya’s mind? He also didn’t know if he did a good job….did he???
Next: The unexpected game
This week will be all about the soccer games, next will be the final one to know whether they get into the tournament or not? In the next chapter, the Dance Mania will be seen!
Please do tell me how u felt about this!!! Eager to listen from you all…..

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