Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.4 Part 1)


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Here is the next part of the chapter, it continuous after the nightmare of Tanya. ENJOY 🙂
The strong heat of the sunlight hit her fragile eyes, greeting her after the long night of horror and realization. She woke up with her half-awakened eyes glazing through the room, providing her blurry images of the surrounding. She looked at her position, same way she slept earlier….neither stirring nor tossing with the blankets, but soundly sleeping through the rest of the night. Now that was peculiar, she spinned her head slowly as she registered the fact that everyone was awake except her.
“Hellooo…..wat’s up?” Aleks asked her as she was descending down the stairs.

She was humming a soft tune of the music playing in her iphone. A light fragrance of delicious pancakes hit her, as she saw which was covered with pancakes, freshly cut strawberries, small blueberries, smuggy whipping cream and her personal favourite maple syrup. Her akka had a crazy love to music, especially really melodious and sad songs. Tanya enjoyed them too, but rock was more of her choice.

“Hmmmm…” was all Tanya could manage to say after all her energy drained in getting ready. She grabbed the bar stool and sat in the kitchen island, leaning her weight on the shiny granite countertop ready before her, never happened before.

“Where’s Tanaya? I didn’t see her in the washroom,” she quizzically asked that her sister was actually Aleks tossing the pancake on the pan.

“Ohh, she went to see my mom in the hospital,” she sang as she musically connected the words to the tune of the song.

“Wait….why didn’t you go then?” she asked even more confused than before, it seemed like strange events were taking place since y’day night.

Aleks placed a pancake in the plate in front of her and replied, “I already went at 4 in the morning, she is fine, just some blood was needed. So, don’t stress about her and what are you planning on adding to the delicious pancakes awaiting to be eaten by you?” She winked at Tanya, while she dressed her own pancakes with strawberries, whipping cream and maple syrup.

Tanya noticed her long, curly black hair move across her shoulders and settling into the back, straightening her pony tail. Her eyes were hazel brown, which were most of the time filled with care and patience. Tanya still remembered the time when they used to play, tell stories and share their secrets sitting in the bedroom of their grandparent’s mansion. She missed those times a lot, she wished everyday that those moments would come back to her, they would become the two old sisters again which were together at all times. Where did all that time go? Where did all closeness go, she wondered as she dipped a piece of pancake in maple syrup.
“Come on, we don’t have time,” Anirudh yelled at the rest of the soccer team with displeasure and basically no hope. He was drowned in sweat and really needed a shower at this point of the practice.

“We have a game in the afternoon, which we could win if we try to co-operate with each other.”

He was frustrated to death right now, after witnessing the last practice before the game which will lead them to the province leagues. Just one win and they will be 2nd team to qualify after the Woodsworth, the champion team of all sports. His hands lay flatly by both of his sides, while his legs turned sore due to the intense running.

“This is good for now, meet you at the ground at 12” he ordered, dismissing the team for the showers.

He groaned deeply, thinking about the horrible practice they just had. He picked up the his stuff and proceeded to the showers, hoping a better game in the afternoon.
He placed his jerseys and pads in the sports locker, before he caught a glimpse of a silhouette standing by the door talking to the boys ready to leave. His heart pounded at the thought of her fierce look, her unsteady hands and her determination which was destroyed y’day in the hospital. He flung the door, and walked up to her, coming in direct contact with her wobbly eyes, not willing to make any contact.

“How is your aunt,” he asked her taking a few steps closer to her, which made her lift her eyes to face the physique standing before her.

She stuttered a few times, probably blown off my the immediate question, “Shee..shee… is fine.”

“Great!” he said in curt of a response, which seemed more arrogant than caring which made her face turn into a frown. She drifted her eyes away from his several times, trying to avoid the confrontation.

“Anyways, I am here to ask you the list of the new team,” she tersed him with the same arrogance as he portrayed earlier
“Ohh, and why would I give you that?” he blunted out, snapping her eyes back at him, like a tigress protecting her cub.

“Maybe because, I am the new dance captain or the fact that I am conducting the Dance Mania,” she sconned at him, making his face turn into a light shade of paleness, which she dearly enjoyed.

“Take it from Armaan then, he has the list,” he ordered sharply, as she glowered at him once more before dawdling away from the sports area.
Half of the day passed as Tanya made her list of the stuff she needed to do for the dance mania. She started to plan for the basic arrangements, decorations and timings which were all very necessary for the dance mania. The proceeded to the crowded caf and sat next to Anisha and Minisha who were busy talking to a bunch of other girls.

She smiled at them and took her seat when she noticed Sahil panting as she ran towards them, “The guys are losing to Woodsworth.”

“WHAT??” all the girls unisang as Tanya’s face lit up, lose, soccer team, Anirudh captain- everything started to piece up in her head like an unsolved puzzle.

She stood up in a jiff and declared, “let’s go watch, it’ll be fun!!!” She immediately changed her words when she saw the girls glare at her in confusion, “Ohh..come on.”
She dragged the girls to the yard, which was crowded with people on either sides cheering for the team.

On the side, she saw Sammy and the cheerleader team performing a quick stunt before the halftime, which was exactly about now. The buzzer from the end of the screen beeped and flashed red to indicate the interval for the teams. She saw the teams line up at the stands to discuss their strategy for the next half.

“What the hell was that?” Anirudh snapped at Ryan who was already dying to gasp breath, ,his yelling made him even more desperate to run away from the field.

Tanya rolled her eyes and mumbled loud enough for him to hear her, “What will the team do without a proper captain.”

“What?”he growled back at her, forwarding to grab her wrist, but stopped after noticing the people surrounding him. “What did you say?” he enquired again, more calmly than before.

“I said, what will a captain do without a proper captain,” she harshly replied, making him more fierce and angry than before. She should learn to control her tongue, but it was no use now, she was already in the argument, now was not the time to step back.

“Me, not a proper captain, and how would you know that? Tell me,” he said brusquely, trying his best to control his anger and frustration. All the others were watching their conversation with great interest, it seemed like a few players from the other team were also glancing to hear their talks.

“From the tactics you use, I just saw you play, you are not going to win anything, if you continue to play like this………” she warned him, confident of her words which annoyed the hell out of him.

“Oh, and you are going to teach me that. A girl who never played soccer before,”

“Don’t you understand when I say, don’t judge me when you don’t know me,”

“Well, don’t speak if you have no ideas in your stupid brain,”

“I have ideas, which are definitely much better than yours,”

“Ok, then name 1”

“How about counter attacks, and blocking targets?”

“What…that has nothing to do… Anirudh said curtly, which was interrupted with Armaan, “She might be onto something,”

“Finally, somebody sensible to talk to.” Tanya replied, seeing which Anirudh started to fume in anger.

“So, basically all you have to do is predict their move and counter attack it with their own strategy. I see that they are very well co-ordinated so, pick a person and guard them, so that they lose their co-ordination and this can also help you defend easier.”

“This is GREAT!! You are a genius” Armaan declared enthusiastically, volunteering to go to the coach and presenting him with the new strategy.

“That is something that I am” Tanya muttered under her breath, smirking in victory as her eyes collided with Anirudh’s which only portrayed hatred and anger in them. Like always.

Anisha and Minisha were talking to Sammy about the next cheerleader performance, while Tanya and Anirudh stood there glaring at each other.

“This is an amazing idea, who came up with it?” the coach asked, walking to the stand where Tanya and Anirudh were standing, ready to pounce at each other whenever possible. Armaan started to explain him how Tanya came up with the idea, and how Anirudh supports it.

“WHAT??” Both Anirudh and Tanya chorused at the same time, listening to Armaan lie that Anirudh is willing to experiment with her new idea.

Both Armaan and couch halted at the moment, hearing to their loud outburst. They both looked on confused as the 5 minutes of the interval were finished and the game was resumed.

Listening to Tanya’s idea, the team guarded one person at a time with detailed care, which helped them defend and attack easier. The opponent was pretty amused at how they managed to counter attack with their techniques. Anirudh ran through the field swiftly, taking the pass from Ryan and……..something happened that they never expected to happen. The crowd froze as they moment took it’s time to digest into the minds of the people watching the game.

What unexpected happened? Will the team win or lose? Will all the blame come on Tanya if anything goes wrong?

So guys, howz it?? How are you liking the character of Tanya’s elder sister, Aleks? I am planning to update every alternate days or every 3 days due to my packed schedule for the coming 2 weeks. After that, I might continue with regular updates!!!! But pls tell me how you felt on this update?? Is this pace okay? or should I go faster…….I just want to cover a few minor details at each phase……is it ok??

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  1. This episode is so good but I can’t understand the startegy can you please tell me Wat idea did Tanya tell

    1. Ohhhh ….it’s just to stand in front of the player for the whole game and competent defend their moves. I hope you got it!!

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  2. The pace is perfect! I want to explore and enjoy slowly!

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  3. Nice part.

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  4. Plzzz make team win the match…..

    1. Keep reading to know!!

  5. hey i m a silent reader.. but i could not stop myself from commenting… this episode was fab… update next part as soon as possible…. great going…

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  7. Wow, now tanya is multitalented yaar. So gud to see. Ani n tanya nok jhok that was the most super part. I loved that.

    1. Tanya has many talents that are to be revealed soon, glad ur liking d story!!!

  8. Awesome episode Mandy, loved Tanya’s sister aleks very much, she is so loving n caring n best friend of her…loved Anirudh n Tanya’s fights a lotttttttttt. …n the stredegy is awesome, I think Anirudh’s team will win…n Tanya will prove that she is not less talented than Anirudh. …loving this story very much. ..pace is good…keep it up buddyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks a lot Roma for all your encouarging words!!! These words from all of u inspire me to write more!! Thanks again!!

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