Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.4 intro)


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So guys, I am starting with an intro to the chapter 4- New decisions, new consequences and a complete new beginning. This intro will be introducing another character in the story, as well as giving us more insight on Tanya’s character.
The darkness was enraging by the minute to surround the figure which was lit by the candle light. A fidgeting sound hauled the place as the figure tossed from side to side, earning for the much needed comfort. The candle light shivered from time to time as the strong wind hit the heating ray from the open window in the corner of the room. The candle light gloomed, making the figure stir up in consternation.
Tanya clutched on to the blanket by every passing breath, gasping for breath. Her body had turned cold and numb. She looked around as the shaft of twilight immersed in the entire room, a streak of moonlight hit her window, flinging it open by the aid of the way. She looked as the streak penetrated the room with the moonlight, not just any streak, but a streak of hope. It looked as the darkness faded away as the moonlight took it’s place, comforting her as she her grip on the blanket moved to her stomach, which was moaning in fear.

“No, no,” she whispered as she slid her way out of the bed, and taking a stand near the window which was slamming due to the thunder.

She had a seen a dream, more of nightmare where she accepted the proposal of the dance team. As she was concerned, history repeated itself, making her go through all the pain and fear she did when she was 10.

As the incident scrolled through her mind, “It’s a dream, it’s a dream. I didn’t accept the proposal,” she hissed, her mind projecting glimpses of his smirking image in the hospital in a crystal clear view.

“I didn’t, right?” she thought, her legs breaking into a run, stopping when they were padded by a soft layer of thin carpet.

Her fingers touched the brittle door, sending a shiver across her spine to alert of her actions. Turn back? She could turn back and leave, but the curiosity of the truth will be killing her the whole night. She prepared herself for the worst, building up the confidence and gently exerting a little force on the door, bulging it to open.

A scent of strong vanilla hit her nostrils, as she glided into the room, lifting her delicate eyes to the bed. The bed was occupied by 2 figures, which made her realise about the decision she took in the morning. A sense of realization creeped into her body as she noticed her elder cousin sleeping beside her sister.
Her parents WERE still in the hospital, she DID accept the offer, part of her dream WAS based on reality. Her mind scattered in multiple directions, while her heart broke apart at the realization of her decision.
Her eyes froze wide, and her limes turned numb as she examined the room which was drenched in rays of candle lights, which seemed like they were in constant battle with the darkness. This nightmare really got into her, she was constantly thinking about good vs evil, hope, desperation of escaping this reality started to drown her brain with various stupid ideas such as running away, moving from the country, going back to India, changing schools, etc.
Oh God, what did she do?
God, GOD….he is the only one who can help her out of the mess she was in, she quickly turned to face the other side of the room and folded her hands to pray.

“Pls pls, help me…get me out of this mess.” she prayed intently, get her out? No, no, noooo….not like get her completely out,
“I mean pls don’t make my nightmare true…” YESSS, that sounded right, a part of her desire to escape felt like it might be fulfilled. She looked at the window, which was just collided with a branch of leaves, falling with a thud as it hit the stiff roof.

What the hell was that? She looked on confused at the witness of an unusual witness, she stood there staring at the window as a voice shook her, “Nightmare?”

Her elder cousin, her darling akka, was rubbing her strained eyes, seeing the blurry image of Tanya standing in front of her.
Relief took the place of shock and confusion in her body as she splint to the bed and warmth of the hug, making her breath a long and deep sigh of relief. She lay beside Aleks, the sole daughter of her mami. She had arrived later on in the day from London.
Tanya felt relieved with her company, she didn’t burden her with questions about her nightmare or questions about her school. She gave her the space and comfort Tanya dearly needed. They both laid there for a long time, listening to Tanaya’s even breaths as they watched the candle lights, burn, burn till the end of the it’s capability.

“Ready to tell me what is going on,” Aleks hissed in a humble voice beside her, “I feel the need to know.”

“Ugghhh…” Tanya let out a frustrated moan, trying to change the topic but failed. She could see her akka turn sideways and look at her in curiosity and patience. Where did she get so much patience from? and how?

“After destroying my sleep, you’ll have to say at least 1 line,” she says as her eyes deluged with sleepiness as she yawned deeply breaking into a slight giggle, seeing Tanya’s bored face.

“Finee..” she scowled, as a smile spread across her face when she recalled how much both of them adored to sleep.
“I am kinda forced to accept an offer to the dance team,” she blurted out, making sure not to wake Tanaya up from her sleep.

She saw Aleks nodding from the tip of her eye, and seeming to know where the nightmare came from. She glanced up at the clock placed in the side of the room which read 1:25am.

“Tannuuuu…..” Aleks humbled in a short whisper, bringing her out of her thoughts again, “Forget about everything, you worry about your future too much. Leave it to the destiny!”

The word nightmare started to haunt her thoughts again, seeing the room prevaded with darkness, a new type of anxiety made it’s way through her body. Seeing Tanya lost in deep thoughts, Aleks broke the immense silence, “Tannu, this is for you own good. Trust me….this is.”

The determination in her voice was well seen in the expression on her face, no hesitation or thought but a fierce statement was well expected from her brave akka.
Aleks closed her eyes, leaving Tanya wandering her eyes through the dark room.

Tanya didn’t know how to respond, everyone around her had the knowledge that she will do well, she will be fine, she will fight it off like any other struggle in her life. But how could Tanya explain them that she was tired of this struggle, tired of this fighting, tired of everything. She needed a break, and now she was sure where she would find this break……where she would find the opportunity to just forget everything and go through her passion without any objection or struggle.
Maybe she should just accept the destiny and move on in her life, move on….an image of his intense expressions flashed in front of her, as she snuggled tightly into the blanket. Now what was with him? Why was he constantly coming into her life, she just wished he didn’t become another strand of her already messed up life. Her dreamy haze rested on the gloomy walls, with all this questions swirling up in her mind, Tanya shut her eyes, and in many years left all her burdens to the destiny and slept like she never did before- with complete freedom and relaxation.

Next part: Preparation for Dance Mania!
Soooo….howz it? Sorry for the short update and a very gloomy one too….but I felt this was needed to explain Tanya’s YES to join the team. So, the next one for sure will be way more lighter and cheerful than this one, and the story will move on! So….keep reading and don’t forget to tell me how you felt about this!

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  1. Tanya had a really bitter past i think so all these nightmares n all. But our ani is here why fear. Hope everything goes fine.

    1. Yess Manha…..she will be fine!!

  2. Oh tanya dr how much pain yaar

    1. Hmmmmm…..she will get over it soon!

  3. Nice story and what’s tanya’s past.

    1. Thanks!!Tanya’ past will be revealed in d further chapters! Keep reading!!!

  4. Oops tanya’s bad past hope she get overs it soon with the help of our hero….

    1. Keep reading Kirti!!

  5. Loved the way you narrated Tanya’s fear ,,,,Great one…l want some Tanya-Anirudh part,dear…take care

    1. Thanks!! More of their scenes will be in d next part for sure!

  6. Hu is the ‘him’ she referng to? Anirudh?

    1. Yes Liya…sorry for d confusion!

  7. Awesome episode, I hope Anirudh will take Tanya out of these nightmares n she will be back in life once again…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Let’s what magic he does ;)…Thanks and keep reading!!

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