Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.3 Part 4)


I am soo sorry for not posting for the last few days, I was busy due to some work popping up! But now I am back with a long and very interesting update for you!!!! THIS IS A MUST READ UPDATE….read on to know why!
Before, we had Tanya and Anirush rush to the hospital to see Tanya’s aunt…..if u missed it, here is the link.

Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.3 Part 3)


She followed him outside, to see her mom waiting for her, talking to him.
“Thanks a lot Anirudh for bringing her here,” she smiled gratefully, while he also smiled back.
They both were chatting about his where he lives, his parents, etc while Tanya stood there dumbfounded by the conversation.

Finally, her mom gratefully smiled with pride her seeing her daughter do such a life-saving task. “Go, get something to eat from the shops down stairs” she said humbly as Tanya approached,

“No, no, no NOOO, First I want to see what happened to mami and see how she is feeling now, “ she said stubbornly, her body was starting to feel dizzy.

Looking at her mom’s worried face, the doctor’s words flashed in front of her, she remembered how she needed to take care of her health after the incident. How her missing her meals can affect her terribly. She sighed as her body started to tense up, she had not been eating well since a few due to all the stress in school with friends, dance and her work. To add up to that she just donated 1 bottle of blood, no wonder she was dizzy.

But, before she fainted with dizziness, she wanted to meet her aunt, “I am gonna meet mami,” said as slyly walked a few steps further to her room, but her mom caught her saying, “Tanya, go and get something to eat. You will be sleeping beside mami if you don’t. And also, there is Tim Hortons downstairs.”

Tanya made a face at her mom, but her mom was too busy talking to a nurse about the formalities and stuff.
Tim Hortons, the name made her stomach growl loudly, she loved Tims, especially their coffee and their special jalapeno bagel.
Her head started to hurt even more, “Ugghhhh” she said making her way to him standing and staring at her with amusement.

“Woww…you are not the person you like,” he taunted her, which made her roll her eyes, God knows what that meant.

“Whatever, let’s go,” she declared leading the way to Tims, she was starving and her steps started to slow down as they got closer to the shop. The enduring smell of the coffee hit her nostrils in a flare, as she let all her thoughts go and sniffed in the freshness. The smell filled her body in warmth, and with no doubt making her stomach yearn for food. They both stood in the line as she observed the him looking at several places around the canteen. This was the only shop that was in the first floor, there were many other in the floors above.

“Hello, what may I get you?” the lady in the counter asked, snapping her out of her thoughts,

“1 large French Vanilla and a jalapeno bagel, please, “ she ordered enthusiastically,

The lady entered the order in the computer and questioned, “What about the gentleman?” Gentleman….my foot, Tanya thought lifting ,her head, and faced the cold guy standing behind her, maybe the coffee will cool him down.

“1 medium black coffee and an cheese bagel toasted with butter,” he ordered, he really liked black coffee Tanya thought as she payed the amount for both.
He opened his mouth to protest, but she hushed him by saying, “we’re in a hospital.”
They received their order and were seated in the table near the window, which was stretching into the other buildings in the campus. He noticed that she didn’t even waste a second to open the bagel and start munching in, she was eating as if she didn’t eat in days. This girl was unbelievable!

“Didn’t eat for days?” he sneered again smirking, taking a sip of the hot black coffee.

It was extremely bitter, mixed with a hint of sweet. He could sense the coffee mixing into the vanilla flavour in his mouth, swirling into his throat as gulped hard and drawled his eyes up to hers, as she took a sip of coffee which drained all her anger into a composed face. She didn’t respond and continued to take little sips of the coffee as she slid in the last piece of bagel into her mouth as she was looking out at the window. Seeming as if, he didn’t even sit in front of her, silent treatment huh?

“Ignoring me cannot change the fact that I am sitting in front of you,” he said tilting his head to the side t the side, determined to gain her attention.

She took another drink from the large cup and gulped it hard, going right into the her stomach, as she glared at him with peace. Was it the coffee that calmed her or the scenery outside, or the surety that her aunt is fine? Maybe it was because she was tired after giving up so much blood, but she gave only a bottle, that’s not much at all. His eyes wandered into hers, seeking answers to her questions.

She let out a frustrating sigh, probably wondering how to tackle him, IMPOSSIBLE he thought keeping his face steady. He broke the bagel into 4 pieces, throwing one into his mouth and chewing fast.

She finally broke the silence between them, “Can we pls keep our egos aside and talk like normal people,” she insisted wearingly, her eyes drowned with exhaustion and her face looked like she was worn out. He nodded forcefully in positive and relaxed his expression to face her weary one.

“Great!” she said as her face filled with a new kind of free spirit as she took a big drink of coffee.

“Then…why did you choose to make it a tie between Sammy and me?” she said quizzically, eagerly waiting for him to give her a valid answer.

“Well….I didn’t want another world war to start!” he reasoned, making her break into a giggle. There was a huge grin on her face, and she started to ease out. Ryan was right, she laughs at anything.

“What??” she curiously asked, she was completely at ease now, as she waited for him to answer,

“Well… see you both are on the same boat, both of you want to win, so if I don’t declare a tie, then you both will get into a verbal fight…and there starts WWIII!” he said chilled out, she shook her head in disbelief and signalled him that her coffee was done. She stood and skipped to the garbage can like a small child, a wide smile spread from his ear to ear as he watched her coming back.

“Let’s go,” she mumbled under her breath as nervousness creeped into her again. Why? He would never know.
Tanya opened the translucent door to the dorm and stormed in. Her mom was sitting on the side of the bed of her mami, while her mama and Rohan were on the other side. Chachu and chachi were on the leaning against the window next to the bed. The room was painted in light orange, possibly to cheer the patient’s up and give them hope. It was all shiny with thick gloss covering the entire room.
Tanya pulled a stool from the corner of the room and placed it in front of the bed, facing all her family.
All the elders were smiling at her with pride while Rohan was staring at the corner of the room, near the door. He was most certainly looking at Anirudh.

“Mamii, I told you to take care of you health…….”she blurted out drastically as she gently placed her hands on top of her hers.

“Well, thanks to you, I am all fine,” she said humbly trying to force a smile through all the tubes placed on her.

“What happened?” she asked curiously in tension as all of them just looked back at her blankly,

“Nothing, just my blood pressure dropped and few other things,” she replied back in a serious tone as Tanya stressed on other things. What other things, why aren’t they telling her, even Rohan avoided eye contact with her, hoping that she wouldn’t find the truth out if she looked into them.

“I am very angry at you…” Tanya said, crossing her arms and acting mad. Everyone looked on shocked, as they wondered what was wrong with her.

“See, Mom always runs behind Tanaya or Rohan, she never looks after me,” she said, narrowing her eyes to crease,

“That’s because they both are masterminds behind problems,” she softly said indicating at Rohan.

“Whatever! I didn’t care, because I thought mami loves me the most.” she said stubbornly, sticking to her point, not in the mood to get convinced by their flattery talks.
“I still do, dear” her aunt whispered softly,

“NO.. you don’t. Then why would you call Rohan here first? You call me only if you need blood from me? NOT FAIR” she yelled like a 3 year old, the smile crossed everyone’s faces seeing her in a cranky state for no reason.

“Oh idiot, I was there at home for lunch…that’s why. And also, due to driving them here, I got my car towed,” he said embarrassed, upon hearing this, Tanya stood up and laughed cunningly, walking up to his parents.

She shook her chachu’s hand and said, “Congratulation! WE WON!!!” She remembered the bet she had with Rohan that he would get his car damaged, fined or towed in the next 6 months of his driving, when he was bragging about driving to his friends. He unknowingly accepted the bet in exchange for his Tim Hortons card which provided free coffee for a year.

Rohan froze and his face tightened and screamed, “No fair, this was an emergency. This does not count.”

“Yes it does,” Tanya snapped back, with her hand on her hip, balancing her weight on her left leg.

“How are you going to get it back,” she continued asking.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her outside the dorm, while the adults were busy making fun of both of them.

“So, how are you gonna do it?” she taunted him again, making him glare at her to shut up,.

“I need an idea…” he finally gave up on his own ideas, Tanya smiled at him and said, “Yeahhh…you totally do.”

“You had a coffee, didn’t you? which is why you are so hyper” he questioned seeing her sugar levels on the peak at this point,
She noded laughing at his fate. She saw a tall, muscular figure standing behind her, she quickly composed herself and stood with her spine straight.

“Anyways, he is Anirudh, the person who bought me here WITHOUT getting his car towed,” she said chuckling throughout the sentence, “And,” she said turning to the other side, “This is Rohan, my brother.” she said hesitantly.

It looked as if both were trying to guard her, unsure who is going to make what move, she silently stood there as they shook their hands friendly. This wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

“Dude, I owe you for what you did…” Rohan said super casually,

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from your sister,” Anirudh replied making Tanya choke a little as she tried to digest his words. She saw him wink at Rohan and spread a devil smile all over his innocent face. How rude…

Rohan also went along, seeing this as a perfect chance to get her back, “That’s great! She is all yours” he said waving at Tanya, leaving the place.

“Waitttt….”Tanya stuttered as he yelped for him to help her and not leave like that. Such a traitor. Now, she will definitely spend all his money he ever had in the next day to take revenge. Her eyes were glowing with anger as she saw both of the smiling seeing her in this desperate situation.

“I need to get my car back, see yaa” he said turning around the corner of the corridor and exiting from her sight.
She should never have had introduced them to each other in the first place. Uhghhhh…big mistake. A very big one, she thought as she looked at him, staring into his intimidating eyes, which already had plans for her.

“Soo….now you owe me 2 things, let’s make that into a 1 huge thing and take it all at once”

“ummhh….as if I had a choice,”she mumbled under her breath, loudly enough for him to hear her.

“Giving up..I like that! I want you to..”

She finished the sentence before he could, “Join the dance team.” He looked on determined as she reconsidered her decision for the last time.
That marks the end of chapter 3, I hope you liked that Tanya is finally agreeing, and Anirudh convinced her for this!!!! Next chapter will focus on the Dance Mania and the new challenges that will bring in the lives of these both! Pls tell me how u felt about this….eager to read ur comments!!!!!! Keep in touch!

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