Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.3 Part 3)


Hi guyssss….
I made a few changes to the characters names of the twins, I named them differently. They both have the same personalities, you’ll understand later on why I needed to change their names, so the twin who is Armaan’s partner will be Anisha, while Sahil’s partner will be Minisha.
Hope I didn’t confuse you too much…..enjoy reading the next part 🙂
The next day Tanya was extremely glad seeing everyone, like every single one in the hallways, congratulating her for the success of the fashion show. She wished her life was like this, simple and easy going rather than all the battles she has to face, behind all this. She sighed thinking about all this, as she noticed Anisha waiting by her locker, her face looked like she was waiting since like forever and she was dying with boredom. What was she doing her anyways? and where was Minisha? As she got closer, her expression changed drastically from boredom to excitement within span of seconds. Tanya shook her head, and opened her locker. She sensed a vibrating sound from her back pockets of her black jeans. She had a doubt in mind, that something bad happened for the timing of the call was very unusual, she withdrew her phone from her pocket and locked at it, it was a call from Rohan. Rohan at this time? Anisha on the other hand was busy humming gently to a tune while listening to music. Tanya without more hesitation, took the call.

“What??” she said, almost having the phone fall from her hands as the words from Rohan spinned through her head. Anisha caught hold of the phone before it fell on the floor, she rocked her friend from side to side, to get Tanya out of the shock.

Tanya without saying or thinking much, grabbed her phone and jacket, asking for help, “I need a ride to a hospital? Do you know who can give me one?”

Anisha, looking all boggled, said, “Ummhhh….I don’t, Armaan and Sahil get picked up by Armaan’s mom. I don’t think Sammy has a car available now, but..” she took a few seconds to think about the decision, before she snatched Tanya’s hand and started walking to the other side of the hallway. Tanya silently followed her, until they reached Anirudh’s locker. She jerked her hand of Anisha’s grip and was in turn, as she stopped mid-way and thought about the intensity of the situation. This was not a time for her ego to kick in.
“I need a ride…” Anisha said tensely, hopping Anirudh will agree,
“Sure, to where?” he asked her, still fidgeting with his binders in his locker, having to finally pull one out, he faced the girls. His expression changed as his stare fell on Tanya, it turned pale and cold.
“Her, to the hospital,” she exclaimed and signalled him to take his jacket out of the locker and not the binder.
“What? way!” he sternly said and turned back to face at his open locker.
“Ohh, come on….this is not the time to show off your ego.” Anisha said frustrated by their talks.
“See, Anisha…I have a family member waiting for me in the hospital, I need to get there fast. I don’t have time for all this,” she said modestly indicating to his back, “I’ll take the bus,” she said and turned to leave, only to stop at Anisha’s call,
“I am not letting you take the bus, let me go ask Heena, gimme a min,” she said leaving to talk to a girl, standing at the end of the hallway. Tanya seeing her chance, made her way through the stairs and the main door.
She pulled her phone, and started to message her mom when she heard a voice, “The car is this way,” a grumpy voice yelled at her.
A smile almost creeped up into her lips, but she shooed it away and started to follow him. He didn’t say much about why he changed his mind or where he was taking her. It was a pretty sunny autumn afternoon, the sun was shining beamingly, as its rays hit the cars parked in the lot, their outer layer started to glow brightly. There were a lot of maple trees surrounding the outer layer of the parking lot, they were all swaying slightly to the tunes of the wind. As she was admiring the nature, all her thoughts stopped in a bang, as she saw him opening the door of a shiny silver car in the middle of the lot. He sat there, waiting for her to enter, as soon as she was seated, he started the engine. She observed his face while he was driving, a sense of calmness appeared in his body. It looked as if all his ego, anger and frustration had vanished and been replaced by decency and composed nature. Geezzzz…somebody changes quickly, Tanya thought still staring at him,
“I need to get something from home, then we will go the hospital,” he said in a critical tone, warning her not to keep staring at him blindly.
“But, please make it quick…this is an emergency,” she snarled back irritably, facing the road now, as she saw him driving into a nearby street where she lived. She could see him frown at her for her arrogant counter words. He lived here too? Maybe that’s why he was so surprised when he first learned that she lived just a few rows down. He stopped at a cream coloured huge mansion, although his house was as big as hers, some new amusement filled her head, as she saw the bricked house, with a classy, small fountain in front of the house. As he walked to the main door, she saw that there was a cute white coloured swing placed in the backyard. OMG!…a swing?? Tanya had a crazy love for swings, she really wanted to open the door and run to the swing, ALAS that wasn’t possible.
She sighed, getting even more irritated than she already was, she yelled out, “HURRRYYYY UPPPP, they really need me.” At that moment, her patience was at 0%, she really wanted to go up to the swing and chill out, she really needed a break from life. He gravelly walked to the car, and started to drive.
“Why are you so anxious? and which hospital?” he dreadly asked her, in a low voice she replied, “The one across the city and they need me because I am the only one who could my aunt blood now.” A picture of her aunt, uncle and Rohan popped up in her mind as she thought about a figure, in blue clothes lying in the emergency bed, anticipating for Tanya.
Her thought were thrown away by his stupid question, “Why so?” his eyebrows were raised, and his faced was filled with various questions.
“Because, I am the only one with the similar blood group as her, “ in a snappy like duhhh voice, that made him stare at her heated temper.
“Geezz…somebody doesn’t like to talk,” he said chuckling a few times, which made Tanya snapback,
“Depends on the company,” she said eyeing him in a disgusting manner.
Anirudh was having tons of fun seeing her irritated to core, she had no tolerance level in any manner, which was really weird how she managed to stay calm most of the time in school. Maybe her true personality is coming out, these thoughts made him spread a devilish smile across his face, while he could see her wondering about it in inquiry.
“Ohh..shoot I forgot to sign out of school,” he exclaimed, trying to search his phone in his pockets while concentrating on the road at the same time.
“I got my mom to sign us both out,” she said cooly, after all his efforts to the find his phone had gone to vain. She stared out of the window, and slightly opened it up which made her hair fly in various directions, while she closed her eyes taking in the coolness of the air.
“When?” he asked confused, she wasn’t on her phone when she was in the car, he had keenly observed her when he went to get his cards, she was eyeing the swing in the background, with the desperation to go on it.
“When you saw me messaging at school, “ she replied, still with her eyes closed and hands placed on either sides of her legs. Chunks of hair started to fall in her face, but she gently brushed them off.
“Wait…but you were doing that before I came…” he blurted out, realizing that she knew he would come after her, knew or hoped. Either was fine with him, but she froze in hesitation, opened her eyes and continued to stare at the window.
Within a few minutes, they reached the entrance of the hospital buildings, there were a ton of them.
“Which ward?” he asked, as he looked outside to figure out the directions around the crowded place.
“Emergency,” she replied, instructing him how to get there. She was extremely accurate with them, which surprised him a lot, it sounded like she was here before or she really was a genius.
They quickly parked in a nearby lot, and headed to the dark brown building.
It was a fairly medium building in height, but it was connected to many other ones. Tanya walked into the building, while he was right on her heels. She smiled at the reception lady and showed her the card, Rohan sent her. She smiled back and instructed her to the room on the left hand in the right hallway. There she saw, her mom, chachu, Rohan, chachi, and mama standing on either sides of the hallway, waiting for her. As soon as they saw her, a new sense of hope layered their faces, and they called the nurse to take her blood.
“Finally, you are here!” her mom exclaimed, Tanya blocked so that Anirudh was not visible to anyone except Rohan, who stared back and forth from Tanya to Anirudh.
“Yep, I am here to save the day,” Tanya joyously yelled, a doctor called the adults in for a few results, and Rohan accompanied them too, even after much insistence of him staying with her.
“Ugghhh…first time I am giving blood in my life, and my family has all left me, “ she remarked pretending to be happy, a nurse had called her in for the blood. She was wearing a white dress, she was very young and really kind. She looked at her with care and her face showed no sign of arrogance or anger. She looked like a very patient women by her dressing and body language.
As she walked to the room, he too followed her, after all he had no one here too, she really needed someone to be with her during this time, he was not what she had in mind, but whatever…it would do for now.
The nurse pulled out a long tube from the shelf and also a pretty big injection. Tanya gulped hard, she wasn’t a person who was scared of injections, but this was actually quite big. She heard a gasp from behind, as she turned to look down, she saw a faint figure and pale face.
“Are you terrified of injections?” she mocked him, as she forwarded her hand, to the nurse to poke it through her veins.
“Noooo,” he stuttered back, while Tanya giggled under her breath,
“I can see that, you are on the edge of fainting!” she teasingly said, making him stand upright and stiffen. He was still pale seeing the container where all the blood was accumulating, she looked at it and wondered if he was tense for her or himself.
“By seeing, you it feels like you would never ever give anyone any blood,” she jeered again, trying to distract him from the tube.
“If it is extremely needed, or if it is a loved one, then sure,” he said in a displeased tone, hearing that Tanya couldn’t hold it any longer, she burst out laughing, moving the tube a little bit. Her face started to turn read and her stomach started to hurt by the time she ended, he was smiling watching her laugh so hard. She was clutching her stomach hard as she said, with hacked breaths, “I am the one giving blood, and I am trying to get you to stop being scared.”
He glanced at her for a moment, while she tried to control herself from all the laughing. The nurse had arrived, she took the tube of, placed a piece of cotton on the injected area and said, “Great! I will transfer the blood now, but till then you need to go grab something to eat.” I told that to your mom, too is waiting for you. Tanya smiled at her and left the room.
Next: The emergency continued (see what happens when opposite poles are made to spend the whole afternoon together…IN A HOPSITAL!! 😉 )
So…I hope you figured out the whole Anisha-Minisha thing, don’t get confused…they r d same ppl, just with different names! But, pls do tell me how the story is so farr….

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