Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.3 Part 2)


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Anirudh clutching on to Tanya’s hand, twisted and placed her hand behind her. While his other hand poundered up on her other hand, painting a layer of red paint throughout her left arm. Her soft skin started to shudder at his rough touch. His eyes stayed locked with hers, unable to lift her offs, she slowly managed to take her’s off and look at her hand. From the upper hand to her wrists, covered in blood red paint. She made a frowned face looking at his hands, still gripping onto hers. He had long, lean fingers which were brimmed in paint. He evasively took out his hand and shunned eye contact with her. She stepped back a few steps, and waited for him to leave. He silently left the place, feeling very awkward. On the other side, Tanya too was feeling awkwardness creeping into her thoughts, as she looked at her hand.
“Welcome to the annual fashion show,” Nia cried out enthusiastically, welcoming the crowd into the auditorium. Tanya was occupied by adding final touch make-up to one of the models.
She had two brushes in her hand, one thin for the eyebrows and the other one for blush. She stood there examining the blush on, the model’s cheek was filled with a reddish-orange color, with a final touch of yellow, to brighten up her face. Tanya patted her shoulder and proceeded to the stage, she was here a few hours in advance to set up for the show and prepare the models. She looked at a huge mirror placed backstage, for the fashion show. She quickly glanced at herself, she had her hair up in a messy bun with her bangs left open. She had no make-up on except eyeliner and lip gloss. She sighed looking at herself and walked to the Akshaya. She was as usual yelling at someone to hurry up,
“Dudee, you really need to chill,” Tanya said leisurely, as she peeked through the curtains to see the crowd. Almost all of the seats were full, the auditorium had 3000 seats, she was expecting at least 2900 people were here. She was immensely glad to see their response, awaiting the program to start, her thoughts all evaporated into thin air, as she nodded to Nia to start the show.

Her loud tone filled the auditorium widely, as the lights dimmed out and colourful lights shone on the banner and the stage. A small light show took place, with the people in charge of the special effects started their small tricks, even though small and simple, the crowd gasped in excitement.
Tanya hurried backstage and her voice all panicky, announced, “Line up, were on the run!”
She could see all the models, hasten up and form the line to walk up the stage. The next hour, flew by in seconds, as the last few models walked up the stage.
Tanya held her breath, only to breath when they walked back in a perfect cat walk. “Yess” she whispered delicately, the voice breaking at several places to let her breath through the words in relief.
“Tanya, you are going on..NOW wearing this,” Akshaya called out from the back with all the models standing behind her gesturing her to the dress. It was a beautiful velvet cloth dress, with layer of frills on either sides, a shimmering gold lace placed in the bottom of the dress, to enhance its beauty.
“ME, like this?” she said pointing to her face… “No, please”
“YESSSS” they all sang out in a perfect melody, she should totally join the choir, she thought blankly. They all tossed her into the change room, with the dress, she sighed and changed quickly into the dress. As soon as she put it on, a sense of warmth and comfort filled her body as she touched the cloth….she grinned nervously and came out.
“OMG!!” Akshaya said heavily, turning Tanya around like a puppet to look at the dress, Tanya took the clip out of her hair and shook her head, making the curls gently land on her waist. She picked up a brush, and smoothly applied some light make up on. She kicked her flats off, and put on indigo coloured, shiny heels on.

“All ready for the walk?” Akshaya mocked in pleasure, making Tanya choke on her saliva, WTH? she was doing a catwalk on the STAGE, in front of over 3000 people. She tried to strangle her friend’s neck playfully, Akshaya was still laughing and she finally let go. Nia announced her name, and within minutes Tanya was on the stage. Her eyes beamed with the colourful lights, as the crowd waited for her walk. She took a step and confidently started her catwalk, she could see her dress, shine due to the lights.Her skin started to heat up, she didn’t know whether it was the effects of the lights or the sight of him glancing at her in amusement. She posed for a minute, constantly staring at him right in the eyes. What, did he not know she was really good at cat walks? Whatever she thought as she twirled around and headed back to Nia. She heard the crowd burst into a thunderous applause as she faced back to the crowd and grinned in relief. The principal walked up to her with a bouquet and handed it to her for the job well done.
“I am very pleased to announce that, this year annual fashion show was a huge success, all thanks to this young lady standing here. I would also like to inform you that this year, Dance Mania will be held in our school for the very first time in history. I would like to give this responsibility to Ms.Tanya here” he concluded in a loud voice, Tanya turned numb in fear…the only thing she managed to do was give him a tight smile while he assured her excitedly. The whole crowd started to disperse, as the principle patted her shoulder and left to talk to Mrs.Green.

“THIS IS SOOO COOL!!!!” Abby said giving Tanya a tight hug, while Tanya just stood there staring into space. She was demented in shock and raised her eyebrows towards the boys, who were chuckling lightly.
“I guess Tanya won the challenge,” Armaan teased Sammy as she walked up the stage.
She halted mid way and snarled at him, “Let’s ask the judge, shall we?”
Anirudh was confused already of the stupid things going on, “It’s a tie” he irritatedly said, colliding his eyes with Tanya, which were ready to burst out at him.
Sammy smirked at Tanya, the other were also taken aback, but seeing Tanya and Anirudh constantly glaring at each other, they faintly slid behind the curtain, leaving them both belligerently looking at each other.

Tanya figured out that, he was not going to start the convo, so she might as well put her case first.
“I don’t understand why you don’t accept Sammy” she bemused.
He turned to look at her and obnoxiously questioned, “Why would I?”
“Because, you both are exactly alike, both will go up to any extent to get what they want” she said lethargically, with her eyes staring back sharply, confident with her words and movements.
“WHAT?” he shrieked, sensing a rush of rising anger throughout his body, it didn’t take it long before it filled his eyes, and they feirced at her to shut up.
“yeahh….the decision you make it proves this, it is clearly seen that I won, but still why I tie?” she said tranquilly, even by seeing his thronging anger almost leaping to get hold of her. Seeing that, she took a step back and wandered her eyes through his, to look for answers to the question. The curiosity she had started to spread throughout her face, as they hanged there for answers, while he stood there staring at her with a perplex expression.
She exhaled and drawled profusely, “See, I am happy that no more issues will be created, but didn’t you do that for revenge for y’day?”
“Never, it was a fair decision,” he said in disgruntled tone, as he crossed his arms in front of him, while she clinged on to the bouquet even harder, a flower even dropped down with her clutch. She didn’t bother to acknowledge it, or even bother to avert her eyes for it. (poor flower:( !)
“Fair huh? Not because of the insecurity to lose your popularity?” she snortly asked, he remained silent, thinking about the question, she was in no mood to let this go so easily, she softly smiled, seeing her puzzled face, which instantly changed into a smirk when his eyes collided with hers.
“By judging by your silence, I assume that’s a yes….selfish guy,” she said in disbelief.
“I am selfish, says the girl who wants to put the school’s reputation at stake just because of her stupid reason. A girl, who is ready to put her friends lives at stake, just to prove noone can convince her. What would I call that girl? Selfish…I assume??” he blurted out, curling his lips, and sniggered in victory. She stared back at him, hurt, her eyes filling with pain and images of the incident popped up in front of her. She looked down at her right ankle, the spot near the bone and back to the stage, she gulped hard and water started to drown her eyes. She had hacking short breaths, as she failed to clear of the tears in her eyes, all of them renegaded her, she revolved her to the other side and let the tear, drop to the side of her sleeve.

He probably noticed the drop, as he walked up to her and whispered softly in her ear, “You know what I meant right?” hoping not to hurt her in any way. She noded vigorously in positive, and proceeded to the stairs to leave the stage and the auditorium, she was surprised that he let her go so easily, without taunting her or holding her back. Did he really melt by her tears? or was he just unsure what to say? These kinds of various questions started to fill her mind, she reached the exit door, she whirled her head sideways, to notice him staring at her from the corner of her eyes, she didn’t have the patience to start another argument, as she glided herself into the quarter opened door. Anirudh too slithered behind the curtain to meet his friends, before he lost control over himself.

“Huhhhhh……these both are Armaan and Akshaya part 2,” Abby stated, after watching them squabble for the past few minutes.
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  1. Really awesome…..
    l got upset when Anirudh told ”it’s a tie ”….
    loved Abby’s dialogue(these both r arman akshaya part 2) LoL.. 😀
    stay blessed…

    1. LOL….glad u r liking it!!

  2. What is tanya past,

    1. Keep reading…I know I am keeping the suspense too long, but there is an important time it will come out!

  3. Great one loved it…but y he said tie….liar….

    1. Hahha…will see tmr why he said tht!

  4. it was nice

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  5. That was a great part!I loved it when abby said,”they are arman and akshaya part 2″.Loved it mandy. 🙂

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  6. It was good.

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  7. This is just superb. After all the convo abby stoled the show with one dialogue. It was really so cute. Loved it .

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  8. y is tanya afraid of dancing in competition??
    i hope she gt convincd soon……

    1. She is not exactly afraid….just nervous at the fact that what if history repeats again and what if she has to go through everything again. That’s it!!

  9. well…have been reading this since y’day night… and i cant stop the curiosity rising in me..!!!
    jus loved them #mandy…!!! so happy abt u writing them so well… 🙂 keep going… looking forward for the latest updates..!! 😀

    1. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!! I am super happy u r liking it, keep reading!!!

  10. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. . . loved it very much. ,eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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