Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.3 Part 1)


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Here is the link to the last part of chapter 2 if u missed it…….

I have some lighter moments here for you of Anirudh and Tanya, and also focuses on the new challenge of Sammy….
Sammy was furious at the thoughts that Tanya in her dance team, she would do anything to get her out…out of the team or the school if necessary. She was waiting in the dance room, for the twins to arrive. She had a plan that Tanya would easily agree to, so she could distract her from this whole thing. If this works, then she will be too busy to even think about dance and rehearsals. At that moment, the twins marched in and enquired about the message she sent them.
“Why did you call us urgently?” they both monotonously, while they took of their bags, and dropped them at the door. In the span of seconds, Armaan, Sahil and Ryan showed up, chattering about business class.
“I can’t believe she did that, hilarious!” Armaan exclaimed in a high pitched voice, grabbing Akshaya’s attention.
“Sometimes, I can’t believe that you are boys, I mean you gossip more than I do?” she said profusely
“Really? Gossip and us?” he asked in ‘really’ tone.
“Umhh..yeah!” she snapped back at him sternly, Armaan was all up to give her a counter argument, but Tanya entered making them both stop.
“Finally, you are here” Sammy said dramatically, “I was thinking how much longer I should wait”
“Why did you call me?” Tanya questioned her, her voice was very orotund. Sammy raised her eyebrows and said , “You think you can do anything right?”
Tanya noded hesitantly, not sure what new dilemma Sammy will put her in. At that moment, Anirudh entered in the room, and grabbed a chair from the back of the room. He could see the tense situation, the boys, wondering what was going on. The twins looking with anticipation, and Tanaya standing there numbly, she was trying to avoid eye contact with him for some reason. He noticed the few wrinkles below her eyes, was she awake the whole night? like he was? thinking about her…maybe not. I mean she looked like a girl who would rather stay out of stuff like that.
He gently sat down and indicated Sammy to continue. She ranted, “If you really can do anything, then prove that you are more prettier and popular than me to the whole school,” snickering at the shocked expression of Tanya.
Anirudh rolled his eyes, as his eyes met with the other boys, who just gave up on Sammy. Abby moved forward and whispered something in Sammy’s ear, even he could tell that she was worried, but Sammy showed no sign of comprehending what she was talking about. He saw Tanya’s patience running out, as she squealed, “What is wrong with you? Don’t you ever learn from your mistakes?”
Sammy was on the role too, she didn’t take a minute to shout back, “Oh dear, you don’t need to worry for me. Think about yourself first,”
Tanya gulped hard and opened up a bit more to make her understand, “That’s what I’m warning you, if I start to take care of myself, then what will happen to you?” she hollered even louder than before. She stood there, intensly staring at Sammy with determination and confidence. But Sammy was no less, she also yelped and said, “So, the challenge is on right? Great! then you can only take the help from these people and Anirudh will be the judge. You have to prove it in 2 days.”
Anirudh turned to solidify, when he heard that, why the hell was he judging? What the use of all this?
“Sammy, what will you get from this?” Ryan muttered.
“Just the pleasure to see her loose,” she said with her voice filled with over confidence,
“When will she ever learn?” Akshaya said mumbling through her breath and she sighed and patted Tanya’s shoulder with assurity. Anirudh stood up and left, he was in no mood to hear her plans.He had way more stuff to do than judging.
“You have a plan?” Armaan asked her, as he ran to the chair in which Anirudh sat before he left.
Akshaya seeing that, lunged forward too, both of them dragging the chair to their sides. Tanya watched them amusingly while Abby grumbled softly “I feel bad for the chair, more than these two.”
Tanya burst into a giggle, which filled some energy into her body, as she smiled at both of them arguing like kids with the silly chair. Abby and Sahil tried to stop them, but instead they both got into another fight instead. The whole topic starting from chairs, ended up at the most strict teacher. (don’t ask how! LOOOONGGGG story XD)
“Okay, I need a way to enter into student council,” she persistently said as all of them settled on the floor, leaving the chair behind.
“Shabana is student council, I can convince her..shouldn’t be hard” Sahil volunteered,
“Awesome, I need someone to give me the names of all the clubs in the school,” Tanya said eyeing them eagerly, as they all started to think about it.
“We can make a fairly good list, if all come up with the names of the clubs we know,” Abby suggested, grabbing a piece of paper and noting the clubs down.
Within 5 minutes, they had a list with a bunch of clubs names, Tanya quickly scanned through it and said, “All are controlled by student council, I need to get it it….then I can automatically win the challenge with no effort!” she remarked excited.
Tanya was standing in the hallway, monitoring the stage, so much changed within the last few hours. In lunch, Sahil talked to Shabana and got Tanya into student council. She was very much delightful with this fact, she was always in the student council, where ever she was….and happy to keep it going like that. The student council were preparing for a fashion ramp walk tomorrow, after school. Seeing Tanya, they immediately knew who they were going to hand the responsibility to. Tanya was staying after school, and working on the stage for the show. She had a bunch of people helping her, some were working on the lights, some on tickets, some on banners and other’s on dresses for the models.
She was walking around when she saw him, standing at the back of auditorium, looking at her carefully. What was he doing? She tensely walked to the banners and drew them a design to paint for the show. She looked to up only to see that she was still looking at her. Her heart started to beat faster and faster as she walked up to him.
He smiled as she came up to him, she was very confused at his gaze and approached him carefully and slowly, not to wake the lion up.
“Why are you here? and why are you staring at me?” she straightforwardly asked, noticing him as he observed her each and every move. She had a tiny little red paint on her her index finger which she probably didn’t consider.
He smiled mischievously and said, “I was just watching the scar on your left cheek,” pointing her cheek from a distance.
She got alerted by his words, and rubbed the index finger on her right cheek. The paint from her nails, smoothly trailed a path on her cheek. He controlled his laughter, and decided to play around a little more, “It is up, near your eyes, you know…intersection between your forehead and the eye.”
She carefully followed his instructions and painted another trail on her face. Before he could have more fun, another person walked up to them, and gave her the can of paint. She looked at the can, which was made of steel, which means it shows the reflection of the object. She looked astonished at the can, she probably understood it as her face for the first time turned red in anger.
“Youuuuu….” she yelled at him at the loudest voice ever, she dropped all her stuff, in the seat next to her, which hit hard on the floor, grabbed the bucket of paint and ran behind him. She chased him throughout the first floor. He heard several yells from behind, but he didn’t take a chance to stop. He ran and ran and ran until, he could not longer spot her following him. He finally slowed down, in the intermediate hallway, the hallway was deserted as all the intermediates left about an hour ago.
He paused for a sec to take a breath by a locker nearby, the moment he stopped, she appeared from the corner beside him and splashed the whole bucket of red paint at him. He was hit hard by the force, making him stumble over a bit, by the time he realized what the hell was going on, his clothes were all covered in red paint, so was the floor he standing in. He lifted his eyes, to look at the figure, who was trying hard to control her laughter, as soon as he looked at her, she gave him an innocent and naive smile. She quickly turned around to leave, but he was also swift enough to hold her hand before leaving. He could feel her starting to get scared as she tried very hard to free herself.
“If me, then you too” he said huskily while his eyes were dancing with mischievousness,
“No, no , no, please NO” she said worriedly from understanding the meaning of all this. But, he wasn’t going to let her go, as he dragged her back, smashing her back against his chest. She twisted her hand and held it in front of her. She squirmed under his captivity as he held her even closer now. She struggled hard to get rid of his force, but it all went into waste.
He held her even closer to get all the paint on her clothes too, seeing that she smacked him hard in the stomach with her elbow. He let her go and winced in pain, “Evil women” he said crying in pain, holding his stomach tightly. She completely ignored him and tried to look at her back of her body which was covered with paint. As she was doing that, he caught her again and rubbed some paint on to her hand, as his intense gaze held her eyes. She flinched with his touch, but it gently stroked her hand with paint. His eyes held such intensity that she couldn’t take hers off.
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