Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 7)

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Tanya walked away, after giving him a glance of victory. She held her breath, as a feeling of him watching her loomed up into her. As soon as she reached the end of the hallway, and turned right, her face revealed a sign of alleviation, her heart beat went back into a steady beat, as she closed her eyes in the middle of the hallway. She stood there taking in big chunks of air, in and out as her body revived into it’s old self again. If every meeting of theirs will be like this, then it will take her hours to come back to herself again. She gently opened her eyes, and caught a glimpse of the weather outside, it was a chilly October morning, as the leaves portrayed shades of green, red, orange and yellow. She loved this season very much, the earthly smell from the monsoon rain or the beauty of Autumn itself. All her childhood memories flashed in front of her as she proceeded to her locker to get her stuff.
As soon as she got to computers, she saw Abby sitting with Sammy, Armaan and Sahil. The minute she walked up to them, a vibe of tension passed through her like electricity wave. Abby gave her a narrow smile, and indicated Tanya to grab a seat. Instantaneously, Ms. Luce pulled down the projector screen, and started her presentation. Even with Tanya sitting at pretty safe distance from Abby, she could feel the awkwardness till her nerves, which caused her stomach to tingle, multiple times during the presentation. Sammy on the other hand, was grinning immensely at the whole situation. One more inch, and her smile would probably fall of her mouth.
Did they already know about it? Is that why they were so unsure and this was so complicated? or did he not tell them? All kinds of thought promoted in her brain, by the time she could finally talk to them. As soon as she opened her mouth, the boys started to crack a joke to neutralize the effect. The boys were behaving weird too….what was wrong with all of them? They both sat their jingling with a paperclip.
Tanya could not stand this any longer, as she blabbed, “How was rehearsal?” Abby gave her a stare, with mixed emotions which she really couldn’t tell apart. Anger, disappointment, annoyance, could also be hatred. She wasn’t sure…..
She quite briskly soothed herself and calmly said, “There were good, I think we found our new dance team.” Her eyes glowered with hope, curiosity and expectancy, so much that Tanya had to shunt off her eyes to another place. How can she let all this hope and expectancy just, just vanish like that…..she should make up for this.

The period ended, with floundering of proper discussion. Tanya barely got the chance to talk to Abby about the reason or what happened. She knew that they all knew, which was probably why they were all giving her the silent treatment. Tanya cursed all this heavily in her mind.

“Why are you not joining?” a voice screeched from the back of the hallway. She qiuckly gyrated around to see, Akshaya yelling on top her lungs, as she entangled Tanya in her words, she roared up to her in antagonism.
Tanya was bewildered with her sudden attack on her. Unfortunately her drama did not stop here, “So, tell me, why the hell wouldn’t you join? Do you have a valid reason?” Tanya was gonna go nuts with this melodrama queen now, why was everyone after her today??
“Look…” Tanya said hesitantly, but she was hastily cut off by Akshaya.
“oh, so now you want me to look, after doing so much, everyone knows what you have done. I don’t need to look and examine the situation with a magnifying glass….” She said in a very dramatic tone, the entire hallway stopped minding their business, and started to take interest in their conversation.
“What? I never…”Tanya tried again, before bursting out at her friend. All the anger in her body, changed into annoyance as she tightened her clutch on her binder to control herself. Akshaya seizing the opportunity….
“Ohhh…I seee, so now in front of the whole grade, you want to prove that I am lying” she said irritatedly, pointing at herself.
“How can you blame Akshaya?” a girl from the back yelled out, the whole crowd joined into the stupid conversation and agree with her. If Tanya would ever get hold of the girl, then she would clearly kill her. By for now, she had to take hold of her friend and get out of this mess.
“Akshaya, I know that you are angry, which is probably why you are acting so crazy, let me” she tried to convince her to stop all the nonsense but she nimbly cut her off again.
“I am crazy, WOW…so I am crazy now?” she said shaking her head with displeasure, Tanya’s nostrils flared in anger, and her cheeks started to cover with acrid, she was going to erupt any minute now. Akshaya noticing this, abruptly stopped mid-way and gawked at Tanya.
In front of her, she could see a volcano that would erupt with one more spark, which she wouldn’t even mistakenly add. But, destiny had something else planned for her, as one of her actors of this whole scene came in and said, “Yo, you are new, you must be lying…..we know Akshaya since like forever, stop blaming her!!!” he said enthusiastically. Tanya glared at Akshaya and back at him, Akshaya and back at him.
OH NO!! Akshaya was in a nerve cracking situation as she tried to shush him down, “Not now, not now,” she mumbled under her breath.
Dumbly, he said “Oh ya, wrong timing, this was not my line, sorry! wait, give me a min to say the proper line,”
Akshaya slapped her forehead in shock, still feeling Tanya’s desire to kill her, this was all a perfect plan until it completely fell apart…with this dumbo. The crowd, finally coming back to reality, understood the situation and left quietly, while Tanya stood there in front Akshaya with her hands crossed, all set for an explanation. Her eyes showed rage, her jaw locked in place, and she was breathing very hardly.

“Mr.Williams is calling you, Tanya,” Armaan called out from nowhere, as he panted and puffed, looking like he was running from the top floor. Tanya gave Akshaya a quick glare, nodded to Armaan and left.
The minute, she left Akshaya sighed in comfort and closed her eyes. Armaan walked up to her and snickered with pleasure.
“So, this was your master plan? getting to her to sue you?” he asked teasingly. Akshaya was in no mood to be angry with him, after all he just saved her.
“Come on, it was all going perfect, until that stupid messed up…” she said still closing her eyes and sagging back into the wall. Just then, another question popped up in her head… “From where did you come?”
“All the way from soccer practice, as soon as someone called me and told me about this, and arranged Tanya’s meeting with Mr.Williams. Cooll eh?” he mocked.
Hearing that, Akshaya threw her hands around him, in a big, tight hug. Armaan quite surprised by her gesture, slid his hands gently across her waist.

“What is the celebration hug, for when you both failed” Anirudh called out as he saw this unwanted moment. He was drenched in sweat from soccer practice, and came out to look for Armaan, when he heard about the whole incident.
Armaan and Akshaya broke the hug, and said, “It is not a celebration hug!.” Anirudh took a step back grinning at their reaction.
Armaan said walking up to his friend, “Okay, so the morning silent treatment was Abby’s idea and she failed, this melodrama was hers and she FAILED too!” by enunciating the word ‘failed’ more than needed. Akshaya groaned hard hearing this.
“My plan is still under try out! This should work, wanna try?” he asked his friend, who was more lost in his own thoughts.

“Yours? yours will be crazier than my sis’s I presume,” Abby said shaking her head in displeasure. Both of Armaan and Akshaya’s thoughts are very similar, which is why they are so compatible with each other, even though they keep fighting most of the time.
“No, its not….give a try. Atleast once?” he begged sincerely, making Akshaya snort.
“Fine, let’s do it, if nothing works, then I have to jump in,” Anirudh said determinedly smirking at his friends. He needed her in the team and he would get her in, even if he needed to jump into the whole mess.
Next: Mission: Tanya on board Part 2 (what is Armaan’s plan and will it succeed)
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