Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 7)

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Here is a longer update for you guys, about the FINAL ATTEMPT of Anirudh to convince Tanya. She is on the edge of bursting out due to the immense suffocation in school due to all the convincing. They hardly gave her any time and everyone wants her to make a decision.

Anirudh ginned evilly, recalling his plan once more, before he made his way to his last period class.
Tanya had to lug herself forward by each and every step she made. Her feet were sore, and her brain had automatically shut down after the lunch incident. She was in no mood to think about anything, like anything. She jerked open her locker, put on a light coat for the chilly October afternoon and headed outside. The weather was pretty nice, it wasn’t too cold nor too hot, it was cloudy, with chunks of black clouds approaching quickly. She hurriedly walked home, before getting the chance to drench in rain. Although, she loved rain…she was in no mood to take a shower after that. She swiftly changed into a pair of comfy clothes, and headed downstairs. Only to realize her mom was not at home, she checked her phone to see 10 messages from her telling her that she will be late, and Tanaya will be picked up by Pari’s mom for her play date.
She sighed happily, her mom being late is like till 6, Tanaya will probably not come home until then, she had a 3 hours to relax, and top of that she only had a history assignment to finish. It shouldn’t take that long, she brought her laptop from upstairs and settled comfortably on the couch. Her laptop on a purple cushion, which she placed on her legs for better view. She turned on the computer, and meanwhile she switched on the tv, and decided to listen to music while finishing history. Random beats started to hit her head, as she hummed the tune and quickly immersed into the world of music. Within 30 min, she managed to finish the history assignment, and send it to Mr.Sin, for correction.
She changed the channel to something, else, the only thing she was interested was some comedy movies, as she was to tired to take in more drama and romance. She decided to open her mail to check about the recent happenings, with her cousins. While she was still in the process of opening the mail, she got a phone call. It was an unknown number and she had no clue, if she should pick it up. Finally after 3 rings, she picked it up,
“I am near your front door” a familiar voice spoke huskily into the phone. She was shocked, as she recognized who he was. She ran towards the front door, grabbed a sweater from the closet and opened the door. He was standing right in front of her, smiling devilishly, while her heart beat almost stopped.
He saw her open the door, and her eyes stood on his, trying to figure out the confusion.
She quickly closed, the door and put on her sweater. She had her hair up in a bun, she immediately took the clip out, when his eyes gazed on her hair. The whole pile of hair fell down, into wavy curls, and she brushed them into place.
“What are you doing heree? and howw did you find my hou…” she said looking at the driveway, constantly, as her eyes showed fear, and were telling him to leave.
He completely ignored her question, and said softly “you live in this area? It is a nice area” looking around at the neighbourhood, the pine trees really stood out, shining their green spikes as the sunlight hit them. It was a pleasant neighbourhood, he had been here many times, but failed to notice her living here. She coughed gently to gain his attention, as his eyes returned to hers, she noticed the spark of excitement in them. She blindly asked, “how did you know I lived here?”
“I have my own ways….magicians don’t reveal their tricks, in the same way some people like to keep their findings a secret” he said in a low tone winking at her. He saw she looked back coldly, and with the anticipation for him to leave. Huhhh….how could he make her understand, that he was not going to leave so quick.
“Whatever, why are you here?” she said in wobbly voice, filled with desperation.
“Full of question, huh?” he asked, turning and twisting the point, she was tired of his counter questions, which he could tell as she moaned sufferingly.
“I have the right to interrogate you, when you are in front of my main door,” she tightly said pointing to the main door behind her. Her hands were still shivering as they pointed to the door, he ultimately decided to break her suspense.
“I am here to talk to your parents about dance,” he said confidently, as body structure showed determination of talking to them.
“Yo..u…t.tallk to them? Have you gone nuts?” she snapped at him in anger, he could see her flaring up in anger.
“See, that should be the only reason you are not agreeing…right?” he asked confused, what is she thinking, he hoped she didn’t think of all this the wrong way.
“Look, that is not the reason, and anyways they are not at home, NOW GOO!!!” she yelled at him like a fierce tigress, protecting her den very cautiously.
Her yelling at him, broke of all his patience as he leaned into her, boiling with anger and impatience. Seeing him do that, she leaned into the wall, he tightly clutched both of her wrist beneath her pressed them both firmly to the wall.
He leaned even closer, and his breath was hitting hard on her face. He could see her close her eyes, and evade herself from his body. Alas, she couldn’t escape, when she opened her eyes and tried to release her arms. She slightly winced as his hand dug deeper and deeper into her skin. Her eyes, were filled with horror, seeing him come onto her like this, this is the first time he had to force a girl so much. Even seeing her innocent eyes, in pain he didn’t let go even though all of his body wanted to. She turned to the side, covering all of his face with a heap of wavy hair. Both of them stood there, in silence for less than minute, as both their hands were held together by each others. He needed to look at her, so he clamped hard on her wrists to grasp her attention. She grimaced hard and turned to look at his face, her face was all filled with hurt and pain. He slightly liberated her wrists and said, “The sooner you let me meet them , the faster this will all be over.”


Tanya just stared back at him, why didn’t he understand that they weren’t at home.
“They aren’t at home” she tried once again to make him understand the problem. He kept looking back at her not at all convinced, still standing there like a rock, with no emotions.
“OMG! “ she said unbelievably, why didn’t he understand anything, “Look the car is not there,” she said indicating to the driveway.
“The garage” he said in a stentorian voice, gripping hard on her wrists again.
“I can open the garage, if you leave my hand,” she said in an assuring tone, this made him constantly leave her wrists. She rubbed over them to reduce the pain, OMG! why did he have to hurt her for all this. Rude much….
“A complete idiot,” she mumbled as she punched in the code to open the garage. The green flashed, and the garage opened. There was not much in the garage, then 2 bicycles, winter tires and garbage cans. She smiled back innocently at him, while he kinda felt embarrassed. Although he didn’t show it, she for sure knew that is how he felt. Some kind of new excitement flew through her bloodstream as closed the garage and came back to him. He rubbed his hair, which flew into straight spikes, and said, “So, when will they be back.”
“I dont know” she said naively, so he believes her and not pushes me back, he walked up closer, but this time she resisted and stayed there.
“Don’t try to act so naive..won’t work on me” he said taunting her for her acting, she could smell black coffee in his breath. That’s weird, even she loves to drink black coffee, even though it tastes a little bitter. Her philosophy is that, when you drink the bitter coffee, you will know the benefit of eating delicious food every day, and also appreciate the food better. Sometimes, the bitter itself will make you understand the essence of sweetness.
“Why do you drink black coffee” she questioned him, he was boggled to hear her question, which was completely irrelevant to his taunt.
“Because, I..I like it, i guess” he answered confused with her stupid question. “Why?”
“Just asking,” she said as she was scared with their closeness, if any neighbours saw this, then she would be dead. She gently pushed him back a little with her hands, and said, “You’re done right? Now go,”
He stiffened for a sec and replied “ I am going to talk to your parents no matter what.”
“Ugghhh, give me some time, I just need a bit more time to think about it. Why are suffocating me so much?” she blurted everything out. “It has hardly been like 2 days since I got the proposal, you are all behind me…why? Don’t I get the time to think about my feelings and choices, is it always about what you think?”
Anirudh paused and took a minute to think about all this, she was right, it has been only 2 days. The school gave him a month to decide, but the problem was there was no time to give her. The preparations for the contest had to start by next week.
“Okay..” he slowly said, understanding the whole thing, “How about a week?”
“Perfect!” she said relieved, as her eyes started to glow like a light bulb.
He was for some reason really glad to see her happy and smiling brightly. He turned to go, before she kicked him out once more. He glanced back at her once more time, before disappearing into the end of the street. Tanya stood there, remembering the whole scene and smiled to herself as she recalled his confusion, taunt and anger. He was such a mix of emotions, he was totally worse than a 3 year old, with choosing his emotions and feelings. She shaked her eyes profusely and headed inside the door, sighing a sigh of happiness and relief, that he finally after almost an hours had left.
Chapter 3: A new challenge (Tanya is going to come across a new challenge from Sammy)
Hope you enjoyed reading it! It’s been long Sammy has not come into the scene, so now Sammy who will learn about Tanya almost agreeing, will be presenting her with another challenge to distract her mind. Keep reading to know more!

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