Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 6)

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This was the girl he had been looking since day 1, the girl who was always in front of his eyes. It was her, as all these thoughts came to a realization to Anirudh.
His hand on her wrist hardened, as his eyes turned dull and cold. He could see that she didn’t know what to do ,as his warmth from his hand started to travel up all the way to her cheeks, showing a sign of heat on them. He was boggled with how she managed to cover the heat well, by averting her eyes, from his intense gaze, to the gloomy doors of the lockers surrounding them on either sides. The intense heat in her eyes started to cool down, as she tried to turn a blind eye to him, but his hand on her wrist made the matter worse as popped her back in attention.
Something unusual about her face caught his eye, “Haahhhaaa, What else can we expect from a pretty, over-confident, egoistic girl?” he mockingly said, added more fuel to burning flame.
She made a loudly toned screech showing her immense anger, “Don’t judge me when you don’t know me” she added.
Anirudh looked down, and examined her from the top to bottom. She tried taking a step back, but his hand, which softened, instantly gripped on and slid to her lower arm. This movement, alerted her and looked back in scrutiny, waiting for answer for the movement. Alas, she wasn’t going to get one.
“Trying to act smart…eh? Learn that I don’t listen to anyone” he said harshly in low toned voice, emphasizing on the word ‘anyone’.
“Why would I act smart, when I already am? As far as me, you need to learn that I stick to my point, and don’t change my decision. I am not joining your team and that’s final,” she snapped back hard at him, making him growl at her arrogance, while she smirked at her words.
“Scared to join….I guess. Did all the confidence run away?” Anirudh heard a voice from the back call out. Tanya peered from his shoulder, with baffled eyes, and curious expression. As soon as she saw, who it was, her face froze and turned rock dull. She deflected her stray from the location. Anirudh, by looking at her expression immediately understood who it was……Sammy.
He let go, of her lower arm that instance, making her jump back a little, with the hardness vanishing from her body.
He slowly turned around, and hastily said, “She is not talking to you, so stay out of this.”
She was leaning over the door to the dance room, with her hands loosely hung on either sides, and both the feet stiffen on either sides. She sneered and replied, “Well, in that case, I am not talking to you either, I am talking to Tanya, who is portraying herself as a coward, I assume.”
Anirudh gritted hard and locked his jaw, his anger burning through his veins, as he yelled, “Don’t bother calling her names, when you yourself behave like, many times. Want me to give some examples.”
Sammy’s face turned red with embarrassment, and eyes showed hatred. She kept staring at Tanya for a second before turning around and leaving to the dance room, banging the door behind her.

Tanya was standing there, in extreme surprise and shock, just moments ago he was criticizing her and mocking her, now he was defending her out of nowhere, and taking her side.
“Sharp tongue, not bad” he said in a persistent voice, as he made his way to her again. She was still standing there in amazement. He walked and walked, and finally landed in a safe distance from her, she looked up to see that he was his normal self again. She wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad at the fact.
“You need to join to shut people like that up” he muttered under his breath, pointing to the dance room. Her head was gonna literally explode today, with this wierdo’s words, and he was testing her patience with everything he had to say. She calmed her mind and thought of a suitable response to get back at him, she wasn’t really interested in what he was saying, but his actions still triggered various questions in her mind.
“I can defend myself, “ she finally blurted out, as her mind was figuring out what his response were to be. A smile lurked across his modest face, why on the world was he smiling, maybe he also was like her, smiling and laughing at everything. Then why does he pretend to be someone else then.
“Sure,” he said sarcastically, Tanya felt like someone was grilling her, when she heard that, she quickly composed herself as he added, “we already saw that y’day, and anyways, I only did that to shut her up, nothing for you.”
Tanya face stiffened and turned back into an angry flush, WTH, nothing for me? This guy says something and does something, oh God!
At that point, he was busy staring at her, and trying to find something in her face, God knows what, but she knew the only she found was a big NO.
“And, I also don’t take No for an answer, the choices are more like a YES and YES,” he said spinning around and proceeding to the dance door, waiting for her to accompany him.
“Well, if there isn’t a NO, then I will make one, AND, will also be the first one to implement it. No one can force me join, No one” she said with utter determination and persistence. She smiled in victory as he began to think about her words. Finally, he was speechless in front of her.
“Throwing an open challenge, I accept it, “ he declared smirking, while Tanya halted in an awe and gulped hard.
What open challenge, to get her in? Never, it is never going to happen, she thought and whirled in a quick turn after giving him a glance of determination that he is never gonna win.
Anirudh stood their smiling in victory. Still glaring at the lean figure, disappear through the hallway, in a very fashionable manner.
Tanya had no clue that he would go up to any extent to win challenges and he would do anything to achieve his ultimate goal of having a perfect national dance team, with Tanya. He beamed at this thought and headed to the dance room with the expectation of finishing the rehearsals.
Next part: The Challenge ( getting Tanya to accept the offer)
So, how was it?? Pls tell me whether u r enjoying it or not! Stay tuned as tmr will be the part where u will see the whole group trying to convince Tanya to accept the offer in very different ways. Let’ s see if Tanya’s heart melts or not, and who will ultimately convince her.

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  1. What is tanya past dr…. reveal it na

    1. The past…will be revealed by Tanya herself to the group….for now enjoy convincing her!!!

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