Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 5)


Here is a loong update for you guys, I won’t be able to update over the weekend, so this is to not make you wait any longer! Hope you like it!! This is after Rohan drops Tanya back home and she is in the dilemma whether to accept the proposal or not!

Tanya walked into her house, only to find her parents leave a note to her:
Will be back in an hour,
Take care.

She marched into her room, and threw herself onto her bed. She could feel the comfiness of the bed get into her body and relax her. She lay there in bed for not a minute, or two but for a good 30 minutes, trying to find out her choice. The only things she could come up with was the intense eyes, filled with mystery that she wanted to launch herself into and understand all the emotions lying there and the other thing was Rohan’s words. She almost fell asleep when , her alarm beeped. She hauled herself out of bed. Her feet were immediately padded with a soft and cushy carpet and pillows which were from the pillow fight, she and her sister had y’day. She descended the stairs and put on her jacket to get her sister from the bus stop. The bus stop was just a 5 min walk from her house. The bus arrived as soon as Tanya reached, and there was her sister, Tanaya skipping her way through the crowd and to her sister.
“Hii, isn’t mom home?” she asked not spotting her mom anywhere. Tanya rolled her eyes and gave her sister ‘like duhh’ look, so she would be quiet.
“Anyways, how was your day?” she asked hoping to distract the topic. The her sister kept on ranting about her day, till her parents came home. Tanya stopped listening to her sis, as soon as she started to make Pasta for her dinner. She poured in the sauce, and all the flavour started to mix in and the smell was fantastic! She knew exactly how not to get her parents mad at her, this might not get her their permission, but will definitely prevent her from their scoldings. The doorbell rang, the minute she put the lid on the stove. She hurried to the door and flung it open.
She saw 2 figures with a ton of groceries creep in, her pulse started to increase by every second they look at her. ‘Did they already know?? Did the school inform them about it??’ various ideas popped into her head….she was extremely confused as to what to say to them.

Her hands literally started trembling the minute they all sat to dinner, later on in the night. She had to take the help of her other hand to stop the tremble. Her parents probably even noticed her strange behavior as they said, “How was school, Tanya and Tanaya?”
“Awesome, you know my teacher gave us all prizes and I won in bingo and I also was the lunch monitor. And oh..I also had a freezy today.” Tanaya ranted on about her day, while Tanya didn’t know what to say.
“That is excellent!!! And the pasta is delicious Tanya! Why are you so quiet? You never are soo quiet at this time, esp. after you made your special Pasta.”
“Mom, I got the offer to join the national dance team.” she said blindly as her eyes started to tear up. Her parents froze with wonder and shock. They didn’t know what to say either.
“What do you think about all this?”her mom said flatly.
What was with everyone asking her what she wanted, that is where the whole problem lies, she has no clue what she wants.
By inspecting her silence, her dad said “Dear, you know that we have always stood by your every decision.”
She nodded sadly, she trusted her parents literally more than herself, she knew they would always accept her decision.
“Yesss, but I don’t know what I want” she finally admitted.
“I know how hard this is, after the incident you are very brave to carry on with dance, but this time we can’t just force a decision upon you or let you just get your passion faded away.” her mom said emotionally. Tanya burst into tears, only to be comforted by her mom with a hug, she hugged her mom for longer than she knew. She let all her tears just come out like the fountain she saw in the morning. Her father and her sister left the room while her mother hugged her tightly.
“Mom, why is it always me?? ALWAYS ME??” she said each and every word filled with cursed for herself. Her mom was shocked to see her daughter break down all of a sudden.
She didn’t say anything else, and let Tanya speak her heart out. “I faced so much in life, I never complained and always took it for the best, but why does life not give me BREAK?? First establishing myself, was very hard, and then when I did, I fell down…like I never could get back up. After I did, life wants me to go back through the same phase again? I can’t do this anymore….I can’t keep a fake smile and keep accepting my destiny anymore, I want to change it, I want to cha…” and she couldn’t speak any longer, her shirt drowned in tears.
Her mom cupped her face and said, “You know, when everyone said you can’t get up again, I knew you could, I fighted with the whole world, for this…and look you did it.”
Upon hearing this, Tanya gulped hard and sent all the saliva right down her throat, she was very was not expecting to hear this at all.
“Tannu, you are my daughter, and I know how brave my daughter is. She fighted many big things without any fear, and this….Tannu this is only a small hurdle to cross…I know you can do it” she said with so much assurity that Tanya couldn’t understand how can she be so sure.
“Anyways, why are you so afraid,” she calmly said, wiping Tanya’s tears away. “I am always there for you, you know our decision and you also know how you can change your destiny to good. Now, you just have to choose it, dear.” she said taking Tanya back into a hug. Tanya lay there, flatly, weeping like crazy unable to understand what to do, but received the comfort she needed. Her mind went through all her past. she didn’t escape it this time, but took a minute to remember everything and was ready to take the decision.

Next morning, Tanya woke up with a heavy mind. She found herself sleeping on the couch and her mom in the kitchen. She had no clue when she dozed off.
“How are you feeling, dear? Mind staying home for a day?” her mom asked her a gentle whisper.
“No, I’m fine, for a few minutes I forgot everything, but I am back on track now” she said determined.
“Lord, pls give my daughter the courage to choose the wise decision” her mom muttered under her breath, but Tanya managed to hear it. She let out a painful sigh and ascended up the stairs.
She took a quick shower, and dressed up with the first thing she could find, which was a white shirt followed by a red translucent skirt.
She didn’t bother putting on any other accessories other than white, long pearl earrings. She headed downstairs, grabbed her sandwich and walked out the door when her mom called her, gave her a tight squeeze and waved.

Rohan’s car was parked right in front of the house, she flew open the door and said, “Don’t ask why?” Rohan’s mouth which was open to ask a question, immediately closed and he started driving. They reached the school, as soon as Tanya munched her last bite. She waved to Rohan with a smile of pleasure and ran inside the school.
“All set to change my destiny” she sighed as she got inside the school.

She got to the 2nd floor and near the dance room, she spotted a figure watching the rehearsals from outside, as she walked closer, she recognized the figure to be him. Why was he outside?
He probably saw the confusion in her face, as she got closer, “Selections are going on, I was just watching one” he said without even bothering to look at her. She astonished and wanted to ask why couldn’t he just go in?
She brushed the thoughts, out of her mind and came to point “I can’t join the national dance team” she said in a low voice, which brought all of his attention to her.
His eyes widened and eyebrows started to raise, while all his face was filled with confusion. She turned around to escape, but he immediately caught her off guard “That was not a choice, it was a decision” he said in a low tone rather sharply.
She instantly twirled back around, to answer him, “I am not a fool to let you enforce your stupid decisions on me.” She was already in an uneasy situation, and this guy was making her even more mad with his words.
He didn’t bother to think twice as he grabbed her wrist and lunged her to a locker. As soon as her warm, lean fingers fell on her skin….her eyes broadened, OMG , he is the one who she met on the first day of school , the person she was finding, from the first day of school. It was him?? It was Sammy’s crush?? her thoughts all froze as he looked as shocked as her, glancing at his hand on her and then back at her face. Her skin started to heat up, and goosebumps started to appear at several places while looking at his eyes which were all filled with confusion and intense anger.
Next part: Anirudh’s POV and Tanya and Anirudh’s first confrontation

Finallyyyy….they started talking!!!! I hope you guys and enjoying it, so pls stay in touch with your comments, as ur feedback is very valuable to me!

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