Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 4)

Heyyyy guys!! The next 2 updates (today and tmr) will be quite emotional for Tanya as she is in the same situation, which made her move to this new place, the same situation which she really wanted to avoid and the situation which she thought she would never face again…….dancing professionally.
It might be clear by now that Tanya had a terrible experience with dance, which caused her to quit dance, her passion, and also created a bad trauma for her. But, Tanya being brave, didn’t completely leave it…..but now the WHOLE school wants her to join the national team and start from phase 1 again.
All of them were in shock due to the fight between Tanya and Sammy.
Mrs.Green rushed into the room and declared enthusiastically,
“There are a few changes to the rehearsals, this afternoon. I want Tanya and Anirudh to work together and make a new dance routine, while the others will work on judging the auditions.”
Abby slapped her forehead and her mouth hung open in shock. Sahil started laughing seeing her in this most hilarious situation. Abby was trying to escape the rehearsals since 1 week with every possible excuse she has, know she was stuck in it and can’t get out no matter what. She gave him the angry stare, making him stop halfway through. Anirudh quietly started walking out of the room….
‘No, no , No…this is not supposed to happen’ Tanya had to something and fast.
“Umhh…Mrs.Green, I have a small request. I was wondering if we could start all this next week, after I have the permission from my parents.” she requested in the most innocent voice ever.

Anirudh paused at the door, hearing this and strayed his eyes over her. Immediately, his eyes were caught by hers, her dark brown eyes, which only showed tension and problems. Her eyebrows were raised and she was fidgeting with her dress. He vigorously turned and headed out the door.
“Sure, why not,” Mrs.Green said in a dry but attentive voice, drawing Tanya’s attention. She gave her a genuine, but tight smile and dashed to her locker in a rapid speed. She quickly turned open her locker and hid her face inside it.

She closed her eyes, as a hot tear escaped her eyelid. ‘What was she doing? She was doing the exact thing she was not supposed to do. She was going back to the same reason she came here….’ she visualized the image of her parents distraught face, Mrs.Green enthusiasm and his brown intense eyes which were keen to welcome her into a place of mystery. All these thoughts flew from her head, as soon as she heard the loud bell ring.

She brushed the tear of her cheek and picked her bag. The rest of the day, she just looked at her binder or the teachers, she didn’t have the guts to look at anybody, not even the people who were complimenting her for her dance. Luckily, first she had French and madame was teaching a grammar lesson the whole class, so the twins didn’t speak much. In history, the boys in front were rapidly talking about math, so no attention was drawn to her. She barely escaped the hallways, from either sides people were congratulating her, it seems the news of her arrival in the dance team spread like wildfire in the school.

At the end of the day, is when she received a text saying that Rohan is going to pick her up. As soon as she read that, her face burst into a grin, that would not pull of even she wanted to. She headed outside, and waited by the fountain in front of the school. The school’s building shined as the sun’s rays hit the glass walls. The fountain was located right in front of the main door, it had 2 layers of cement walls surrounding it, the first one had water flowing in it, the one surrounding it didn’t, although, it did have LED lights in it, to add effects to the fountain. There weren’t too many people near it, there were a few who just blabbering about school.

Feeling bored , she flung her phone open and a picture of Rohan popped up with the text.
Rohan, was her cousin brother, who was the same age as her. He recently got his driver’s license and took full advantage of it. He goes to a school across the city which is exclusively built for sports personalities. He was a national skater. He was Tanya’s 3am friend, they both hung out since childhood and knew each other very well, she could tell him anything at anytime and didn’t have to bother to be judged or the fear of insecurity. He was a darling brother of hers, she was going to call him , this evening anyways.

A shiny blue car, pulled out of the road and into the parking zone. She gently stood up and ran up to the car. She swung open the door to the front seat and there he was, Rohan.
“Hellooo Tannu….wat’s up?? Why so worried??” he questioned casually as he drove out of the school area. Tanya was very startled, as how he knew that she was worried, but after all it was Rohan.
“Lie or truth?” she asked him, before answering anything.
“You know, you will have to tell me the truth anyways….so, why not now?” he said sarcastically.
“I just got an offer to join the national dance team” she replied in a low voice.
Hearing that, Rohan stopped the car in the middle of the street, luckily there was no cars in the front or back and no police was patrolling the area.
“WHAT??? Oh my lord!” he said shaking his head.
“IKR!!! I am so gone today, Mom is gonna kill me” she said suddenly. “That chance will only come if you start driving and we ever get home.”
Rohan released the break and hit the accelerator with high pressure. “I see why you are in a blank mind” he said examining the situation.
“Yeah…I told them I will start the rehearsals after I get permission from my parents”
“And…they agreed, right??”
“Are you happy with it or not?? and who is your dance partner??”
“My dance partner? How do you know I have a dance partner?” She completely ignored the question, she didn’t want to talk about him anyways. She knew, she will sooner or later have to tell Rohan about him, but for now there was already tons of problems she had to face. She didn’t want to add another problem to the prolonged list.
“Dude, I have seen their dance before, they always dance in duets or groups…”
“I don’t know what to do, how will I tell mom and dad about this. Then, what will I tell my friends when they ask me why I can’t join?”
Rohan raced the car, and in a minute they were in front of Tanya’s house.
“Really? already deciding what to tell you friends?” he asked in a modest voice.
“I know they are going to reject the proposal”
He cut her off and said “But what do you want? What will your choice be?”
“Tanya, this is not about their choice, this is about your choice. It is about what YOU want” he said convincingly. “Anyways, I need to get home early today…..make the right choice” and he left. He actually LEFT, he left leaving Tanya in a cliffhanger.
“What I want?” she questioned herself as Rohan’s words echoed in her mind, she was more confused now than before. She halted herself at the door, and unlocked the door.
Next part: The decision (the decision of Tanya’s parents and her final decision)
What do you think about Rohan’s character?? He is very important to the story, as he keeps guiding Tanya to always follow her heart and at several instances helps her make the most important decisions in her life. What do you think Tanya will decide to do?? Wht do u think her parents will say?

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