Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 3)


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She was distracted by Akshaya who introduced her dancing partner Armaan.
‘No wonder, Abby was so chill and easygoing with him and he didn’t mind Akshaya yelling at him in the middle of a crowd.’
He seemed like an easy going, chill dude after seeing him just smile at Akshaya even after her yelling at him.
Next was, Sahil who was Abby’s partner. He was pretty quiet, like Abby. He was smart and very gentle..according to Akshaya.
Next was Ryan, who she already knew from a few of her classes. This guy, was fun and cool to hang out with. Tanya laughs at everything, like EVERYTHING…..tell her the most stupid joke in the world, and she would start laughing her head off. Ryan, was the type of guy, who really likes to crack jokes, and Tanya could spend hours just listening to his senseless jokes. He was all alone in most of group dances due to no partner.
Next came, Anirudh. Upon hearing the name, Tanya immediately looked at Sammy who looked away. ‘OMG!! Sammy’s crush’ Akshaya understood her shock, and indicated her to relax and not jump with excitement.

As soon as Akshaya said “He is the captain of our dance team”,
Mrs. Green the dance teacher interrupted and said, “ From now on, Tanya is the other captain of the team and Anirudh’s dance partner. Sammy will be working with Ryan for the competition.”
Hearing this, Sammy who just walked in a couple of minutes ago, raised her eyebrows as her nostrils flared with anger. Sammy marched out of the room as soon as her gaze fell on Tanya.

Tanya looked back at him, brown eyes stared at her, in such intensity, that each and every part of her body’s secrets were starting to spill out. His eyes made all her skin get goosebumps, his eyes made her shiver, not due to fear but for some other unknown fear. He was wearing a hoodie, which read: Lost in New York, followed by blue shaded jeans, ripped apart in several places. ugghhh….she hated that style of fashion, he had a pretty expensive watch in his hand. As soon as her eyes fell on it, he grabbed his watch and quickly covered it with the sleeve of his hoodie, like he was hiding something important. She immediately, lifted her sight to those eyes, which rose with anger. His face, however was expressionless, still covered with modesty of emotions. She could figure out the emotions he was filled with, to her he felt more of a mystery than fun.

At that moment, Akshaya saw both of them staring at each other and shaked her friend lightly on her shoulders.
“Huh?” Tanya called out, after being shaked into reality, making Akshaya burst into a soft giggle. Tanya rolled her eyes, hoping that Akshaya sees her frustration.
“So, you are new here??” asked Armaan, trying very hard to change the topic.
“Like duhh” replied Akshaya sarcastically, “can you puh-lease stop asking her the same question over and over again, if you don’t have anything else to say, then SHUT UP!!”
“There they go again” Abby said making her way through both of them. She stood in the middle and said “why do you both look for chances to argue, can’t we have some peace for once?” she said tiredly.
“Yo, why do you think we are arguing? ” Armaan said, walking over to Anirudh, who was lost in his own thoughts. “We are just bickering, right?” he said winking at Akshaya, she ignored his wink and continued…..
“Let me explain her the rules, “Akshaya said standing up, in front of the class.

She gulped hard, before starting. This made Armaan, Anirudh and Sahil burst into laughter, while Tanya and Abinaya broke into a wide smile.
Akshaya flashed a sign of anger in her face, which was instantly taken over by fear, when Sammy stormed into the room. The laughing trio, immediately hushed down.
Sammy walked over to Tanya and yelled at her, “Who on earth, do you think you are??”
She said spitting each word out with disgust, now Tanya was done with this idiot.
She walked up to her and said “What?? Hello, you are the person who wanted me to dance…I had no freakin intention of embarrassing you. I even tried to stop you, but NO, Miss. Stubborn won’t listen” she said boldly, all the words coming out in a flow.
For the next minute, everyone was at shock, will Tanya was standing there with her arms crossed in front of Sammy, who eyes were flashy with seethful anger.
Akshaya and Abi looked at each other, with their eyes open wide and an appalled look on their face. This was not the Tanya they knew, who was nice, helpful, very composed in her behavior. While, Armaan and Sahil were happy that someone who was capable of dealing with Sammy was finally here.
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  1. Finally our bold tanya is here awwwww so nice

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    And can someone tell me who is The hero ??

    1. Thanks!! The hero is Anirudh….Keep reading to know more!

  3. Wowwww, loved it very much mandy. …its going really well. ..Tanya will be captain and Anirudh’s partner…well done and loved Tanya’s boldness… now Sammy will get real hit…can’t wait to see Tanya and Anirudh dance together. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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  4. Tanya is on her ownself now. I am very happy to see it. Boys will be jumping when tanya and sammy r opposite to each other. Hahaha.

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  5. I was waitng to c tanya in hr real char. . . I luvd d story. Pls updt nxt part by evning, want to c hw evry1 reacts nw. 😉

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  6. Yeah I loved it, finally tanya gave her a reply….hehehe

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