Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 2)

Here is the next part of the same chapter. It is continued after the face-off!!! Enjoy reading and tell me your views on it!
She said “here we go” as she went for a cartwheel and landed in a split. She got up and grinned with joy, pride and enthusiasm.
After she finished, the whole atrium was shocked and stood looking at her in wonder. Sammy was standing there with her mouth hung out.
This made Tanya giggle, just then she heard footsteps approaching her. She twirled around as arms went flying over her.

“That was like speechless and AMAZING!” Akshaya said, her eyes glowered with excitement. She grinned happily and gave Tanya, one more tight hug and moved to a teacher.
The crowd slowly started dispersing and giving Tanya waves and thumbs-ups. She was pretty suprised at their actions, while Abby gave Tanya another quick hug and dragged herself to Sammy.
“Sammy, wth was all that?? Huh?? what did you want to prove? you should have asked at least once before taking decisions like that…” she said in a humble whisper.
Sammy burned with anger, her face could not digest the whole situation, she reluctantly answered, “whatever, I am really mad and disappointed now, I need to go.”
She left before Abby had a chance to convince her about the whole situation.
“Why can’t everyone just be friends and lead a happy life” she sighed in frustration.
“If so, we would never had to deal with her in the first place,” replied Anirudh walking up to Abby.
Abby gasped and said “Yeah, you’re right, I am so tired of all this….aren’t you?”
“I was tired, the day I met her, she is a complete psycho!” he concluded in a low tone.
Abby just shook her head and , “what is my sister up to now?” said as she noticed Mrs.Green walk to Tanya along with Akshaya, Armaan and Sahil.
“May I have a word with you?” she asked her, Tanya quickly noded. All of them followed the teacher to a classroom nearby. The twins held her hand, assuring her that it is good news.

“These people here, are part of the school dance team going to the national dance competition of Canada.” she proudly said eyeing the 7 students in the class. Tanya knew most of them, except the 2 boys who were leaning near the wall at the back of the classroom.
“These 7 worked a lot of months to reach this position, but the performance that you just did is no match to their capability. That is why I am very happy to announce the last and final member of the national dance team” she said placing a hand on Tanya’s shoulder.
Tanya was very amused and happy and shocked at what she just heard.

Before, she could even understand what was going on, Akshaya came and gave her a big hug. Squeezed her tightly before releasing her, next came Abby who just hugged her like a normal person. Tanya took the minute to realise what Mrs.Green had just said, and shivered at the fact of starting to dance again. A few glimpses of her dancing appeared in front of her, which she immediately brushed away, not daring to think about the incident that took place next. Her body started to fill with anxiety and she felt very uneasy. It seemed to her as if, somebody burst open her brain and asking her to relive all the moments again…… ‘no, no NOOOOO’ she thought as she her fist clutched her dress tightly. How was she going to explain her parents all this, how was she going to explain her friends why she can’t join the team? What about Mrs.Green, the school and Sammy?? She is stuck in the web, more harder than she ever imagined.
Keep reading and staying in touch!!! Lots of love!!!!and will definitely make tmr’s update LONGER!! And also….share ur views on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Now first all have to convince tanya and her parents. Nice one.

    1. Yep!! Thanks Manha

  2. Wowwww awesome episode mandy…loving this story very much. ..getting addicted to it… eagerly waiting for the next episode. Love you loads and very tight hug

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  3. awesome episode……………loved it…………

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  4. Super se uper wala episode! 😛

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  5. Oho so lot of plms are there na

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  6. Luks lyk tanya had a bad xperienc on danc in the past. . .

    1. Yesssss Liya!!!! Poor Tanya?

  7. I am a silent reader but I couldn’t stop myself to comment. Your story is awesome

    1. Awwww….Thank you!!! Pls keep commenting, so that I know ur views on the story as well!!

    2. Awwwww….thanks!!! Keep commenting so that I know ur views !!!

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  8. Hey mandy sorry 4 d late cmnt !!!
    Jus amazing yaar !! Nuvu elaga cntinu cheyi bcoz nene chadutane untanu !!

    Hey so did u watch d movie of nani !! Bala bale mogadivoy….

    1. Thanks!!! Its okay for the late response…..yeah watched the movie….it was okay!! Wbu???

  9. Heyy Mandy… Remember me?? Hope you will… You started writing FF!!!!! Wow… But please give me the summary of your previous chapter….There are a lot FF so it took a lot time to refresh the older One….

    1. Hi, I think u r confused with the Mandy too….ur Mandy is know Mansi! Other than that, my story is about a Tanya, Anirudh, Akshaya, Abi, Sahil, Armaan, and Sammy who share a common bond to dance as passion. Sammy is jealous of Tanya, while has a crush on Anirudh. Sammy is disliked by most ppl, while Tanya who is new becomes very popular. Akshaya and Abi are twins, while Armaan and Sahil are their friends. Tanya and Sammy just had a face off and now Tanya is chosen to be the last member of the national dance team.

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