Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 1)

Finallyyy chapter 1 ended!;) This is the beginning to the actual story and YES Tanya and Anirudh will meet VERY SOON!!!!! Enjoy reading it!!!!
The weekend passed by in a whimp. Sammy replied stating that she is sorry and will try to change. All the 3 girls, hoped that the change would be good. Abby instantly saw that her friend had really change, but the other 2 saw that she had the same attitude towards Tanya…rude and arrogant. Anything Tanya said, made her very annoyed, she quickly changed the topic or rolled her eyes, making a unpleased frown. Tanya and Akshaya tried a lot to see the good side and accept her, but somewhere between…they were not happy. The 4 girls, didn’t speak much about the topic or actually all of them didn’t speak about anything. They would only listen to Sammy boasting about herself and nod. Tanya was getting really uncomfortable with Sammy and that is when Wednesday arrived…..THE DAY TO FACE REALITY

The whole day, Tanya avoided Sammy. She did not know how to meet her eyes, she was making enemies before friends. The only thing Sammy’s eyes showed were distrust and hatred towards Tanya. Why the hell did she even agree to all this?? Could she not just live the damn life she was living, then get into all this mess. She grunted so hard, that her teeth started to hurt. She just wished, she got to start this whole thing again. That is when the feeling of that touch came back to her, her face flushed with desire and curiosity, butterflies started to literally fly in her stomach. Suddenly, she flinched as soon as she heard a loud ringing noise from the dance area. It was Sammy. Sammy had been practicing all day, for this very moment. She, infront of the whole school would prove Tanya wrong. She was very keen and determined to make her fall in every single person’s eyes. As soon as she saw, Tanya, she swiftly grabbed her by the wrist and lunged her forward. Tanya, almost tumbled down, but managed to balance herself. This act gained attention from students and teachers. Many people gathered around the dance area, to witness the incident. All their eyes, wandered from Tanya to Sammy, Sammy to Tanya. Tanya had no clue, what was going on. She tilted her head from one side to the other to see, the twins with a few boys come up to the front. Their faces went all pale, seeing Sammy and Tanya stand in the centre of this huge circular crowd in the dance area. The teacher immediately signaled Akshaya to ask what was going on.
Akshaya and a boy slowly proceeded to the 2 girls.
“Who is she??” he asked Akshaya, his finger pointing to Tanya.
Akshaya hit his finger, making him moan in pain “Occhhhh”
“Are you serious, in this whole situation, the only thing that really bothers you is who she is??” she snapped back in a span of a second.
“Yeah, what else do you want me to ask?? What the hell is your stupid friend doing??, we already know that she is doing something dumb,” he said sarcastically, which made Tanya smile at the fact at how chill he was, even with Akshaya fuming with anger.
“Armaaan, get lost,” she yelled and stormed to Sammy. Armaan stood there with his hands loosely hung on either sides, standing and staring at Akshaya talking to Sammy.
She grabbed her hand and abruptly asked her, “will you please explain his whole nuisance, you just created.”
An innocent smile peered up on Sammy’s face, she innocently noded and yelled out, “As most of you know, Tanya here” she pointed at Tanya, which made Akshaya and Armaan role their eyeballs.
“Is the new judge for the school dance team, don’t you people think, we need to test her before giving her this huge responsibility?” she continued.
This made the entire audience, even the teachers nod their heads.
A few students in the crowd, even screamed out “Of course, FACE OFF, FACE OFF.”
Tanya stood their speechless, a type of anxiety filled her body as nervousness creeped through her body…..’should I take the risk to do this??’ she questioned herself, knowing the answer to the question already.
Next: Will see whether Tanya will accept the challenge or not?? Will Anirudh see all this?? What will he think??……to be revealed sooonnnn..
Soo…I fast forwarded the story a LOT for u guys, as u wanted to see them meet.
Let me give u a hint: They will meet each other, but ofcourse Tanya already hates him as she think he plays with girl’s feelings and is mischievous.
They will meet but NOT know that they r the person they both have been looking since day 1. There is much drama and excitement for u coming up!!

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  1. Mandy i had a doubht why u r keep distance between anirudh and tanya any secret is there

    1. Hayati …..there is nothing like that!!!! It is just how the story goes

  2. Hey my dear Mandy(Mansi) how r u dear.

    Luved this epi totally . Story is goes on interesting point . Loved tanya character even more than sammy . As it is very difficult to survive when u have so many hatred filled eyes and doubtful eyes around u.

    Luved it dear. Keep going . Luved u always .

    And waiting for u on my ff also dear. If we can’t talk about the story at least we can talk and share our feelings what say.

    luved u always my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Hop tanya wil stand up with the chalng… Updt nxt part 2day itslf pls. . .

    1. Liya….Will try to update today!

  4. Superb yaar mandy !!!
    Pls cntinu !!!
    Hey so which other serial do u watch ??

    1. Hy…I watch Thapki, Swaragini,ETRTHR, and manyy more…wbu??

  5. Hi mandy, awesome episode, please continue, can’t wait for next part…eagerly waiting. ….

  6. Plz update nxt part soon .

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