Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.2 Part 1 Contd.)


Sorry for the super late update…..I was super sick for the past 2 days. This is the part where ANIRUDH finally notices Tanya!!! If you didn’t get a chance to read the last update……I highly ask you too!! ENJOY READING IT…

Soon the entire crowd started yelling FACE OFF in the loudest voices ever.
Anirudh worriedly, put his hand on his forehead, not sure where this is all going. His pulse started to beat faster at the sight of Sammy smiling at him.
Alas, it was a not an innocent smile nor a cunning smile but more of a mischievous smile.
He gulped hard all the saliva he had right down his throat.
‘Oh God, what is this girl up to?’ he thought has eyes gazed around the crowd in the most blackest glare ever.
His eyes strayed towards the girl, standing in between Akshaya and Armaan, who were busy arguing over some random topic.
She looked really familiar to him, her curly brown hair, her cute smile, her confused eyes, which were wandering around the whole crowd, her thoughts which probably were examining and understanding the misery placed in front of her.
“Who is she??” he asked Abby, who was busy complaining about how stupid this whole thing was.
“She is Tanya, she is new to the school. She is also the judge who is supposed to be judging the auditions. If you don’t do something fast, we might not have the time to find another one” she replied alertly.
Hearing that, he walked to Sammy, who was busy testing the song for the Face Off.
He grabbed her by her arm and turned her to face him.
His eyes, intensely stared at her while she went all dreamy by his touch. “Stop all this, NOW” he huskily whispered.
She pulled off, and announced “If you all can exit the circle, the face off will begin.” She stared at him blankly and signaled him to go back his place. He cursed under his breath and headed back to Abby and Sahil.
Akshaya immediately turned to face Tanya, and said “ You know that Sammy never backs out her decisions, right?? This is one of her stupid ones, ” she said apologetically.
Anirudh saw Tanya just give a tight smile as Akshaya and Armaan stood their with determination to stop all this nuisance.
Sammy circulated her eyes from Akshaya to Armaan, Armaan to Akshaya. “The face-off will go on, with or without your permission,” she stated in an angry tone as she proceeded to the music station. She harshly pressed the button, and music started to play. She twirled around Tanya and made her way to Akshaya. Seeing that, Armaan pulled Akshaya by her waist and out of the circle. Akshaya stood there in disbelief and anger.
The dance off, started with Sammy dancing on a melodious tune. Her steps were sharp and swift, which immediately changed to hip-hop from contemporary.
Everyone cheered, the dance atrium filled with applause from all this students, and teachers. Next, the song completely changed for Tanya, from a more enthusiastic tune, it changed into a more emotional melody.
‘How dirty’ Anirudh thought as he saw Sammy smirking in the corner of the circle, her eyes filled with the thought of revenge.
Tanya started off with free style, switching to contemporary and ending with Flamenco dance. All her moves were so precise, so clear, and not to forget, graceful. Each move was well thought off and matched the song. Her expression were no match to Sammy’s.
The whole dance which only lasted about 2 minutes, told a story, a story of mystery and sadness. No one really understood the story, but knew it was something close to Tanya’s heart, by the way she presented all of it. Anirudh was completely shocked by her each and every move, he saw no sign of fear of judgement in her eyes. They swayed happily, from one place to the other. She was dancing her heart out without any hesitation or fear.
He noticed that, the whole crowd watched this dancing wonder without blinking their eyes. Armaan still had his hand on Akshaya’s waist, but of course both were immensely into the act presented in front of them to notice their positions.
Next to them, Sammy just stood there with her faced all pale with wonder and shock.
Abby whispered “Woowww” as Tanya went for a cartwheel and landed in a perfect split.
“The last person in the national dance team.’ he grinned widely at this thought.
Next: Will the teachers agree to select Tanya?? How will Sammy react to all this??
HOW IS IT????? I am very excited to hear from u guys….pls tell me how it is !!!!!!!!!!! Also, I was talking to my friends y’day, and I realized that Sammy is totally the real life Ragini from Swaragini…if u guys watch it. So, now you know how Sammy’s character is like………we all keep complaining about how evil she is. Imagine Tanya’s life, to deal with her every single day. Very hard right?? …what do you think???

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