Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.1 Part 3)

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“Really? she actually likes him”, Tanya asked trying to sound as calm as possible. Akshaya, the other twin just told her that her other friend, Sammy liked the popular guy in the grade. Tanya, never really saw who this guy was, but she really liked to her fresh and juicy gossip. This was a perfect start to a day. If she was at her old school now, she probably was the first person to know about this. These twins started to become good friends of her, they told her almost everything about their lives. She started to share most of her stuff too. Although, it was hard to keep a few little secrets from them like, popularity, dance, etc. She was going to wait for the right time to tell them, but now she really wished if the time would come now and she could just spit out all her stuff.
“And guess what?? The whole school knows about this. But the weirdest thing is that he neither acknowledges it neither talks to anyone about it. The whole school is waiting to know his feelings on this topic.” Akshaya said with a big dreamy sigh, which immediately bought Tanya out of her thoughts.
Tanya was not at all surprised to hear that, “Popularity is what makes people cautious about their decisions and choices.” saying that, she turned and headed to the locker leaving Akshaya alone at her locker. Akshaya wondered what happened to her friend, moments ago she was all fine, but as soon as she mentioned popularity, her face went all pale. Whatever it was she would definitely figure out what Tanya was hiding from her.

As Tanya got to her computer science class, she noticed Sammy and Abinaya talking to each other about him. They both were casually seated back in their chairs, all their weight on their hands placed on the table in front of them.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” she asked, as she grabbed a chair, and placed in front of both of her friends’.
“Nothing much, we were just talking about…ummhhh……you know who, right?” Abby softly whispered, making Sammy’s check turn hot pink. The color actually looked amazing on her, a touch of pink on cream cheeks with some red added in the centre would look perfect on her.
Tanya rolled her eyes, she didn’t understand how Sammy could like him when she hardly talked to him or hardly even know him. But, Akshaya did mention they knew each other from before.
“Yeah, I know who you two are talking about.” she yelled out, which made the entire class get interested in the conversation.
Infact, 2 boys even walked up to them that moment and asked, “Who are you 2 talking about, is it him?” . Abby immediately, jokingly hit and asked them to take their seats.
To Tanya’s surprise, they both knew those 2 boys very well by seeing their comfort level!
Sammy blushed even more, her eyebrows raised and her eyes starting filling with anger. She was extremely angry at her friend for bringing this up, infact she actually didn’t even consider Tanya as her friend. Sammy was extremely jealous of Tanya due to her looks, personality and friends. She had this feeling that Tanya would make all her friends against her.
She already has a bad experience with friendship, it took her a long time to come out of her trauma and lead a normal life again. There were moments when she still felt that, she is not her normal self again.
“Past is past, forget it,” Abby hushed in her ear, trying to get Sammy out her thoughts. Tanya, who also heard that shook her head in disappointment.
‘When will Sammy ever come out of her past and face her fears?’ she thought as jerked Tanya by the shoulder, so both of her friends would come back to the reality.
Seeing that, both of them started giggling and Tanya pleasingly joined in.
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Credit to: Mandy


  1. nisha

    Hey mandy, Loved the episode dear. Loved tanya character actually , More need to read about her.

    Actually we all faced this kind of situations even in reality Sammy like characters. Seems to read a real incident Loved it dear. Keep writing.

    Actually reading a story which connect to reality Friendship ,Lvoed it.

    • Mandy

      Hahaha ….for sure they will meet. But this is a real story and about friendship too. So first we will explore their characters and friendship bond and eventually they will meet with BIG BANG!!

  2. nisha

    Hey mandy , hayathi, liya dear have a very happy diwali to all of u .

    Mandy , I start manmarziyaan to live my own manmarziyaan and ended it upto make a beautiful friend like u . lUv u dear.

    God knows why but dil ka rishta bada hi pyaara hai
    Kitna paagal ye dil hamaara hai.

    Dil se tumhe friend maanne lagi hu.

    yaar write thousand stories here. And let me know I try to read all. Love u my friend . God bless u . U will get lots of happiness successs in life.

    and yaa I also start writing a story after u inspiring me to write naadan dil ki manmarziyaan if u like it to bataana or nahi to koi baat nahi don’t comment . Koi baat nahi. Always loves u.

    Happy diwali my dearest friend and yaa tasnim mile to use bhi mere taraf se wish karna , and zara ko bhi . Wo kahin nahi dikhti. Can’t find them Unhe bhi wish karna if u find them.

    Luv u yaar always.

    Happy diwali to u and all my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Yeh din jahaan mein har kahi bhar de roshani usi ke pyar ki
    Dil dil se woh mila de har chehra woh khila de
    Rut laaye aaj khushiyon ki
    Yeh din yeh din jahaan mein har kahi kahi
    Bhar de roshani roshani (usi ke pyar ki) – 2
    Dil dil se woh mila de har chehra woh khila de
    Rut laaye aaj khushiyon ki
    (Mere tumhare sabke liye happy diwali
    Saare sitaarein uske liye happy diwali) – 2

    Ham sabhi mein har kisike dil mein hai wahi
    Ho zameen ya asmaan ho woh hai har kaheen
    Roshani – 3 yeh music ka naam hain
    Yeh jahaan – 3 saara usi ka kaam hain
    (Usne banayi sabke liye happy diwali
    Saare sitaarein uske liye happy diwali) – 2

    Usne kaha ke jab main kahu aayega woh mere liye
    Kyun na bhala main duurr rahu aayega woh mere liye
    Usne kaha ke jab main kahu (aayega woh mere liye) – 3
    Duniya meri kaise chamke jaise roshani ne roshani ho bhar di har kahi
    Duniya saari aaise mehake jaise iss khushi mein har kali ho mehaki har kahi
    (Aaj jahaa bhi tum raho chalo saath hamare ab kaho say (happy diwali) – 2
    Aaj miley tumse koi use tum bhi bade dil se milo say (happy diwali) – 2) – 2
    Mere tumhare sabke liye happy diwali

  3. Kirti

    Interesting it seems as if faced this situation …..loved it…..pls update soon the next episode….

    Happy diwali….tc nd….lots of love…

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