Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch. 1 Part 2)

Finally, I am continuing the story as to what happens after a week of school. This is Tanya’s part!!
A week passed by and Tanya did not make any friends yet. The whole thought of school, made her very upset. She had twins in most of her classes, they dressed up well and looked very elegant. The only problem was the girl they hanged out with, she looked like she had a lot of attitude and was a snob. She kept on saying rude things to a few people in the back of the class. The people’s face would be all pale, and fearful and would never maintain eye contact with that girl. To Tanya’s surprise, they didn’t say anything back or argued with her….but the twins didn’t look pleased with her attitude.
“Help” she said, before she walked into her french class.
She was the first one there, other than her teacher, Mme.Loup. She greeted the teacher and gently took her place in the first row. Slowly the class started to fill with students chittering and chattering as they made their way through the class.
She took out a piece of gum and threw it in her mouth. At that instant, freshness of the mint, filled her body with a new vibe, new energy. The gum had melted in her mouth, and she was feeling calm again. Each and every part
Any person who noticed Tanya throughout the first week probably thought she was a kind, shy girl sitting in the corner of the class. But in reality, Tanya was a very outgoing, rebellious girl who always stood up for her opinions and thoughts. She had a tiny bit of attitude according to her family and super close friends. At that time, she thought that attitude was extremely necessary for the school’s most popular girl. She was always the popular girl, or someone who quickly comes in everyone’s attention. Many people say it is due to her beauty: wavy black hair, brown eyes, medium in height, thin and lean figure, and her breathtaking smile, While others protested it was due to her elegant dressing style and her personality. Even here, when she walked in the hallways on the 3rd day of school, everyone’s eyes were on her, probably wondering who she was and which grade she was in. As much as she tried to make herself invisible, and tried to merge into the crowd, the more she stood out. This time, she promised her mom not get into any cat-fights or make enemies in the first month of school. She badly hoped that she could keep her promise.
Tanya immediately flinched out of her thoughts, when Mme.Loup asked everyone to pair up with someone.
“Oh no” she worriedly said, but no one heard it as they were to busy pairing up. She turned to face the people in the desks next to her to see that attitude girl had left the twins, and decided to work with someone else.
‘Should she ask one of the twins to come and work with her??’ maybe later, deciding that, she began to start the french task. It was just an introduction about herself. Je m’appelle Tanya, she started writing .
Someone gently said “Tanya, do you want to be my partner?”
Tanya face lit like a christmas tree, all the bulbs in high volt. She turned swiftly around and looked at figure standing beside her….it was one of the twin.
She quickly said “Yes, Abinaya, Of course”
In the span of a few minutes, both of them were talking and laughing. Abinaya was more friendly and simple than she thought. She told her everything about her life,from her twin sister to her school. At the end of the class, Tanya had this feeling of assurity that she will do just fine in this new school as she got up and proceeded to her locker along with her new friends.

Next: Helping Hand continued (Anirudh’s part)
Thanks a lot for liking my story. I know that there are a ton of fan fiction stories, and it is very hard to keep track of all of them, but pls do keep telling me how the story is so far and ignore the typos!!!

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  1. Nice story dr this is real story or ur imagination dr….

    1. This is a real story!!!

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    1. Kfar….I think you r mistaken about mandy….ame name ipudu Mansi. Thanks anyways!! And u r stories r AMAZING!!!

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  5. the French part is good, do u know French? j m’applle Aruna. j habite à tn. j tombe amoreuse en votre histoire 🙂

    1. Merciful beaucoup!! Oui….je etudies francais!!

      1. Hahaha sorry for the typos !! Hate auto correct in my phone ?

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