Friendship, Love and Passion (Ch.1 Part 2 cont.)


I am so glad that you are liking the story!!! This is Helping Hand part 2, from Anirudh’s side. Hope it gives you more insight about the characters!
Anirudh survived the first week of school, all his teachers were okay, too teacherish and very strict. He did not see that girl again, in his classes nor in the hallway.
And here came a different story, Sammy walked up to him, grinning as wide as possible. She wore, high heels, a very deep and short dress with tons of make-up which covered her whole, entire face.
She came as near as possible and whispered, “Hi.” He only dryly waved back and continued walking.

He did not understand this girl’s problem, she used to hate him a few years ago due to his attitude and looks, but now as soon as he changed everything, she instantly declared that she had a crush on him. This news spread like wildfire throughout the school, everyone wanted to know his answer about this.
He did not understand how to say NOO, he did not like the girl one bit, she was the cause of many problems in their grade for the past few years. She had an attitude, not a normal one but a bossy and sassy one. She liked to look tip-top perfect, too much worried about make-up, brands, trends, etc. She ran a lot behind popularity, she tried to become popular many times, but they all failed miserably.She disliked the people, who came in her way of basically anything. She was a person who would go to any extent to get what she wanted

He on the other side was the complete opposite. Years ago, when he first came to the school, he was a normal kid like everyone wearing baggy clothes, simple in style, had the attitude to annoy girls, etc. But after 2 years, he decided to show his true self/side and see what happens. This became the turning point in his life, from invisible he became popular. Many people think that he has a lot of arrogance, but in reality, he has a lot of attitude with no arrogance. He likes to argue and stand up for his point but always makes sure not to hurt the other person. He is short-tempered, but is not that hard to convince. He never really wanted to be popular, but as he is , he has no other choice. This word popularity indeed affected a lot of his decisions- like friends, courses, school spirit, etc.The only person that really annoyed him was Sammy, but he could not tell her that, which made the matter even worse.

“Bro, what’s up??,” Armaan said making a groaning sound at the end, looking at his friend’s lost look.
“I met Sammy on the way to my locker, she was looking really happy for some reason,” he replied trying not to sound depressed.
From reading the expression on his face, Armaan immediately said, “the whole school is waiting for your answer, just say a YES or a NO,” stressing on the word NO as much as he can which made the word sound more like NNNNNEEEOOOO.
“How do I tell her, they will probably think that I have a crush on someone else. That would be even worse, so NO WAY” he remarked tensely.
“Dude, come on, then go find a crush and then tell her. You have about another month to do that, or else I go and tell her.” his friend threatened him.
Anirudh sighed deeply, as he heard his Armaan’s last word, ‘a month ……should be relatively easy’ he thought as he pictured that girl, her straight brown hair, pink and gold shirt followed but black tights.

Both of them hurried to class, ONLY to find Sammy in it. As soon as they saw her, Anirudh made a very suffering groan. Sammy was sitting next to her friend, Akshaya, one of the twins in their school. Both were busy talking about french. He walked right by, without even acknowledging her and sat next to his friends.
“This is going to be a long class,” he made a mischievous smile and winked at them, making all of them burst into laughter.
SOOO…howz it?? I hope you enjoyed reading it, and keep staying in touch with your comments!! They make me know if ppl are liking it or not!

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  1. Am realy njoyng it:-) thank u…

  2. Mandy i had a doubht who is the heroine here…. plz tell me

    1. Tanya is the main protagonist…who r u thinking it is???

  3. Oh ok thank u dr for ur reply…. one mire thing so nice i want to see tanya anirudh face to face plzzzzz

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  5. Awesome episode Mandy, keep it up buddyyy, very interesting. .eagerly waiting for the next episode

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