Friendship & Love (Part 3)


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Here’s the last part.
Now there was friendly connection between Kabir and Aisha.
One day as they were waiting for sir to start the practical Kabir asked Aisha
Kabir: Aisha?
Aisha: Hmmm?
Kabir: Can I ask you something?
Aisha: Sure.
Kabir: You don’t seem to be comfortable with boys why is that so? Do you have any boyfriend? I know its personal and if you don’t wanna answer it then don’t I won’t mind it.
Aisha: Ummm I have never been in a relationship. No boyfriend. Yes there were some boy-friends but no relationship. And I don’t get comfortable with boys easily.
Aisha laughed at it.

Kabir: Yes I know you take time. Who can know better than me.
At this both shared a laugh.
Kabir: Can I ask you why you don’t have any boyfriend? I mean this is unbelievable.
Aisha: Unbelievable? Why?
Kabir: C’mon yaar you are pretty and beautiful anyone can fall for you.
Aisha was stunned with his words. It was not that she had never heard this before but these words never touched her heart before.
They both share an eyelock. Before Kabir could say anything Aisha replied him
Aisha: Yes many of them fall for me but I never did for any of them. I don’t believe in love which happens just in one day. How can you love someone without knowing him or in your case her.
Kabir: Likin pyaar ye nae dekhta wo kon hai bs ho jaata hai.
Aisha: Mujhe us pyaar se darr lagta hai.
Kabir: Darr?? Darr kyun?
Aisha: Jahan pyaar wahan dhoka.
Kabir: Pyaar matlab dhoka to nae.
Aisha: Mere samne aik example hai.
Kabir: Zaroor kuch aur baat hogi warna pyaar kabhi bhi itna weak nae hota.
Aisha just looked at him. She was loosing her control. What was happening to her she doesn’t know.
Aisha: So now you tell me do you have or had any girlfriend?
Kabir: I had dated couples but that was only for fun. 4 years back I met someone. She was special for me. But..
Aisha: Who was she?
Kabir: Her name was Pihu. She was also from India.
Aisha: And why you guys broke up??
Before Kabir could answer her question sir asked them to settle down and to start their work.
Pihu told Aisha that Kabir was interested in other girl and he made excuse of their dreams and needs. But from Kabir’s words it doesn’t look same thing. For Aisha, Pihu was right and Kabir was wrong maybe he was making story so that Aisha could believe him.

After two weeks Pihu came back from trip. Aisha took her to her room and asked her to listen her carefully. Aisha told her about her plan. But she didn’t tell Pihu a single word about her conversation with Kabir. This was the first time Aisha was hiding something from Pihu. And Aisha really felt bad about it.
After listening to Aisha’s plan, Pihu hugged her and told
Pihu: Aishu there is no need for this.
Aisha: No Pihu he has to pay for it.
Pihu: Aisha I know you care for me. But leave him. I have moved on and this is good na?
Aisha: This is good Pihu this is really good. But I think I should give him shutup call so that he don’t repeat this with any other girl.
Pihu knew that Aisha will not listen to her so she gave up. Aisha was not able to digest her own words. Her heart was against this but her brain was totally blank. She never felt this kind of feeling before. And it was hurting her. She doesn’t knew what was happening to her. That night Aisha dreamt about Kabir.

In morning Aisha thought to herself
* What is happening to me. No this can’t be true. How can I dream about Kabir. I hh..hate him. Huh why this is becoming hard for me? Why? Now I have to finish this thing. I can’t take more time now otherwise it will become impossible to hurt him. *
On the other side Kabir was in love. He also doesn’t want this but Love never sees time and place. Kabir was madly in love like never before. He also had never felt this before.

After two months

Kabir and Aisha were now fully in love. But they didn’t tell this to each other. One day due to extra practical work Kabir and Aisha stayed in their class for late time to finish it. They were having little friendly talk then suddenly Kabir asked her
Kabir: Aisha can I ask you something?
Aisha: O c’mon Kabir you can ask me anything.
Kabir was silent for sometime.
Aisha: What is it?
Kabir: Umm actually…… Huh why this is so hard.
Aisha: (confused look) Nothing is hard until you make it so.
Kabir: Okay listen. ( He hold Aisha’s hand while Aisha was stunned) Aisha I don’t know what is happening to me. When first time I met you I never thought that one day we will be great friends and one day…
Aisha: One day what?
Kabir: One day I’ll fall for you.
After listening this Aisha was still like statue. It looked like that whole blood was drained out from her body. Deep down in heart she was happy. That much happy which she was never before. But Aisha has to do it she has to.
Kabir: Aisha you are scaring me? I know this is not what we expected but yo….
Aisha didn’t let him complete his words and replied
Aisha: Please Kabir stop. Stop it.
Tears were rolling down her face. Seeing this Kabir tightly hold her hands and looked her with questioning look. He was unable to ask her why she was crying.
Aisha: Kabirr…. I am sorry…. Iii can’t do this. (She looked up in his eyes, there were tears too. No, she doesn’t want them to be there). You can’t love me Kabir you can’t.
Kabir: Why do you think so? Aisha you are perfect for me. You don’t how much I feel easy, comfortable and happy when I’m with you.
Aisha: Can you tell me why did you brokeup with Pihu? Please.
Kabir: Aishaa why are you asking me this now?
Aisha: Please Kabir…
Kabir: Okay.
Me and Pihu were good friends. One day I asked her if she wanna go with me on prom. She asked me if I’m asking her on a date? I told her that you can consider it so. Then we decided to go for a relatioship. We were having great time. I thought I love her but that was never a love but infatuation. Wo life se kuch aur chati thi and mae kuch aur. Aisha you tell me agar mae relationship beghair pyaar k chalata to mae kya usko cheat naa kr raha hota? It was also hard for me. But at that time it was right to brokeup with her. She thought that I am dating another girl and that’s why I am leaving her. I tried to explain her but she didn’t listened to me. I knew it that at some point I have to do it then why not now. I knew it will hurt her likin baad mae kiya gaya breakup usse aur dard de ga. I tried to be sincere with her but she was different from me. I thought at some point I will love her but that didn’t happen. That’s it Aisha. And trust me I have told you truth. I had never lied to you.

Aisha badly wanted to hug him but she can’t. She believed him. There was no way that Aisha couldn’t trust him. But she can’t….
Aisha: Kabir I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
Kabir: Aisha why are you saying sorry to me? Whats the matter? ( he cupped her face)
Aisha: (again taking his hands in her) Kabir I’m Pihu’s bestfriend.
This shocked kabir.
Aisha: I’m Aisha her bestfriend from India. When I came to London I saw Pihu in very bad condition. I never saw her like this before. That was painful. When she told me what happened between you and her I decided to make you pay for your deeds. I made plan to make you fall for me and then ditch you so that you can feel the pain. I’m really sorry Kabir. But when I met you, you were different from the one I had imagined. You knew that many girls want to be your girlfriend but you never seemed to noticed them. I had never lied to you about myself. I never felt good by lying to you. Kabir you did that thing to me which no one did before. You make me to feel what is love. (Now Aisha was crying vigrously) I’m in love with you Kabir. I love you.
After a while she said
Aisha: But I can’t love you. I can’t love a person whom once my bestfriend loved. Kabir I can’t do this to her. Kabir I’m sorry.
Kabir was lost.
Kabir: I know you and Pihu are like sisters. Its okay Aisha. I love you too. I love so much.
After this they shared passionate kiss.
Then Kabir joined his forehead with Aisha’s and said
Kabir: I know you can’t do this. I can totally understand. But always remember that I love you to the moon and back. I will never stop loving you and nothing will make me to do so.
Aisha: And Kabir you are my first love and you will be my last one.
Tears were rolling down from both of their faces.
Kabir: I.Love.You. (whispering)
Aisha: I love you too.
They hugged each other tightly. And after some time she broke the hug and grabbed her all things and started to leave the class. Once she came near to door she looked behind to Kabir, who gave her warm smile and then she ran off with tears in her eyes.
That day changed their lives.

Guys this is the end of the story. Through this story I want to tell you that not all the stories have happy ending. Some say goodbye on sad note. But if you guys want me to end it on happy note then don’t worry I’ll write next part which will continue from this part. Please do tell me if you liked it and if you want happy ending. Thanks ?

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