Friendship & Love (Part 2)

Hello guys this is my next part I hope you guys will enjoy it ?
As Pihu’s Mom left the room, Aisha made Pihu sit on bed and asked

Aisha: What happened? Why are you crying? Pihu you know how much I was worried about you. You should have texted me back or a call. You know how much irritated I’m with you now.
Pihu looked up to Aisha, her eyes were swollen and red, her lips were pale. She was in miserable condition. Aisha never saw her like this before she can’t even imagine her like this in her nightmare.
Pihu: Aisha…
Pihu again started crying…
Aisha: Pihu?? Whats wrong? You are scaring me now. Please tell me is everything okay?
Pihu: No… Nothing is alright Aishu. Everything is mess up. He broke up with me.. Kabir just broke up with me.
Aisha: Who? Who’s Kabir?
Pihu: Aisha Kabir wohi hai jis se mae pyaar karti hu.
Aisha: Oo I never knew his name. But Pihu when we last time talked you told me that your relatioship is going perfect then what happened all of a sudden?
Pihu: He cheated me. He was never sincere with me. He said that he didn’t loved me because I’m not his type.
Aisha: What you mean by his type?? Does he was blind when he proposed you?
Now Aisha was loosing her temper. She can’t stand a word against her friend and here a person rejected her with only single word.
Pihu told Aisha each and every word that happened. Aisha was now fully filled with anger and she would probably had killed Kabir if he was in front of her at that time. But Aisha had to control her anger and had to console Pihu because she was totally broken.

There was some time to start the university so Aisha decided to cheer up Pihu and to make her forget her past. But that was much difficult.
Every night Pihu cried until she dozes off. This made Aisha very weak that her sister like friend was in miserable condition. That night when Pihu took sleeping pills so that she can sleep without crying, made Aisha to think how to make Kabir pay for it. She asked one of her friend (Liza) for any idea, and her friend gave her filmy plan which was to make Kabir fall for her and then ditch him. Aisha told Liza..
Aisha: Are you kidding me? ?
Liza: No Aisha I wish I could do that. ?
Aisha: Liza this is not funny. And this is not the fun time. I really want him to pay back for his deeds.
Liza: Aisha tell me is there any other way?
Aisha: Agar mujhe pata hota to I couldn’t have asked you.
Liza: See there is no other way. Aish you just can’t go directly to him and scold him or slap him. He hardly know about you. I know this is kind of filmy but only in this way you can show him what he did was wrong. He can’t play with anyones heart.
Liza words really made Aisha to think about this plan.
Aisha: Thanks Liza. I owe you now.
Liza: You owe me only then when this plan work.
Aisha: Ok. ?

With Aisha’s much effort Pihu was now able to move on from her past.
University was not so well for Pihu and Aisha too. Aisha was waiting for Kabir to start her plan. She didn’t tell Pihu about it yet because she doesn’t want her to stay back in her past. So whatever she does it is upto her.
Aisha never saw Kabir before so it was hard for her to know who he is. But with the help of her new friends she come to know who that Kabir is.
He was tall, handsome, with brown hair nd green eyes. His sense of dress was really amazing. After every few seconds he run his hand through his hair. Yes it was true that every girl can fall for him.
But Aisha was so angry with him that it was totally impossible that she admire his beauty. Aisha was also cute and pretty that many boys have fallen for her. But she never thought for it not even for a second.
It was good that Pihu was in other department, she will be away from him and it will be easy for her to move on and on the other side Aisha and Kabir were in same department. This thing really made easy for Aisha to work on her plan.

But yes she can’t do it without interacting with him. And that was the hard part because she doesn’t want to talk to him or even look at him. All the girls of her class were roaming around Kabir and his friends like honey bees only Aisha and her new friend Alice didn’t gave them importance. Kabir’s friend didn’t digest this that two lovely girls are not giving them any importance. Kabir was least concern about this actually he was not also interested in the girls which were his big fan. Aisha noticed this but ignored it by thinking that it might be his new plan.

After two weeks…

Physic’s teacher for their lab work made pairs of students. Fortunately Kabir and Aisha were paired with each other. Aisha was unable to stand a minute with him but she couldn’t do anything. During their first lab Kabir tried to make conversation with Aisha…
Kabir: Heyy.
Aisha looked up at him with questioning look.
Kabir: (with confused look) I’m Kabir.
Aisha: Hi I’m Aisha.
Kabir: I just want to ask you if you are ok with this pair? I can ask sir to change if you are not ok.
Aisha: No its okay. I’ll survive.
Aisha snapped him badly.
Kabir: Sure.
Aisha could noticed that Kabir is also not comfortable in this talk. He just asked her out of formality.
Aisha: If you have any problem then you can ask sir.
Kabir: No I’m also ok with it.
Aisha: Cool.
Kabir: Yes cool.
After few minutes
Kabir: Heyy can I ask you one question?
Aisha just looked at him without replying. Kabir could sense that she really don’t want to talk to him. But he go with his question.
Kabir: Are you from India? And why don’t you wanna talk with me? Am I that bad?
Aisha: You asked for only one question and these are three.
Kabir: (embarassed) Okay you can answer me any one of it.
Aisha: Yes I’m from India. I don’t know if I really wanna talk to you. And who I am to judge you if you are bad guy or a nice one.
Kabir didn’t stopped looking at her face. Her words really catched him. Kabir didn’t believed that how can a girl without knowing him can hate him so much.
Many days passed and both of them never talked other then their lab work. But now they were comfortable with each other. Aisha sensed that Kabir is different from the one she had imagined. But again she shook her head because mightbe he is just acting to be nice and humble.
Aisha had never seen him with any girl. He was lost in his own world.
The other day Aisha tried to make little conversation with him
Aisha: Hello.
Kabir looked up with confusion.
Kabir: Heyy.
Aisha: Why are you looking at me with this look?
Kabir: Sorry. Actually I was shocked. I didn’t expect this.
Aisha: Expect what?
Kabir: That you will talk to me.
Now he was smiling lightly.
Aisha: Well I think I didn’t go well with your expectations.
Kabir: And I think its good. Otherwise this lab would be miserable for me.
Aisha: Actually I’m sorry I didn’t talked nicely to you last time. And I felt really bad about it. I’m really sorry.
Aisha was trying to make link between them ao that she could do what she want otherwise it will be hard for her.
Kabir: Oh you don’t have to say sorry. That’s okay. I know a person cannot make direct connection with any stranger.
He gave her warm smile.
Aisha: Thanks.
Kabir: Thanks for what?
Aisha: For forgiving me.
Kabir: I think we should keep these words away from our talk otherwise it will be too formal to handle. And with this he laughed.
Aisha was also smiling. She couldn’t resist her smile.

Days passed and they become more and more comfortable. Pihu went to her study tour. She was improving day by day. Aisha decided to tell her plan to Pihu once she return from the trip.
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