Friendship & Love (Part 1)


Hello everyone…  This is my first time ever and for the start I want to write short story which will be in two or three parts … if you guys like it please do tell me

This is story about two girls Aisha and Pihu which were best friends and had sister like bond between them. It was hard to separate them. Their parents also shared good relation due to their friendship.

Aisha was simple yet full of life girl while Pihu was spoilt brat but kind from heart. She had never hurt anyone. Their personalities were totally different. Aisha never made any boyfriend irrespective that she had many boy friends. She liked their company but never thought to make anyone bf, she always said that love doesn’t happen in one day it take time.
Whereas Pihu she had probably 2 or 3 bfs before.
Because of buisness problems Pihu parents moved to London. That was really hard time for both of them. Aisha was so disheartened that she cut her off from social life and kept herself only to her room.
Her parents were very upset with her behaviour and they try to make her well.
Due their constant hardwork and motivation from her other friends Aisha again started to enjoy her life. Pihu and Aisha both skyped each other daily and share everything what they do whole day..
One day they were video chatting casually..
Pihu: Aisha guess what??

Aisha: What??
Pihu: There is a boy in my class, he also belong to India. We were hanging around casually and then today at school time suddenly he asked me for a date.
Aisha: What? What did you say then?
Pihu: I didn’t say anything. I asked him for some time you know.
Aisha: OMG…. Do you like him?
Pihu: I don’t know.
Aisha: O Pihu.. Stop this now. You know that you don’t like him so there is no need to be his girlfriend. You don’t have to make boyfriend for a fun and for some time.
Pihu: (blushing) No Aisha this time I think I have found my love.
Aisha gave her questioning look..
Pihu: I know i know i havn’t met him for long but I feel so special with him. And Aishu seriously I have fallen for him. And this time I’m serious.
Aisha: I don’t know anything about him so I can’t judge him. Pihu whatever you feel is good, do it. I am with you.
Pihu: I know thats why I love you babes,  you are my bestest friend. ? Do you want me to introduce you to him?? I had already told him about you but if you wanna skype him or chat??
Aisha: No, Not at all. I don’t want to see him.
Pihu laughed at aisha’s reply. And they chatted and chatted for a long time.
Aisha just wanted her friend to be happy. She was least concern with the guy her friend was dating. She even didn’t asked his name. Pihu knew that Aisha is not comfortable with this talk so she never put light on it.

Only one thing Aisha knew was that Pihu is crazy about that guy.

4 years later….

For last two months there was no call no message from Pihu. She asked Pihu’s parents about it but they didn’t tell her much. Aisha was very upset and scared too.
Aisha was given scholarship to london for higher studies as she topped in her college. She wanted to share this news with her bestfriend but there was no response from Pihu. So Aisha decided to give her friend surprise by visiting her.

Later that month Aisha went to london and with the help from Pihu’s parents she went to surprise her.
When she entered her room, Pihu jumped from her bed and tightly hugged Aisha. Her eyes were red and tears were rolling down on her face.

Pihu’ Mom: O sweety we know that you missed your friend so much. Now she is here. You guys can have fun as much as you want and we promise we will not disturb you guys.
Pihu’s Mom was much worried about her daughter before but now she knows that Aisha will set everything. Pihu’s Mom gave Aisha satisfying smile to which Aisha replied with slight small smile. Because she knew these tears are not for her but for someone else.

Guys this is first part and I hope you guys have enjoyed it. In this part I just gave you introduction, dialogues between characters will be in next part. If you want me to do any changes please tell me through your comments.

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    1. It will be in next part. I’ll post it soon. ?

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