Friendship and Love (Part 1)

13 October 2022, present, 1:30 pm

A girl is shown watering the flowers. She is beautiful. She is enjoying the nature and water is all over her. A lady calls her
”Saaya! Saaya! Kuku?”
”yes mom?”
”come fast, we’ll have lunch in 10 mins”
”ok mom”.
Saaya goes and changes her clothes. She sees a photo in which she is along with 3 girls and 3 boys. She smiles seeing the photo. A little girl comes and takes her phone.
”pihu, pihu give me my phone”
”no bua just one game”
”pihu battery is low”.
A guy comes.
Guy:”pihu, take this phone and leave bua’s”
pihu:”thanks ashu chachu”
pihu gives saaya’s phone to her and leaves. Its ashutosh.
Saaya:”Ashu u r spoiling the kid”
”when we were of her age we also wanted phones”
”what if she sees your and kashu’s messages?”
”she can’t see them”
”cuz its not my phone, its anky’s”.
A guy comes from behind and says

how dare you give her my phone!”.
Its ankash. Anky and ashu start a pillow fight and saaya also joins them.
Then they are called for lunch.

5 pm

”kuku, ashu, anky!” a lady called
saaya and anky:”yes mom?”
ashu:”yes priya chachi?”
Priya:”come and see who has come”
they come and
its kashish.
she hugs saaya, ashu and anky.

6 pm

Pihu:”chachu phone is ringing”
they 4 were having a talk when pihu came. She gives phone to ashu and leaves.
Ashu:”its sammy”
Anky:”gimme my phone”
ignoring anky he picks the call and puts it on speaker.
Ashu:”hey sammy!”
a crying voice came from phone and voices like ”sammy?” ”why are you crying?” ”sammy, what happend?” ”tell us sammy” followed.
Guys due to exams i am not able to post regularly

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