Hiiiii guys…. This is Kyvalya wid an os(one shot)…. This is my first try…i was a silent reader till yesterday??…plzz leave ur comments…
So first let me give u a short intro and then lets begin….so here we go..

This story revolves around 2 boys and 2 girls. Those two girls are Saanvi and Harika. They are best frnds. Both of them are equally beautiful, smart ,intelligent. Both of them are shy but when they hear any word against their frnds then they wont bear it silently… They either scold or hit them. Harika calls Saanvi as Sunny and Saanvi calls Harika as Hari .Harika is an orphan whereas Saanvi comes from a middle class family.
Now coming to the boys…

Sameer and Pranav…they both r just frnds like they just talk to each other sometimes….
Kiran is also a character who is a playboy….. If someone gies against him then he arranges goons to seek revenge from them…
In this story Sameer and Harika are lovers from class 10 itself…. Their fate is such that everytime they will be in the same clg so with this they became even more close….
So now lets begin….

The story starts with a girl of age 15 walking towards another girl. The who was walking was Harika and another girl in Saanvi.
Harika – Where were u Sunny???
Saanvi – I was sitting under this tree and reading story book…
Harika – Now u r nt going to read any book as i am here..
Saanvi – ok Hari… And why would i even read when u r here???
Harika smiles. Harika – U knw wat Sunny… Someone proposed me…☺️☺️
Saanvi – whaaaaaat!!!!!?????who is dat grt person????
Harika – ☺️☺️Sameer☺️☺️
Saanvi – that’s great girl….??

And jumps in excitement, hugs Harika and looks around and finds Pranav adoring her. Then she puts her head down and smiles silently. Then Harika and Saanvi separate and…
Saanvi – So…where’s my treat ha???
Harika – what do u want???? Ok wait… We both will spend this weekend together….
Saanvi – okkk… Now lets go orelse we will be late to class….

(They both catch eachother’s hand an start walking towards the class and the screen gets blurred)
After an year….
Saanvi and Harika passed 10th with flying colours….. Pranav, Sameer ,Harika and Saanvi join in the same clg.
One day, Harika sees Saanvi crying….
Harika – what happened Sunny??? What made u cry???
Saanvi – (hugs her tightly) Sorry Hari…. I am really sorry…???
Harika – Why Sorry??? What did u even do???
Saanvi – I hid abt me and Pranav frm u….

Harika – Seriously….??what happened between u both?????
Saanvi – Nothing girl…. An year back he used to adore me and i used to secretly smile… But today…?? i heard him telling his frnd that he hates me….???
Harika – Its ok girl… He is missing a girl with a golden heart like u…. Think once if destiny doesnt wants a good person like Pranav to be wid u then there would be smthg better….
Saanvi wiped her tears and smiled. She tightly hugged Harika.
Saanvi – Its ok if I lose Pranav… I have a bestie like u…. Dat’s enough for me???
They again hug eachother. (The screen gets blurred)

(In these 6 yrs Saanvi’s and Harika’s ; Harika’s and Sameer’s bond grew very strong and Saanvi and Sameer became good friends. Even now Saanvi loves Pranav)
One day Saanvi and Harika are walking on a road.
Harika : Sunny… I have to tell u really smthg important….
Saanvi – what???
Just then they hear a voice….
Kiran – Hey Beautiful…. Will come wid me for a ride??????
Hearing this sentence Harika gets teary-eyed and Saanvi gives him a tight slap.
Kiran – uuu…. I am not gonna leave u.

Saanvi gives a mean look and takes Harika frm there. Throughout the way Saanvi was consoling Harika and atlast she smiles. After reaching home, they see an invitation card on the table. She goes to see that and then when she read it she was shocked and started crying very very badly. Seeing her Harika read that invitation letter and was also very shocked. For 2 days Saanvi was crying and became very depressed. Harika was not able to see Saanvi like that. So she went to her,
Harika – Sunny…. This is not right… U should clear the misunderstanding between u and Pranav…. Why dont you write ur feelings in a piece if paper…and yourself go and give him???
Saanvi agrees to this and starts writing a letter. After finishing she goes to Harika.
Saanvi – Hari… Wish me all the best. I am going to do such a big thing dat too without u….☺️☺️
Harika – ??? All the best and i knw that u will surely win….
Saanvi smiles and goes… She reaches Pranav’s house and knocks the door Pranav opens the door… He gets teary eyed but composes himself
Pranav – Why the hell r u here?!?!?!????

Saanvi – I love u Pranav and this is for u (gives the letter to him and he throws the letter)
Pranav – but i hate u…. Just get lost frm here….????
Saanvi has tears in her eyes….
Pranav – security…..security….please take this girl frm here….
Saanvi goes away frm there…she is walking on the road devasted…
On the other hand Pranav is also crying….he takes the letter and starts reading…..
Dear Pranav,
I knw i am very late but i love u soooo much i dont knw what made u hate but i didnt doo anything. My heart was conquered by u and still it is wid u….
Will u make this “orphan” ur princess????

After reading this letter he realised his love on her and goes out of the house and finds her walking on the road crying he starts going towards her. Just then a van comes and kidnaps Saanvi. Pranav was shocked runs back of that van.. He was able to track that van… But before he could do anything he lost his way and the van reaches its destination. It is a dark place with few goons along with Kiran… The goons tie Saanvi to a chair. Kiran comes near to her and slaps her tightly and blood starts coming frm her lip.
Kiran – u slapped me for playing with ur bestie right??? Now who will save u??? We all r going to play with u. (And laughs evilly). Goons untie her ropes and she tries to escape but Kiran catches her leg and twists it….she falls down. Kiran lifts her and pushes her towards a wall she hits her head and faints there… Then the goons pick her up and put her on the table. They were about to touch her then Pranav comes in the nick of time and saves her. He hits everyone with anger and mixed feelings. He goes to her and lifts her and takes to hospital. He was damn worried. Then the doctor comes.
Doctor – She is fine….nothing to worry…
Pranav thanks the doctor and goes to meet Saanvi. She slowly opens her eyes and was shocked to see him near her and worrying for her then he sees her awake and gets very happy.

Pranav – yess i accept this girl with a golden heart as my princess??
Saanvi blushes☺️☺️
Saanvi – okk pranav. Now promise me that u wont tell Harika abt wat all happened today. If she asks u, u tell her that i fell from stairs when i came to ur house. They both go home. Harika was shocked to see Saanvi like that she gets teary eyed.
Saanvi – How this happened to u?????
Pranav tells her some story.
Saanvi – and u knw wat Hari…. Pranav accepted me….???
Harika – Thats grt!!!???
The screens gets blurred.
After few days….
Saanvi’s house is shown. Someone rings the bell. She goes to open the door. It was Harika and Sameer.
Harika – we eloped….
Saanvi – ??r u serious???
Harika – yess….mom and dad didnt accept us….
Saanvi – i respect ur decision….come in….

After this Saanvi, Harika and Pranav ,Sameer became very close. Wherever they go or whatever they used to do, they used to do it together…
But one day…. Kiran and his gang comes in frnt of them.
Kiran – because of this Harika nly na u slapped me today i will kill her…
Pranav and Sameer starts fighting with those goons and girls were standing between them… Suddenly Saanvi notices that Kiran is coming towards Harika with a knife… And harika was calling the police and they r on their way…. Before Kiran could hurt Harika, Saanvi comes in between. Kiran stabs her.
Harika – Saaaaaaanvi……???
Saanvi falls in Harika’s lap and Kiran and his gang escapes as police arrives. The boys rush to her.
Harika – Open ur eyes Saanvi…..
Pranav – u cant do this with me….??
Sameer – come on saanvi…open ur eyes…
Ambulance arrives..
They go to the hospital Pranav and Harika and Sameer were continuously crying. They take her to OT.
Doctor – her condition is very critical… Nly some miracles has to happen….
Doctor goes inside and then after sometime he comes out….
Doctor – I am sorry…. She is no more…???

Harika and Pranav breakdown hearing this…. Sameer is also shocked.
Her funeral takes place….
Screen gets blurred….

After 4 years….
Harika and Sameer got married and r blessed with a daughter who is 3 yrs old now. They names her Saanvi…. She also behaves like Saanvi. And she is Pranav’s angel. Pranav loves her a lot and sees his world in her. Pranav is still living in the memories of Saanvi. Harika still gets nightmares abt that day.

The End.

So this is it frnds….plzzz comment….i knw it is filmy but i dont lnw i couldnt stop myself frm sharing wid u ppl. Chappal and tomatoes accepted.??

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  4. superb kyvalya , the ending was very good how pranav loves saanvi , harika and sameer’s daughter . do u watch any shows , if u watch then do write an ff on any of the shows u watch . ur writing is good

    1. Kyvalya

      Thanks a lot Varshini sis… I will try to write ff.

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