Friendship or love-which one is important? (ek duje ke vaaste) Part 4

Hello everyone Rukhsar aurf naina is back……I am to all those who waited for my ff for sooo long…I already told u guys that I will be back in Christmas and winter holidays… I kept my promise and here I m with the next part of my ff… I m late so I wanna give a late speech bear me for sometime….
First of all A belated Merry Christmas to all of u….i hope u all enjoyed ur Christmas with ur family and friends…….and next I wanna thanks to all of them who commented on the previous part and a special thanks to neeti and weirdsister…..i planned to not post the ff but they kept on asking me to post the ff so I m posting this one specially for our chota bacha neeti and our emotion queen niyati…..and a thanks to niki and preeti for giving me new nick names Ru and Ruks respectively…I really loved my new nick names
Ok ok I know I talked to much…time for action…….so here u go but wait do u guys remember the story… na even I forgot some of it so lets see oh I mean read a recap of that
Recap: Naina got conscious after 5 hours ……naina and sumo misunderstandings got cleared ……some light moments b/w friends….
Ok so here goes the story
Naina is discharged after two days……She has a minor head injury and her right hand is banded…..With the help of her friends she sit on wheel chair and is taken to her house along with sumo, niyati, and Sharavan and zain…..
They all reach home where everyone is waiting for naina……they welcome her and take her to room and make her lay on bed…..
Neeti: di ap ab kaisa feel kar rahi ho…
Naina smiles: very well sweetu
Niki: docs kya keh rahy hain kab tak recovery ho gi
Niyati: thora time lagy ga but medicines aur exercise se jaldi theek ho jaye gi…..
Naina feels sad and this is noticed by preeti
Preeti: hey guys what is this yaar…’s such a happy moment that naina is back and u guys are spoiling it with sad talks now no more sad talks
Aru: preeti is right lets have some fun…..
Maro looking at boys: btw its girls fun time so u may……( she said this pointing at door)
Ufaaq: how rude yaar…let them stay na
Sumo: exactly maro…..they are also friends so let them be with us….(but maro ignores her looks at niyati and becomes somewhat angry and naina notice this)
Naina: its alright they can stay and enjoy afterall its friends fun time(looking at maro)
Maro looks angrily at nainabut naina makes an innocent face saying let them na plzzzz…..maro melts by her cute face and compiles……
Then they sit near naina…..half people on bed and half brings chairs and they start chit chatting about movies, songs, fashion, sports and lot other things and they tease each other and play jokes and some are passing secret glares at each other…… one noticed that its 10:00 pm….
Suddenly niyati phone started ringing alarm indicating that its time for naina’s medicine. She took medicine and one by one everyone leaves saying bye and giving her get well soon wishes. In the meanwhile

Maro:I think we should also leave now let her rest now…..
Ufaaq: yeah right but who’s gonna stay with naina api
Neeti: obviously niyati di….
Naina: no guys niyati needs rest as she was helping me since last two days and aru is here na so u guys don’t need to worry
Niyati: but she has college she has to go to college plus she must have some assignments and other stuff from college……she can’t look after u completely…someone needs to be here…..
Sumo: I’ll stay with her
Khushi: but u were also with her since last two days
Sumo: yeah I know but I wanna be with her
Niki: its ok of she she wants to stay here let her stay and anyways she don’t have college now she is free so she can stay here
Aru: yeah niki is right if sumo will be here it will good for me also as we two can have fun when naina will be sleeping
Maro: but….
Naina :its ok maro….i don’t have any problem……
Maro: fine
Ufaaq: I think we should leave its getting late
Neeti: yeah lets go
Neeti, Niyati, Ufaaq, maro: bye take care will see u tomorrow
Naina: Maro I wanna talk to u for five minutes
Maro: han tell me api
Naina: u guys go she is coming
Everyone leaves(niki, pari and khushi lives together as they are sisters….aru lives with naina….preeti and sumo lives together but sumo is staying back so preeti leaves alone…….maro,ufaaq, niyati, and neeti, lives together and riya lives with her bro shravan…..boys have left earlier only shravan was there for riya and now they both also leaves…..just wanted to give description of who lives with whom)
Sumo and aru goes to drop off everyone till door
Maro: kya hua api ap ko kuch kehna ha
Naina: kehna nahi pochna ha
Naina: when I was unconscious did something happened between u and sumo?
Maro looks down
Naina: maro I need an answer….i m noticing that since two days either u r avoiding sumo or u pass sarcastic comments to her….whats going on? I need an explanation
Maro: I m sorry api but I cant talk to her normally whenever she comes in front of me I feel like slaping her I know she is elder than me but she always reminds me of ur accident it all happened bcz of her I just cant stand her…..i hate her she is responsible for ur this condition
Naina : for god sake stop this nonsense maro how many times I have told u not to say ike this about her its not her fault its my fate and if u think that bcz I saved her and I met with an accident so she is responsible for my state then u are also responsible for my state bcz I also saved u……so everyone should stop talking to u huh?
Maro: but I never said that u don’t accept me as ur friend
Naina: so what if she said that it was her misunderstanding that got cleared now so stop blaming her now and from now on I want u to be nice to her did u get that……
Maro:but api…
Naina: for me….can u do this for my happiness
Maro: ok I will try
Naina:that’s like my girl….now give me a hug
They both hug each other and maro leaves with her friends

Outside in the hall
Sumo: Aru u also go and sleep u have clg tom na
Aru: ok but u take care of naina if u need anything u can tell me
Sumo: don’t worry about naina I m with her u sleep
Aru: ok bye good night

Sumo goes to naina’s room
Naina: sumo where u gonna sleep
Sumo: naina I’ll be sleeping on the couch….
Naina: no need…we can share bed….infact I love to share bed
Sumo: ok then u sleep I’ll be back

Sumo goes to kitchen to make coffee while naina is lying in her room. She looks at her state and talks to herself. Meanwhile sumo comes back and she listens Naina’s self talk
Naina: why god why this happened with me…..if u r punishing me for any mistake u could have done any other thing but why u made me so helpless u know I never liked to depend on anyone but now I have to depend on others for little things why god why…….why u made me a burden for others…….why……

All this while she was crying….sumo hears her and she too cries….she can’t see her in that condition but she can’t even console her bcz she knows that if she’ll talk to her she want speak the truth so sumo just goes to the living room and sits on the sofa and cries reminiscing all her harsh words listening that she said to her

Suddenly the door bell rings…..sumo goes to open the door ……there shravan is standing with her usual smile
Shravan: hey sumo…u didn’t slept yet…. Anyways I left my phone here so I came to take that only…..
Sumo: yeah come inside….
Shravan notices her dull face and expression so he speaks

Shr: sumo! Is everthing alright… u look tensed did something happened…..
Sumo: no nothing happened…
Shr: sumo u know that u can’t hide anything from me….so its better to share u will feel light
Sumo looks at shr lovingly and thinks that he knows me so well and how much he cares for me
Shr shakes her and speaks: what happened tell
Sumo starts narrating everything that just happened….she tells that naina is feeling herself a burden on us and this is all bcz of me while telling him all this she puts her head on his shoulder and starts crying….shr consoles her and wraps his arm around her
Shr: sumo stop crying yaar u know very well that our naina is very strong but whatever happened with her has made her a little weak at least she is trying to be strong and that’s what matters more and for u I just wanna say that stop feeling guilty if u wanna make her fine help her to get well be her support and give her strength so she doesn’t feel weak

Sumo gets up from her shoulder and looks at her with confused and shocked face
Shr: what
Sumo: I never thought that u will talk so intelligently but now I guess u have started using ur brain
Shr: hahahaha very funny…I am always intelligent but I never waste my brain on useless things
Sumo murmurs to herself: brain hoga to use karo gy na
Shr:did u said sm thng
Sumo: huh…nooo
Shr: acha lets go and see miss. Churail
Sumo: who?
Shr: Arrey Naina who else
Sumo: hey don’t say like that about my frnd
Shr: ok ok lets go

By now naina has stopped crying and she was closing her eyes
Sumo: oh she is sleeping let her sleep….lets go
Hearing sumo voice naina opens her eyes and sees them going and calls them

Sumo: tu soi nahi abhi tak
Naina: neend nahi a rahi
Shr comes in front of her and she makes weird faces
Naina: ye yahan kya kar raha ha
Shr: wo mera cell phone yahan reh gaya tha wo leny aya that’s it waise tu abhi tak soi nahi….kis ke khayalon ma doobi hui ha( with a teasing tone)
Naina: tery se matlab….by the way what r u doing here( with annoyed tone)
Shr : actually I thought to check on sumo if she alive or not…..i was worried for her that how will she survive with a wild cat….and laughs and sumo also laughs a bit but stops after getting an angry look from naina
Naina: u think every one is like u…..Mad and wild
Shr: not everyone but u only bcz u r my best buddy……right?
Naina: wrong….now will plz leave my house?
Shr: oooo….its ur house…..i never knew……and winks at her
Naina: sumo is ko bahar nikal warna…..
Shr: warna kya huh?
Sumo:guys stop fighting u both…..u both are fighting like u r in kinder garden……
Naina:its his mistake he always irritates me
Sumo: he was just trying to make u happy but u…..
Shr: exactly I was trying to be good with her but she always fights with me( with an innocent face)
Sumo:ok fine now don’t start fighting again….shr I think u should go riya must be worried for u…..
Shr: oh yeah I forgot about riya…..lets go
Sumo: come
Shr: bye sweetheart
Naina looks angrily at shr and speaks :sumo make sure that u lock the door completely so he doesn’t come back
Shr: don’t worry I won’t come back and he leaves with sumo

Outside in the living area
Shr: see our mogambo is back….i know she is strong enough to handle this problem but sometimes she feels weak so we need to push her little bit and then our jungle billi is back just like now…..
Sumo: thanks shr u made her mood light
Shr puts his right hand on her left cheeks and says: no need dear…. I m always there for u

Shraman share a short eyelock which is broken by shr’s cell phone ringing
Shr: yeah riya…I found my phone….i m coming back….ok….to sumo: ok gotta go bye tc
Sumo: ok bye

Sumo goes to naina’s room and sees that she is still a bit annoyed so she speak
Sumo: ok madam bas….aur kitna gussa kary gi
Naina: wo tera frnd ha iska ye matlab nahi tu uska side le
Sumo: I m not taking anyone’s side I m just telling that he was just trying to lighten ur mood
Naina: huh….he wasn’t trying to lighten my mood instead he was teasing me
Sumo: and bcz of that only ur mood was changed from depressed to fighting mood….u were back the original naina was back
Naina: ok ok fine itna b koi mahan kaam nahi kiya us ne
Sumo: I don’t understand why u hate her soo much he is sooo sweet so frndly
Naina: yeah that’s what his problem he is over frndly specially with girls….chipku kahin ka
Sumo: C’mon naina….just because he praises girls that doesn’t mean he is bad
Naina: but I don’t like his nature…….jab dekho tab larhiyon k sath hota ha….kabhi ye kisi larki ko galy laga raha ho ta ha to kabhi koi larki is ko
Sumo: hahhahahahaha…..naina u r impossible now sleep

Like this 3 months have passes now naina is somewhat able to move his lower body a little bit but still can’t walk…..In these 3 months shr used to visit naina’s house daily on the excuse of helping naina but actually he got a way to meet sumo daily they used to for hours……they were getting very close by this……shr still used to tease naina but now she got habituated to it now she waited everyday for shravan to come and tease to her she also started feeling something for him……friends gang also used to come there after every two to three days and used to have lot of fun and masti…..but in between all this chaos a new love story was blooming and everyone was unaware of it………

Precap: Naina on her feet….party fun…..and someone confesses to someone

Ok so finally done with this part…..
I’ll try to be back asap……will try my best to finish it before winter break ends…….and I am planning to post next part on new year but if not so then Happy New Year in advance…this year is gonna be the most special year of my life coz I m gonna graduate this year but I need ur best wishes too for my success….pray for me guys that i can achieve my goal this year

Plz do tell me how was it?????
Drop ur Questions, comments, thoughts and concerns…..i will reply to all of u and will post next part soon…..a very warm hug to all of u from me

Take care guys
Love u all
Signing off
Naina aka Rukhsar……

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  1. Rukhsar

    Guys i forgot to mention one thing…..namik is back yeahhhhhh…….ok ok control ur excitement coz he is not back on tv he is doing web series one is the trip he will come in epi 3 whicj is not aired yet and other is befikre begium ke….actually its not a web series its like a trip namik paul and lovey sasanhas gone with saas bahu betiyan from aaj tak to europe and they are exploring different cities of belgium so do watch namik fans

  2. Prettypreeti

    Ruks todau i opened this site and found this article.oh dont thanks i kept ur nick name coz i love u girl….
    Thank u for such good writingwriting what a good story maro api hates sumo naina hates shravo.and naina and sumo love everything change.itd fabbbbb.just amazingg.i like ur imagination
    Just fab
    Loved it..
    Love u
    Post soon

    1. Rukhsar

      Thanks preeti for sooo much appreciation i never thought that u all will like it but u guys liked it and that is an achievement for me

  3. hey rukhsar its just fab. the whole episode is just awesome. I just loved it.
    post next part soon.
    loads of love.

    1. Rukhsar

      Thanks reema….m glad that u liked it will try to post soon

  4. Ariana

    Awwwwwwwwww it was sooooooo sweet. N I found ma name too XD!
    I’m very very very very very happy u r back. I was waiting for this… n now again I can’t wait for the nxt part
    btw as always this epi too was super cute n fabulous
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    advanced happy new year

    1. Rukhsar

      Thanks sweetheart u were always part of my ff from the start…..thanks for such sweet words….will try my best to post last part soon

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey naina..
    First of all sorry for a bit late comment.. I wanted to comment comfortably..
    Okay so let me tell u something..
    U r a sweetheart..
    That’s so sweet of include everybody in ur ff..
    I love it so so much..
    But not more than I love u..!!!
    Love u loadssss.
    Please post next part soon..
    Happy new year..
    Take care..
    Stay blessed..!

    1. Rukhsar

      Happy new year niyati…..thanks for soooo much of appreciation i love u too take care will try to post last part soon

  6. Nikita

    Ru! Adorablee episodee… what love was blooming??? Arre yaar, a mystery again.. not that im complaining though… ShraMan moments ♥♥
    And naina was amazing today.. IDK why but I really liked her when she and Sumo were discussing about Shravan..
    Anyways, u killed it again.. waiting for the next episode …

    1. Rukhsar

      Thanx niki….ur comment made me fly in air i was feeling really bad that no one likes my ff but when i read ur comment i felt better that some people liked my ff and gave such good words in reply thanks alot…..will try to post next part soon and that part will solve all mysteries

      1. Nikita

        Oyee.. marna hai kya? But ek cheez sahi kha.. no onle likes ur ff, but we LOVE it…!!♥
        I love you Ru! Dont feel down..

  7. Neeti

    Syagat nahi karoge hamara? Arre kyu nhi krenge, hamara syagat karne ke liye to sab betab hai, baichain hai kiuki hum to mahan hai, balban hai saktiman hai, garibi me dhan hai, famous logo ka pehchan hai. Hum na hote to duniya ka kya hota hum to ahi soch kar mare ja rahe hai. Arre arre isme thank you kya Neeti the human killer ko thank you bolne ki zaroorat nahi. Waise thanks for posting… ok enough of my tarif, heading towards epi…
    It is awesome as usual, arre meri behen hai awesome to hogai na. The Sumo-Naina bonding is best. Well I will comment abt last part also. I loved my dialouges, ??? itni intelligent bat ki hai phiebhi sab log has rahe the? yo, Shraman ki bonding ??? but I think Naina will propose Shravan, ri8? Di, ap Shravan ko propose karenge?!!! Yani indirect proposal to Namik! Ye kya hai?! Waise ap sad mat hona with the number of cmnts, it’s a rqst. Kya kare, sab sabko bhul gaye, bcoz of which I left this page, but apke liye to ana hi tha na… ajkal to log dm ka bhi rply nhi dete (not you di, ur my sweetheart?) Maro-Naina ka convo was also superb nd Shravan’s teasing I tell you ??????? mera Shravu hai na, arre mere se related har koi itna intelligent hota hai itna intelligent hota hai ki kya batau…
    Ok bht bara cmnt ho gaya jisme adhe se jyada mere tarifo k pool bandhe hai maine, but it was fantastic lkn I am angry with you! Apne bola tha ki u posted only till epi 2 but u pstd epi 3 also, mujhse jhuut bola?
    No prob, maine phirbhi padh liya… ok bye bye, tata, see you, love you- Neeti

    1. Rukhsar

      Oh gosh neeti kitna bolti ha tu to mera bhi baap ooppsss sorry tu to meri bhi maa nikhli…..but anyways yarr i loved ur comment itny time baad kisi ne meri itni tareef ki ha thanx yarr and i just posted two epi tu ne galat no de diya…..and ur starting dialogues were amazing i will use it in my ff and one more good news for u as u have gone to ib page i m also coming after u and i will post an os on ib page i will send u the link when i post that and once again thanx for the comment love u bacha

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