Friendship or love-which one is important? (ek duje ke vaaste) Part 3


Hey everyone naina is back to eat ur brains……I m sooooo happy with the response I got on the last part……thank u all soooo much u guys are really sweethearts thanks a lot…..muuaahhhh…….ok so without any further nonsense talks lets go to the epi
Recap:Naina and sumo got into an argument because of which naina gets disheartened…later naina meets with an accident while saving sumo and maro……..
Now lets start where we had left
Naina is rushed to hospital

After an hour
Everyone was standing outside OT and were crying and consoling each other. But sumo was neither crying nor talking to anyone. She was just lost in her thoughts. All she could think was naina words that “I will sacrifice my life but save u both.” These words kept on revolving in her head and she stands their shocked. Doctor comes out of the OT and everyone rushed to him and asked how naina is?

Doc: I m really sorry. I don’t wanna give u any false hope. Her condition is very critical due to excessive loss of blood. We r trying our best but if she didn’t get conscious within 6 hours then it will be difficult to save her. Doc leaves… Naina is shifted to ICU

Nikita:no aisa nahi hoga hum usy kuch nahi hony den
Khushi: bilkul yarr aise kese wo hum ko chor k jae gi hum usy jany nahi den gy
Neeti: don’t worry guys u know na naina api ka famous dialog B POSITIVE… don’t worry she will be fine very soon….
Pari: I hope so….
Riya : don’t worry we will pray for her she will get well soon
Maro looks at sumo and says : ab mill gaya tumhy jawab…..pata chal gaya k naina k liye kn zayada imp ha….happy now……bcz of u she is fighting with life and death… why r u standing here just leave just go away…… She again shouts: JUST LEAVE and collapses on the foor….
Ufaaq comes and holds her: stop crying maro just stop…..naina api ko kuch nahi ho ga
Sumo gets disheartend and is about to go where shr stops and and she all of a sudden hugs him. Shr gets startled with this act but reciprocates as she needs him…..
Shr: sshhhh….ssshhh sumo bas bas kuch nahi hoga naina ko….wo thk ho jaye gi….tum apny ap ko sambhalo
Sumo: nahi shr maro sahi keh rahi ha ye sab meri waja se hi hua ha uski is halat ki zimedar ma hi hn
Preeti: di plz ap aisa kyun soch rahi ho kuch nahi ho ga naina api ko u relax
But sumo kept on sobbing hugging shr

After 5 hours
By now everyone had stopped crying… they were just praying for naina’s betterment
Then doctor comes and maro rushes to him
Maro: how is she now? Can we meet her?
Doc: I must say k ap sab ki frndship bht strong tab hi to wo maut k muh se wapis a gayi….
Aru: to kya hum us se mill sakty hain?
Doc: of course and he leaves

Everyone rushes inside including sumo too but she stops at the door

Inside ICU
Niyati:how r u now?
Pari: how r u feeling?
Aru: zayada pain to nahi ha na
Naina smiles looking at them
Neeti: api hum sab apko yaad to ha na
And all looks at neeti gives confused look
Neeti: nahi wo to ma is liye keh rai thi k api k sar pe choot lagi thi na so may be….
And all started laughing
Preeti: shut up dumbo
Niki: is ka kuch nahi ho sakta
Riya: I agree di
Naina looks at maro and ufaaq and says: tum dono ko kuch nahi pochna?
Maro: hum apse baat nahi kar rahy
Ufaaq: hum apse naraaz hain
Naina: aur is narazgi ki waja?
Maro: kya zaroorat thi apni jaan khatry ma dalny ki?
Naina:to kya tum dono ko marny deti…..mujhy jo sahi laga ma ne wo kiya……She sees sumo standing at the door and ask k ab tujhy written notice bhejon bolny k liye and she forwards her hand towards her and tries to get up but notices that she isn’t able to do so
Everyone gets tensed and sumo rushes to her
Sumo: what happened Naina? Are u having pain in ur body? Plz relax don’t try to get up…
Naina: no sumo I m not feeling pain…..actually I m…I m (and she tries to get up again) I m not able to get up…my legs are not working…
Everyone gets shocked and the Doctor comes and checks her
Doc: try to lift ur right leg
She tries but is unable to do so
Doc : try to lift ur left leg
Again she fails
Then doctor does some experiment u know na like gently hitting on the knee or length that experiment….
Doc sees everyone and asks someone to come to him….. Sumo, shr, and niyati follow the doc to his cabin. Doc gives the detail about naina’s case
Doc : I m sorry but her lower body is not working she is unable to walk
Hearing this everyone bursts out in tears…..
Doc:look her lower body is not working but it’s not like she can’t ever walk again. Infact if she wants she can get well very soon bcz her will power is strong and that is what u have to do. U all r her frnds and frnds are the biggest support in one’s life so just don’t let her lose her will power
Sumo: but doc how long will it take to recover?
Doc: I can’t tell exact time but if she will take her medicines on time and will do proper exercise she will recover asap
Niyati: ok doc thanks we will take good care of her…when can she get discharged?
Doc : tomorrow
Niyati ok doc thanks….And they three leave
Shr: u guys go to naina I will bring the medicines
Sumo: ok

In naina’s ward
Sumo and niyati enters
Niki:guys I think we should go now it’s quite late and she needs rest also….
Pari: yeah di u r right
Neeti: but who will stay with api
Naina: duffer I m staying in a hospital not in a jungle…..all docs and nurses are here to take care of me….u guys go home and rest
Khushi: she is right….agar tum log yahan ruky na to na wo so saky gi aur na hi koi aur patient
Riya: hahahaha well said khushi
Aru: acha guys enough now let’s go

Everyone bids bye to her and leaves. Meanwhile niyati tries to tell her about her condition but is nervous. Sumo is also worried for her reaction. After gaining some courage niyati tries to speak
Niyati: actually naina wo…..wo…..
Naina: hmmm….
Niyati: ummm….. wooo actually …..u…..u are….
Naina: umm wo u in sb se agay b kuch bol
Niyati:actually naina u r para
Naina: I m paralyzed right…( both r shocked to listen this that naina already knows her condition and still she is calm and composed and smiling all the way…..

Niyati: How do u know?
Naina: ary yarr when doc came to check me I felt that my lower body is not working and I infer that I m paralyzed but it’s ok I’ll be fine very soon
Both were really impressed with her that after such a big incident she is still so courageous. They both ran to her and hugged her.
Naina: offo guys stop crying now I just have got paralyzed I didn’t die yet
Sumo: shut up…don’t dare to say that again…..nothing will happen to u till I m here

Naina and niyati are shocked to see her reaction….niyati understands the situation
Niyati: I think u both need to talk………and she goes from there

Naina: Ammm…..sumo (is cut by sumo)
Sumo: I m sorry naina I m really sorry mujhy nahi pata tha k mery eik stupid se question ki waja se tu apny saath ye kar le gi….plz maaf kar de plz yarr I m very sorry…..She cries terribly
Naina: sumo plz stop crying plz its not ur fault its my destiny plz stop crying I can’t see u like this…..and she too starts crying
Both hug each other and cry…..after a few mins they stop crying…… Sumo sits down on the stool nearby Naina holds her hand and speaks
Naina: sumo u know whatever happens in our life, happens for our good. And I m sure there is also some good in this too…..
Sumo: naina I feel really guilty for this plz for….
Naina: khabardar jo ab doobara kabhi aisa bola….ma sach ma tum se baat nahi karon gi
Sumo: ok ok dobara nahi bolon gi ab khush
Naina: bht khush……
Sumo: chal ab tu medicine le aur rest kar
She gives her medicine and makes her sleep

After 2 days naina is discharged from hospital

Precap: naina goes back home frnds help her in work….Shraman story starts……..naina’s recovery and some twist….

So guys I m done with it I know its too long but what to do I have to finish my ff soon na that’s why I m in hurry hurry mode….. I will try my best to end it in next part but if not then part 4 will be the last……do read it guys and tell me how’s it………and I don’t know when I’ll be able to post the next part soon bcz I hadn’t written it till now so it’ll take time….i might be break in the winter break…….
I m waiting for ur response guys…….Questions, comments, thoughts and concerns……….do comment guys….ok gotta go…..
Love u all
Take care
Bye guys

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  1. WeirdSister

    Hey naina….!!!!
    This time I am so glad that m not late..!
    First of all..I want to say this on behalf of everyone here..
    We r lucky to have a friend like u..!
    U r adorable u know..!
    Now coming to ur story.
    U have portrayed d relationship of friendship so beautifully…!
    Why r u ending it so soon..?
    Anyway..its up to u…but u need to come back soon wid another ff..!
    Coz I love reading them…
    Now bye..!
    Love u loads..!
    Take care..
    Post soon

    1. Rukhsar

      i m also happy that u r back thanks alot niyati ur words made me soo happy i m really grateful to u thanks alot ur comment means alot to me

  2. Nikita

    Perfect birthday gift!
    Oh if you don’t know, aaj mera b’day hai..
    Really loved it Ru!!
    Amazing writer!
    Chalo naina-sumo ke beech sab thik ho gaya..
    Specially that shraMan hug <33
    Loved it!
    Lovee youu,

    1. Rukhsar

      Happy b’day sweetie…..may God give u all happiness of the world……and thanx for the comment i hope that i can keep up with the same energy to make u all happy and in the next epi ur wish will be completed so just wait n watch… u…..bye

    2. WeirdSister

      Oh Nikki..
      Happy belated birthday…
      May all wishes come true…
      Nd may god bless u wid loads of happiness..
      Love u loads..

      1. Nikita

        Thank you so much niya di and meri pretty prEetii..
        Ru!! Thankk youu <33

    3. nikko happy bday charming may god bless u

  3. It’s superb.

    1. Rukhsar

      thanks dear

  4. Ufaaq

    heyyyyy naina di first of all i m really very sorry for being absent from tu
    apne to kaha tha focus on ur study so i focused on my studies sorrrrrrrrryyyyyy
    i read ur ff in one go
    its ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaazzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnng
    i m very happy u r back again yar
    how was ur shakar wandaan and bally ballay
    take care
    love u
    sorry again

    1. Rukhsar

      its ok i forgave u coz u were busy with ur studies and that’s a good thing and thank u for ur comment and coming to the dance so i didn’t dance coz i got sprain in my ankle right one day before cultural function and i couldn’t dance……and i hope to see u on the next epi also thanx alot love u take care sweetie bye

  5. Happy Birthday Nikita!!

  6. nice episode..
    its amazing one..
    post next one soon..
    loads of love…

    1. Rukhsar

      thanks honey….i will try my best to post asap love u too

  7. heyyyyyyyy rukssss ahhhh thank god u r well now …..i m sooo happy reading this part as always i just loved it u wrote very cutely beautifully sweetly lovely,……every word ends tooo goood girl.
    just 4 parts,nooooo i want more…
    love u

    1. Rukhsar

      Thanx my prettypreeti i m glad that u liked it but sorry as i can’t continue firstly bcz of studies and secondly bcz of the response so i will try to end it asap

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