Friendship & love: a journey (kaisi yeh yariyaan, IPKKND, EHMMBH, Ek rishta saanjhedari ka) chapter 2

Next will be introduction 2
So the speaker was none other than cabir.
Navya:yes why not.I am here for you all only cabir ji.
Mukti:so how do you know about us
Navya:I have heard a lot about you in patna.
Alya:so patna girl what have you heard about us
Druv:guys not again
Manik:chill buddy.

Druv goes.
Mukti:so coming back to you. You must have heard 3 things about us.
Navya :yes.
Navya:your music
Mukti:you will hear it soon.
Navya:your friendship
Alya:that too you will see soon.And the last thing
Manik:lets start with that.
Nandini:not interested
She takes navyas hand and drags her to the principal’s office
All this is seen by Harshad
(Same character sketch as serial)

Harshad pov
This is interesting, boldness and beauty combined,if I make these 2 my friends ,fab 5 destruction will be easier.
He goes behind them
Fab5 is both shocked and angry.
Harshad stops near the principals office and waits.

Navni come out after few minutes.
Har:any sucsses
Nav:we can handle those idiots.
Har:lets be friends ,we can be against fab 5 together
They shake hands.

2 weeks go bye with pranks and paybacks. Harshad tries to give aftereffects but they don’t work.
Fab5 got hold of nandus pen and tasked her to complete thier dares.
She completes all but muktis.Manik confronts her in the terrace
Manik:so miss nandini murty you failed in our task.
Nandini(crying):pls give me that pen back pls.
Manik:let me think……………… …………………………………..

Hmm no
He throws the pen.
Nandini runs to the railing and after a while turns and wipes her tears .she smiles
Nandu:game on manik malhotra or rather monster manik

Precap:a big shock for fab 5

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