From friendship to love (ishra and arshi) Episode 4


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Khushi informs raman about this.
Raman: thank u sisy so much.
Khushi:ur welcome.
Night 12 pm.
Khushi was not at all sleepy.
Raman came to her and spoke. Khushi acted as if sleeping
Thank u so much khushi . u r the best siisy in the world. I love u so much. U solved all ur problems without amma . thank u so much. He touches her feet. U r like god to me.

The next day
Khushi: raman u know in my dream I saw u touching my feet and being sentimental towards me saying I am god.
Raman: this would happen in dream only not in reality ok .
Khushi: ok bhaiya
Khushi calls all to meet at café.

they all meet at cafe coffe day.
khushi: ishitha,where is arnav?
ishitha:yaa he is coming from his office.
khushi:raman is waiting in coffe hall,so i will wait with him u wait here till arnav comes.
ishitha:ok dear…
khushi goes to coffe hall.
raman:where are they both, khushi.
khushi: they will come now .

meanwhile khushi informs raman that he should behave gud as arnav is very strict.
ishitha and arnav comes to the coffe hall.
ishitha introduces raman.
arnav: raman nice to meet u.
raman: thank u arnav for giving me job.
arnav: its ok ,actually i was searching for an assistant for my company,in that time only my dhi told ur problem,and khushi also came to home and asked job for i permitted.
raman: i dont know how to thank you and ishitha.
ishitha: its ok raman.helping others is good policy.Our parents taught to help others and thank others .so,today eventhough they are not in this world we help others in order to our parents words.
raman: u both are such a wonderful brother and sister.after seeing u both i also feel that i should take care of my sister and obey mom’ words.
khushi: thank you arnav and ishitha.
they all go back to their home.

raman: khushi,they both are gud type right.
khushi: i told this before it self,u only manipulated them for milk.
raman: i feel sorry now.
khushi: ok leave they wont take it in bad way.
raman: ok i will go to my room and take rest.
khushi: ok .
khushi goes to arnav house.
Khushi: ishita where r u?
Ishita: khushi I am here.
Khushi goes and sees ishita doing jelibi.
Khushi: wow jelibi…
Ishita: do u like it?
Khushi: like it ah I love it. Wait I will do.
Khushi starts to do.
Ishita: wow u r doing it better than me.
Khushi: I do it when I get angry or when I am sad. But today with no reason I ma doing.
Ishita: khushi why r ur parents not giving priority to u. they r giving importance to raman only? I itself saw ur mom giving more to him.
Khushi: ishita nothing like that.
She starts crying.

Khushi: I lost my mom and dad in 8 years itself. They adopted me. I am lucky that I got a family from them. My brother especially takes more attention towards me than my parents. My father is always busy in buisness, my mom is always in temples. They take attention towards me but I don’t compare it with my bro as I am happy that I got a family
Ishita: I am sorry khushi.
Khushi starts eating jelibi.
She didn’t stop.
Ishita: khushi stop. U told that u will do jelibi but u didn’t mention that u will eat all the jelibis.
Khushi smiles.
Arnav: oh my god dhi see this idiot took all of my jelibi. I am hungry what can I eat . he says this in dramatic tone.
Khushi: hare arnav , wait I will do. She starts doing and goes to eat but arnav took it from her hand.
Ishita: arnav……
Khushi smiles.
Arnav: thank god atleast I got 1 jelibi. Khushi u like jelibi this much ah?
Khushi: I love it .
Arnav starts feeding khushi.
Ishita: choteand khushi I am a person standing here.
Khushi: oops. Sorry. She gives this to ishu
The trio feed each other.
Raman comes in search of khushi and also joins them.
Ishita thinks raman is very good type as he took care of her sister.
Khushi: I am very happy today ishu. Don’t know reason.
Arnav: I am too happy. We all will go out for trip. What do u say?
Khushi: I will come arnav.
Raman: me too.
Ishu: me tooo.
Khushi: what about amma.
Raman: idea we will book a temple tour and send her. If she comes then she will ask us to go to temple only.
All of them laugh.

Arnav: where?
Raman: shimla. Arnav when can I join ur company.
Arnav: after the tour.
Khushi: when r we going.
Ishita: tomorrow.
Raman: wow ishita,good idea. Me and khushi will pack things
Ishita: 3 days trip and book tour for ur mother too. We would arrange for our travel.
Raman: ok. I will first send my mom and come.
The all leave.


Credit to: suvakshaya

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