From friendship to love (ishra and arshi) Episode 3

hi guys hope u like it.

she read the file and gets shocked.
and somehow she sleeps….
the next day morning.(sunday)
garima prepares breakfast .

khushi wakes up,and comes to hall.
khushi:maa,where is raman bhai.
garima:he went to office early morning as he have some important work.
khushi:it is sunday maa,u know correctly ,he went to office ???
garima: yes beta today is sunday right,then how come he have work today?
khushi : may be he have meeting.
garima:ok,u freshup and come we will eat break fast.
khushi:ok maa.
khushi goes to her room and calls raman and tells that she have to meet him right now.
khushi freshen up and comes.
khushi: maa give me breakfast.i have to go to my friend’s home.
garima:ok, and come soon.
khushi goes to raman’ office.
receptionist:yaa mam,what u want.

khushi: may i know where is raman ji.
receptionist: what is ur name?
khushi:tell him that iam her sister khushi.
receptionist: ok mam,wait for 2mins mam.
khushi sits in chair and waits for raman.
raman comes there,and asks khushi that why did she come to his office.
khushi: bhaiya u should tell the truth .
raman: why for what.
khushi: is ur company facing any problem??

raman: no ,it is gud only who told like that.
khushi:dont act bhaiya, tell the truth.
raman: yes,but dont tell this to anyone especially to our mom.
khushi: tell what happened??
raman: its actually a serious problem created by our company client.he actually had link with other company, and told all the ideas of our company to them.due to this their company got higher post instead of our company.
khushi: this much have happened ,u didnt tell to ur company going to be closed for 3 yrs.
raman: how u know these things?
khushi: i saw ur file ,in ur room.dont get frightened it is safe with does’nt know.
raman: thank u khushi.

khushi goes to home.
khushi calls ishitha and tells all the sequences.ishitha feels sad of raman and tries to help khushi’s brother.
khushi: ishitha the problem is severe i dont know how he is going to manage in money matter.
ishitha: khushi don’t let ur mom to know about this.
khushi: yaa i didnt tell her i just told i went out for work.
ishitha:i have idea.
khushi: ok tell what is it.
ishitha: i will ask my bro to give job in his company,only for 3 it ok.
khushi:thats gud idea but how to convince my brother.
ishitha: u should take care.i will tell the problems to my bro,and make him to give job for raman.
khushi:ishitha i dont know how to thank u.i have no words to describe.u r such a kind hearted person.

ishitha: it is nothing ,dont feel.i will call u today evening for consultation of job for ur bro.
khushi: thanks yaar.i wont forget ur help.
ishitha:its ok.bye…dear
khushi: bye …
call ends.
raman comes to home.garima asks him to have dinner.he eats and goes to khushi’ room.
raman: thanks khushi u r such a beautiful sister in the world…iam proud to have a sister like this.
khushi: dont praise me like this…i have a gud idea.

raman:ok tell what is it.
khushi: if ur company is sealed,then u need not stay at home for 3 yrs,u can go to arnav’s company…is it ok for u.
raman: idea is nice but arnav should accept it right.
khushi: ishitha will convince him.
raman: then thats gud.
khushi: gud night raman ji
raman: bye khushi.
Khushi goes to arnav’s house.
Arnav: khushi, u here?
Khushi: I need a help.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: I need a job for my bro in ur office.
Arnav: dhi told. Ur bro is b.e and completed ms right. ur bro is appointed with salary of 2 lakhs per month.
Khushi: thank u arnav so much.
Arnav: hey no sorry or thanks in riendship.

Khushi: hmm. Ok arnav.i will leave.
Khushi leaves but slips and falled on ground.
Arnav: that is why u r asked to open ur eyes while walking.
Khushi smiles.
Arnav helps khushi to stand .
Khushi leaves.
Arnav: this girl is veery nice type.
Khushi informs raman about this.
Raman was very happy.

precap: during 12:00 am at night raman silently enters khushi’s room..and touches her leg and feels thankful to her…mean while khushi just acts as sleeping and hears all the words spoken by him…..

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