From friendship to love (ishra and arshi) Episode 2


Hi guys enjoy this episode. The story is taking place In chennai. But I will also post hindi songs too.

Ishita enters khushi room.
Khushi: thank u ishita
Ishita: ur brother is that much hungry?
Khushi: he is always like that only.
Ishita: have it.
Khushi: ishita, really ur bro is sweet?
Ishita: yes.

Khushi: I will test him and see.
Current goes off.
Ishita:I should go now or else my bro will scould me. She goes out.
Khushi: mr arnav how much time u praised urself ,see my drama.
In arnav’s home.
Arnav: dhi how much time u will look there?
Ishita: sorry bro. I know u r afraid of dark sorry.
Khushi hears this.
Khushi throws a lizard toy in arnav .
Arnav gets scared .
Arnav: dhi what is this .
Khushi laughs.
Khuhsi: ishita u told right about ur brother. He is good only. I like ur bro’s character very much.
Ishita: khushi…… she also laughs.
Arnav: u got again a friend to make fun of me.

Khushi: hi I am khushi, friends???
Arnav: I am arnav. Friends.
Khushi and arnav did hifi.
Arnav: I thought u as a terror girl but u r so sweet and naughty.
Khushi: I thought u as a devil. Sorry. I was very afraid of u.
Arnav: its ok.
Ishita: thank god misunderstanding cleared.
Khushi: I will leave ishita
Ishita:ok bye.

The next day morning(saturday)
Reshma calls khushi.
reshma:khushi,are u free today?
khushi: no, mom is not in home,i should take care of my house.why what happened?
reshma: nothing just for reading.its ok continue ur work sorry for the disturbance.
khushi: its ok yaar.bye
reshma: bye,take care
khushi: bro can u clean ur room.
raman: why should i clean my room?is someone coming to our home?
khushi: mom is coming from temple,today.
raman: i have work today,so u clean my room.
khushi: then u should do whatever isthis deal ok.
raman: first u clean my room,then i will think for ur challenge.
khushi:ok,go.i will itself do.

while cleaning his room,khushi finds a file.she opens the file to see what was written….suddenly raman comes to the room to take his phone charger .khushi hides the file with her shall…and she kept the file safe in her room.
raman: khushi what is the breakfast today.
khushi: roti and paneer butter masala
raman: ok ,keep it ready i will freshup and come in 10mins.
khushi: ok,bro.come fast.
Meanwhile,ishitha calls khushi and asks to come to her house if she gets bored.
after eating raman gets an important call to attened the business meeting so he leaves to his office.
then khushi goes to ishitha’s house to speak to ishita ,as she was bored to sit inside the house.khushi rings the bell.
ishitha opens.

ishitha: come in dear.
khushi: iam bored to sit inside house,so i came to speak with u/
ishitha: ok,lets see album of my it ok for u.
khushi: iam verymuch intrested to see ur photo.
ishita: ok,wait i will bring.
during this time, khushi finds a photo of ishita’s family.
ishita comes with albums.
khushi:ishitha,which is ur mom and dad in this familyphoto.
ishitha :see this is my father and this is my mother.
khushi : u r looking as ur mom ishitha.
ishitha starts shedding tears.
Khushi: what happened ishitha did i tell something wrong.
ishitha:no,i lost my parents when i was 16 yrs old.
Khushi: sorry for asking about ur mom,iam extremely sorry.
ishitha: its ok khushi.
khushi: ok bye.

ishitha : wait for some time khushi.
khushi: no,sorry ya my mom will come from temple now ,so i have to do lunch for her.
ishitha: ok,but if u want any help, u can ask to me with out any shy.
khushi: thank u ishita, I will leave now . bye
ishitha : bye.
Khushi goes to her home.
She goes to her room and sees the file.
Khushi thinks.
Khushi:what has been written in ramans file.
Garima calls khushi.
Garima: hello,khushi.
Khushi: haa maa,what?

Garima : Iam in t.nagar bustand,could u pls come and pick me.
Khushi:ok maa wait there itself,I will be there in 5mins.
Garima:thanks khushi beta.
Khushi locks her house and goes to bustand to pick her mom.khushi arrives at bustand,and finds her mom. they came to home.
Garima: khushi beta,I have bought u a chudidar.
Khushi: thank u is nice .
Garima: iam tired khushi,I will go and sleep for an hour.
Khushi: ok maa take care.
Khushi goes to her room.
Khushi: iam safe now no one will see me with this file,now lets see what is written.

Precap:khushi finds that raman’s company has undergone severe loss,and his company will be closed for 3 yrs. khushi asks ,raman whether this is true or not.

Lets see what is raman going to tell.

Credit to: suvakshaya

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