From friendship to love (ishra and arshi) Episode 1

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Ishita and raman ‘s family reaches the matrimony.
Khushi’s family gets the token no 19.
Arnav’s family gets the token no 24.
Khushi sees arnav in the same place and thinks they are looking for a bride for arnav.
Khushi is thinking.
Khushi: oh, I think who is going to marry this arrogant arnav. He is always proud of himself. Definitely I assure that his wife will be a girl who doesn’t obey him.
Raman: khushi our token came come on.
They introduces their family.
They say about raman.

They also say about their horoscope.
Khushi speaks for raman
Khushi: my brother is very good, gentle, kind, and he will surely take care of his wife very well. ( in tamil yen anna romba nallavaru.vallavaru,nagarigam therinjavaru)
She laughs while saying this.

Then arnav’s token come and he speaks for ishita.
Arnav : my sister is so gentle , she only took care of me from my childhood as we don’t have parents . I assure that my sister will take care good of the family where she is going to marry..
After the end of programe.
Ishita and kushi meet

Ishita: u r the girl staying opposite to our house right?
Khushi: yes,my name is khushi .
Ishita: my name is ishita. Nice to meet u. despite being in opposite house why r u not speaking to us.
Khushi:not like that ishita, I am afraid of ur bro. I
Ishita: why u think like that?
Khushi: ur bro is so arrogant, sorry to say this before u .
Ishita: basically he is a comedy piece that is why he shows himself very proud. Building is strong but basement is weak for my brother. He will obey what I say.
Khushi: oh he is this much good ah?
Ishita: yes.
Khushi: what r u studying?
Ishita: master of business administrative 2nd year in mcc college.
Khushi: me to the same college but mba 1st year.
Ishita: I have never seen u ?
Khushi: I often bunk classes and go to movies.
Ishita: oh, then we can go to college together hereafter.
Khushi: sure. What is ur phone no
Ishita: 9876540832
Khushi: ok bye.

Ishita: bye.

They all left to the home
In raman’s home.
Garima left for a temple tour as she always goes to temple.
Raman: khushi thank u for considering me as a bro.
Khushi: who will consider u . u r an idiot.
Raman: then why did u praise me there.
Khushi: I could have said my bro is the worst bro of all brothers compared to the world but what can I do. I saw pity seeing ur funy face.
Raman: khushi…………….i am very angry so u should do what I say. Bring tea for me.
Khushi: bro this is night 8 pm. What u think of yourself.
Raman: I don’t know. I want tea.
Khushi: bro…. no milk in take a flask go out and buy tea not only for u but for me also.
Raman: how dare u speak to ur bro like this.
He beats her.
Khushi: ok bro, what can I do bro it is night time?
Raman: u got a new friend today right, go and ask her that u need milk. Use ur name and don’t use my name as I have good fame in this building.
Khushi fumes and goes.
She rings the calling bell.

Arnav opens.
Khushi: ji can I meet ishita…….
arnav: who r u?
Khushi: ji , I am khushi ur opposite house.
Arnav: u cant meet her now, get lost.
He closes the door scoulding her.

khushi thinks and goes to home.
She goes to her room silently.
Khushi calls ishita.
Khushi: I am khushi speaking .
Ishita: what u want?
Khushi: can u do me a favour?
Ishita: yes . say what u want.
Khushi: I want milk for myself not for my brother.
Ishita: then milk is for ur bro ,right.
Khushi: ya right,don’t tell him that I told u .
Ishita: do u want only milk or do u also want sugar also?
Khushi: no I have sugar.

Ishita: ok ,wait I will come .

In arnav’s home.
Arnav: dhi what r u doing?
Ishita: milk for the opposite house.
Arnav: r they our relatives giving a flask of milk to them.
Ishita: don’t say like that. I am just giving ok. Go and do ur work.

Ishita rings calling bell
Raman opens the door.
Raman: who r u .
Ishita: ishita.
Raman: what ishita,why ishita ,who ishita.
Ishita: i bought milk which khushi asked.
Raman: oh , is this milk,u should have told it first .
Ishita: what will u do if I have told this first.
Raman: I would have left u before itself.
Ishita goes into khushi’s room.


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