Friendship and Love (Intro)

Hello guys

im here with a new ff. Its a love story of saaya mathur and vihaan sharma.


Saaya Mathur (kuku)
Bestie of Vihaan and Ashutosh. Cousin of Ashutosh. Sister of Ankash. Friend of Aadita, Kashish and Samaira. Loves Vihaan

Vihaan Sharma (hunny)
Bestie of Saaya and Ashutosh. Bf of Aadita. Friend of Ankash, Kashish and Samaira. Loves Aadita.

Ashutosh Mathur (ashu)
Bestie of Saaya and Vihaan. Cousin of Saaya and Ankash. Bf of Kashish. Friend of Aadita and Samaira. Loves Kashish.

Aadita Thakur (adi)
Bestie of Kashish. Sister of Samaira. Gf of Vihaan. Friend of Saaya, Ashutosh and Ankash. Loves Vihaan.

Kashish Mehra (kashu)
Bestie of Aadita. Gf of Ashutosh. Friend of Saaya, Vihaan, Ankash and Samaira.

Ankash Mathur (anky)
Bestie of Samaira. Brother of Saaya. Cousin of Ashutosh. Friend of Vihaan, Aadita and Kashish. Loves Samaira.

Samaira Thakur (sammy)
Bestie of Ankash. Sister of Aadita. Friend of Saaya, Vihaan, Ashutosh and Kashish. Loves Ankash.

All characters are positive.

Saaya, Vihaan and Ashutosh are classmates. Aadita and Kashish are one year juniour to them and Ankash and Samaira are two years juniour to them.

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