5 years earlier…………

St Teressa’s University of Business Management-

Music room:

A boy is practicing guitar chords while another boy in the same room is studying.after the boy finishes his practice,he goes to the other boy who is studying.

Boy-hey Sanky….how much will you read……you know life needs to be enjoyed.

Yes the boy who was reading is Sanky…….Sanskar Maheshwari…

Sanskar-Lucky I’m not rich like you people to enjoy my life…you know about my family and my only aim is to top the university…….and you better be careful about your studies this is our last year.

Laksh-Ufff yaar…..studies studies studies… very well know that I’m studying business management only because of my hitler dad….(sanky glares at him)okay..okay…Mr.Singhania….music is my passion and becoming a rockstar is my aim and……

Then Sanskar joins his hand infront of Laksh.
Sanskar-please stop your lecture about your passion and tell me what have you done to surprise Swara.

Laksh-why should I give a surprise to her??????????any special???????

Sanskar-you are a gonner today lucky… could you forget this day……today is he birthday!!!!!!!!

Laksh-shit yaar…I totally forgot about it…thanks for reminding me… you in the canteen…(calls Omi on phone)hello Omi……

He then runs away from that room….after he leaves Sanskar gets sighs and gets sad and whispers “SWARA”lovingly.he too laves from there.

University Grounds:

Two girls are talking with each other… looks more like confronting each other.

Girl 1-I think you have might have heard this Swara…this year’s head cheerleader for sports is Ragini Kapoor….you might be feeling sad that this position would be given to St.Teressa’s most popular girl……and all the boys would be behind me…(Ragini’s friends laugh on Swara)

Swara-Congrats and sorry Ragini because taking a pom pom in hand and hooting for boys is not really my style…hope you understood…..come on anjali….

Swara and Anjali leave and Ragini feels humiliated.


Whole last year batch is present there including Ragini ,her friends and Sanskar.As soon as Swara and Anjali enter the canteen Laksh kneels infront od Swara holding a big boquet of roses….

Laksh-Happy Birthday darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swara accepts a boquet and kisses Laksh’s cheek.Sankar gets sad seeing this and imagines himself in the place of Laksh.He then brushes off those thoughts thinking that he has lost her forever.Laksh then forwards his hand to Swara for a dance.swara accepts for the dance and they dance on kuch khass hai song.
After the dance is over everyone get back to their work except Laksh’s group and that includes Sanskar too.Everyone wishes Swara and gives her gifts.When she comes to Sanskar,they have a cute eyelock.

Sanskar-Happy birthday Swara…

And he gives her a small gift box.

Swara-What is inside this?

Sankar-Why don’t you see that for yourself……

Swara then puts other gifts aside and opens Sanskar’s gift.She finds a cute heart shaped pendant with a bride and groom set inside it.She looks at Sanskar and then Laksh too comes and sees that.

Sanskar-For you and Laksh.

Then both Swalak hug Sanskar.Sanskar smiles sadly.

Swara-Let’s go to the assembly,its getting late.


The whole university have gathered.Then Dean Shah comes and makes some announcement.

Dean Shah-Dear final year students as you all kbow that St.Teressa has been losing in the basketball match against St.Victoria’s for consecutive 25 years… I want the final year students of St.Teressa to practice well and win it this year for our university’s reputation….so I wish the players All The Best.And don’t forget today the term exam’s results would be posted on the notice board.


Laksh is congratulating and asking Sanskar for a treat as he had come first this time while Sanskar tells him that he would give him treat after their basketball match.They further discuss about the basketball match.Then they meet their coach and all the players practice vigoursly for one week.Sanskar is the captain of St.Teressa’s team


Winning against St.Victoria’s was very tough.All the players were very good and tough.They had already scored two goals.Now there was a two minute break.Sanskar ordered his teammates to spread in the whole court and gave them some other instructions.The match began again.Sanskar’s teammates did how their captain had told them and they easily scored two goals.Now there was only thirty seconds left.The ball was with Sanskar.He was continuously dribbling it and St.victoria’s surrounded him.Sweat was continuously dripping from his forehead and neck.Somehow he managed to get out of their circle.Now only fifteen seconds were left.He saw laksh a bit far from the basket.He shouted Laksh’s name and passed the ball.Immediately Laksh aimed the basket and threw the ball.The ball was revolving in the rim of the basket.Only three seconds were left.Everybody’s tension grew more and more.Finally the ball fell into the basket and the whistle blew.St.Teressa’s students jumped from their seats.Here in the court St.Teressa’s had a group hug and decided to have a party in a pub for their win.


Everyone were dancing.The song vele from SOTY started to play.Sanlak took the lead to dance.the whole pub was looking at their dance.After the dance everyone went for a drink while Laksh was busy dancing with Ragini and flirting with her.Swara was sad and angry seeing this.Sanskar saw that and smirked Seeing Raglak.It was very late in the night and Laksh was very drunk so Sanskar decided to drop Laksh at his home and stay there itself that day.

Next Morning:

Laksh is practicing guitar and the whole Singhania family is having their breakfast in their garden .Sanskar joins them.

Sanskar-Good morning Mr. and Mrs.Singhania .Good Morning Aadarsh bhai.

Singhanias-Good morning.

Mr.Singhania-Congratulations Sanskar.i have heard from Laksh that you have you topped the term exam.

Sanskar-Thank you sir.

Mr.Singhania-Ah!!!!!!Here comes the rockstar.

Everyone turn back and see Laksh coming there.Mrs Singhania serves Laksh his breakfast….

Mr.Singhania-Sanskar if you have time then teach this useless idiot also something so that he can do something other than music too.

Aadarsh laughs mockingly but Laksh seems to be uninterested and rolls his eyes.Then Mr.Singhania and Aadarsh Singhania leave for their office while Sanlak continue to hav e their breakfast.

Laksh-Sanskar don’t forget that you have told me that you would give me treat.

Sanskar-Sure.Then today at my place in the evening.

Night (The Maheshwari House):

Laksh had joined the Maheshwaris for dinner.During dinner Sujata indirectly taunts Sanskar but Laksh and dadi support him.After dinner when Sanskar had gone down to snd off Laksh,his chacha Ram Prasad comes down running stating that something had happened to dadi and she has to admitted in hospital immediately.Sanlak rush up immediately.


Everyone were taking dadi to the I.C.U. when suddenly sujata stopped Sanskar and scolded him stating that he was responsible for dadi’s state.SAnskar gets angry and leaves from there.Laksh running back of him and hugs him.Two days Sanlak stayed in the hospital itself.Swara visited them and felt bad seeing Sanskar in such worst condition.After two days Dadi was to be discharged and that day was Sanskar’s birthday.

Two Days Later:

The whole class left except for Sanskar.He was packing his bag when Swara came to him and handed him a boquet of water lilies.

Sanskar-ehy flowers suddenly?

Swara-Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

With that Sanskar smiled and had an eyelock.Unknowingly they came closer to each other and kissed.They parted away when they heard a sound and found an angry Laksh looking furiously at Swasan.He went from there angrily.Swasan ran behind him to explain him but things got worst and Sanlak began fighting with each other like dogs for Swara.Frustrated Swara broke with both of them.Sanlak looked at Swara sadly.They then looked at each other angrily and parted their ways.


A lavish car stops in front of the hospital where Dean Shah has been admitted.A handsome and hot hot young man of his late twenties got down from the car and removed his glasses.He is Sanskar Maheshwari but now with the title Businessman of the year.He went to the other side and opened the door.A lady of same age as of Sanskar got down carefully holding her big baby bump.She is Swara Gadodia but now she is Swara Sanskar Maheshwari,wife of Sanskar Maheshwari and is eight and half months pregnant with his child.They went inside and greeted everyone but Sanskar didn’t greet one person and that is Laksh.Everyone had a talk about the change in their lives in these five years.Suddenly Sanskar absconded.Swara went in search of him and found him in the lawn.She puts a hand on his shoulder.he turns back and finds Swara but ignores her.

Swara-It’s been five years Sanskar but still haven’t you forgiven him?

Sanskar looks at her but again turns his face away.Suddenly they hear Laksh’s voice and find him standing there.

Laksh-Its not him who should forgive but me who should forgive him for snatching my girlfriend.

Then Sanskar gets angry and holds Laksh’s collar.They then start fighting like mad dogs again.By that time everyone had gathered there.Swaragini are pleading everyone to stop them but everyone deny and hold Swaragini back too.Swaragini hug each other and close their eyes and cry.They open their eyes when they the sound of laughter.They look at all and then look at Sanlak who are laughing like mad persons infront of swaragini.

Sanskar-Look Lucky we were fighting and these both closed their eyes in fear.

Both Sanlak laugh again.this time Swara gets and angry and slaps Sanskar hardly.Sanskar and everyone look at her shocked while she scolds both Sanlak for Fighting like that and finally at her and Ragini.Then she cries and hugs Sanlak.They break the hug ang and laugh but suddenly Swara’s grip tightens on Sanskar’s shoulder.

Sanskar-Swara???????What happened baby?????

Swara-Aahhhhhhhhhhhh…..Sanskar……our baby…..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……..

They immediately lift her and take her inside the hospital.After an hour or so the doctor comes out and tells that both Swara and the baby are safe and they may meet her.When they enter,they see Swara smiling and a cute little baby girl is in Sanskar’s hands.He shows the baby to Laksh first.

Sanskar-Laksh see my princess….

Laksh takes the baby in his hands and stares at it lovingly.

Laksh-Dude what are you going to name her?

Swasan-You name her Laksh…..

Laksh-Her name would be Diya…Diya Sanskar Maheshwari…because she lit all our lives with happiness…….

Swasan ,Laksh and everyone take a selfie with the baby…

An epilogue coming up……………

Credit to: swetha

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