Friendship or Love – Episode 9


Hy my dear cute sissies and friends now the next chapter is here… I am also happy that I got lovely sisters here. And dearly dedicate this epi to my sweet nandana sissy and cute monisha chotti… And all other readers and friends…

The story continues from ishu’s thinking face….

Its nearly 10.30pm where all the students were sleeping calmly in tthe room. 5 students occupies a room. And they were in the top floor of hotel. Since the chill weather there was an blossoming and charming fresh air.

But Ishani didn’t sleep still since she’s been thinking about the evening incident and her behavior towards ranveer. She really felt bad.
There ranveer too couldn’t sleep. His old memories passed before him and it makes him sleepless..

Ranveer saw around the room where all sleeping calmly. he gets up from the bed and went out of the room was watching the floor where no one seems outside. He went and climbing the stairs went to terrace and was watching the sky with shear silence. The evening incident disturbing him more and he sat seeing the star where his memory went to few years back….

A girl: Where have you been. I won’t talk to you.
Ranveer: But what have I done.. Actually I have to be anger on you.
Girl: Really, then you have to be home na when I come. But you didn’t.
Ranveer: Oh you are fighting with me uh. Actually you left me na. Do you know how bored I felt without you these days. But you…
Girl: What… Only 2 days I went. You are speaking like months… I just went for project vacation. And I called you, you only seemed nit interested and said will be with mom.
Ranveer: Oh so you will leave uh. You said a week na. Y you returned quick. your project is important than me na. I gonna won’t talk to you for this.
Girl: Oh my cute little champ. Don’t be like that. I am sorry and I too missed you so much there. So I returned within 2 days. I won’t leave you again I swear. See I brought more chochis for you from uncle.
Ranveer: Promise me yyou won’t leave again.
Girl: I promise. It’s pakka promise. I will always be there with you forever…
Fb ends…..

A few tear drops fall from his eyes realizing his star left him..
Still he stared at the stars where a voice brought him from his thoughts.

Ranveer: You, what are you doing here…
Ishani: I have to ask that. What are you doing here in this time.
Looking as though you gonna save stars falling from the sky. (saying she laughed).
Ranveer too smiled at her as iit’s the first time they were speaking without argument and hatred.
Ranveer: I just feel bored and I didn’t get sleep too. So I thought of coming up here. But y do you here. You would have slept na after that much incident today. You would be tired.
Ishani: Ya. Actually I too didn’t get sleep. And you no need to be so gud to me. I am not gud enough to speak to you
Ranveer: What happened to you suddenly…

Ishani: I…I m….I m really sorry rranveer for all the hurt I gave you. I scolded and insulted you without any damn reason. But still you…
Ranveer: No Ishani. It’s ok. You don’t gonna feel for so that I helped you.
Ishani: No. Not only for this. Really you are so gud. I take time to realize what I doing and to whom I…
Ranveer: No Ishani. Its not either mine or your mistake. Actually its of your emotions and possessiveness towards your belongings and its not wrong. You’re insecure seeing me snatching your beloved place makes you behave rude to me. I soon realized it.
Ishani: But ranveer. How
Ranveer: All students love you for your character and behavior towards them. Also soon I came to know about your true self by others. And I came to know about you. Actually it’s…
Ishani: Thank you ranveer for being kind to me even after what all I did to you..
Ranveer (with smile): Don’t be so sorry for tthis silly things. And also still I cannot get how this devil vampire regret to me with this low tones. You know it’s really a miracle and I think that’s why even sky glows… (Laughing)

Ishani: What did you say me. Devil? Vampire? How could you…
Ranveer (he laughed at her): I was just joking.. Don’t be anger again.
Ishani: Don’t you get anger with me ranveer?
Ranveer: Yes I do. But I soon forgot those.
Ishani: Y?
Ranveer: Its not about hatred all the time ishani. Even it could change. See you yourself came regretting. It’s all about time that changes and so do people and our thoughts…
Ishani: Its good of yyou ranveer. But you know I never deserve your forgiveness.
Ranveer: Do you gonna feel for this for more… I think our enimity falls only these 2 months and I think we could change our enemity to friendship. If you
Ishani: More than I could..
Ranveer:(smiling): Then
Ishani(with smile showing hands): I am Ishani parek and I do have more friends. And love to be the best ever and being with the best. Will you be my friend.
Ranveer(shacking her hand)Ofcourse,I do. So happy being your friend.
Ishani smiled contently
Ranveer: And you know what. I thought to speak and be friend with you from the first. But many things happened between us and I didn’t thought that would change into hate.
Ishani: I am sorry. But now I am really happy.

Ranveer: If you think me as your friend then remember, there should be no thanks or sorry. No these words between friends. Is it ok.
Ishani: Sure. I won’t.
Ranveer: Hmm. But how do you came here. I know you are afraid of that kavya miss. Then too you
Ishani: Actually I came tto relax myself but now I got a nice friend na. Everything is for a reason na ranveer.
Ranveer: Yes
Ishani: but y do you come here.

Ranveer: Same. To feel fresh, relax and safe. Love being alone with stars.
Ishani: Shall we move now
Ranveer: Really feel sleepy.

Both starts moving down towards their room and walking came down.
Ishani (with smile): Good night ranveer. See you in morning.
Ranveer: Good nyt Ishani. Sweet dreams…

They both bid bye to each other and went to their room and lay in their bed. Both slept as soon peacefully with happy heart and new found friendship….

The sky seemed really happy as the two beautiful stars down made friends with each other at its witness…

Precap: The way towards snake park and Ishani and ranveer playing and making fun of students. Rithika,Chirag and others seeing them together awe with shocked expression…..

So, how is it guys. Hope I didn’t drag it. And now more Ishveer friendship… Hope you will like.
Say about this chapter dears.
Keep smiling
Take care…

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode di i really liked it and update the next soon di 🙂

    1. Nandana

      And i am very happy to know that u dedicated this episode to me,moneesha di and all and loves u a lot di

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  3. Nandana

    And i am very happy to know that u dedicated this episode to me,moneesha di and all and loves u a lot di

  4. Who is that girl came in FB? Anyway 2day superb episode

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      Welcome dr and thanks. And about the girl you will come to know soonsoon
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  5. Hi Maya the episode was fantastic happy to read that ishveer are now friends eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

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      Thank you neelam dr. Happy that you liked it. S ishveer are now friends. Will update next as soon as possible

  6. again amazing update dear..
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    waiting for the next update..
    but please try to update soon..

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you dearie… Happy that you liked the update and loved to see ishveer as friends. And the girl in fb and about your guess you will come to know in future updated dr.
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