Friendship or Love – Episode 7


Hy friends…. I know you all will be very angry with me for not updating for week… Sorry, I was struck with a problem.. Please forgive your dhi…
Also I broke the promise, but now I will update for sure…
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Coming to the story….

Ranveer was very angry as Ishani insults him… Chirag and Shaneilla tried calming him…
Rithika brought Ishani out and she started scolding Ishani for her behavior…
Rithika: Ishani, can you think by brain for sometime. What’s his mistake for being good and one than you…
Ishani: Can’t you see how mean he is… He just f**k me up
Rithika: Just shut up. Its with you… You just feel jealous of him. He became better and pet than you for all. That’s your f**king problem…
Ishani: Just stop it rithika… You too same. Changed. Just go away. Go to your new friend…
Saying , she went off.

In home
Falguni(seeing report card): You are growing so naughty nowadays that’s why u back off…
Ishu was crying by now
Falguni: ddon’t show your tears now…
Disha: Mom, sshe already cried more. Leave her mom.
Harshad: Its kk. Leave. Disha was gud this time na. Next time ishu will
Called Ishani… Its k dr. DDon’t cry now. You have known y you lose. So next time,you will score first k.. Don’t worry dr… Comeon cheer up.
Now ishu becomes somewhat ok…

2 days passed. Nothing changed.. Rithika felt calm and she compromise Ishani to be quite. It’s 2nd period, principal came to their class for an announcement..
Principal: Gud mrng students. Now a happy news for you. We are going for an educational excersion and a India tour. We will be going around an research institutions and tourism. So all are advised to join the tour. The days and other will be announced by your class teacher. Thank you..
Everyone became happy and all jumps in joy.
Miss: The tour will be 3 days starting from Thursday. You all will be back on Sunday morning. So the fees will be 3000 since students consertion. This will be informed by the pamplet and get your parents permission…
Now disperse to break…

Ishani: Wow, Rithika so we will be enjoying our tour. Joly.
Rithika: Ya. But we didn’t confirm. We have to get permission na from our parents
Ishani: So what, they will give for sure. I am so happy and the excited.
Rithika: I hope too. If everyone joins it will be so gud…more fun hain na ishu…
Ishani: But I just wish, he shouldn’t…
Rithika: What…. Who… Are you
Ishani(realizing) : No I mean.. Yes. It will be fun..

Chirag: Wow, I think its gonna be lot of joy. I haven’t went before with friends.. It will be really excited…
Ranveer: Hmmm
Chirag: What happened to you now. Why are you upset. Don’t you feel happy for this news.
Ranveer: S I am.. But I won’t be coming there.
Chirag: What. But y
Ranveer: That.. My mom won’t allow me. So…
Chirag: But how will she refuse… What are you saying… You are coming and that’s final
Ranveer: Chirag,Its time. Lets move to class now.
Saying he started fast to class
Chirag: But hey ranvee stop…

School gets over and everyone moved to their home.

On the way to home…
Ishani: Disha, you know what… We are going for a tour day after tomorrow.. Bowbow..
Disha: So what I too have went before.
Ishani: But not now na..
Disha: So, this is your first tour
I have went twice ok
Ishani: But you went for 2 days only na. Now I am going 3 days. Also I will go more than you. Bow bow..
Disha became frustrated: you
Ishu runs. They ran to their home.
Disha:(reaching home): Mom, see her. She is irritating me.
Ishani: Mom, you know what I have an excersion day after tomorrow..
Falguni: But ishu wait till your papa comes. He will say about you going…
Ishani: Mom I know he will allow me…Joly.
She runs around in joy….

Ranveer’s home…
Ranveer: Dad please, say mom to allow me…
Kailash: But beta, understand us
Ranveer: What.. If it’s above your bbudget,then
Kailash: It’s not about money dr. It’s…
Amba: stop arguing now ranveer… You are not going anywhere.. Just leave this topic.
Ranveer: But mom please..
Amba: If you want to go there , then we will get you there.
Ranveer: But I have to go with mmy friends…
Amba: Just stop this. Go and sleep now. Its time…
Ranveer became angry and he left to room and fall on the bed crying…
Kailash: Amba, why don’t we allow him. He will be happy..
Amba: I know ji… He will be happy. He is making us pproud and happy. I too wish the same with him. But don’t you remember what happened before..
kailash: that doesn’t mean always it will happen..
Amba:But I can’t lose again…

Ranveer was crying and trying to sleep… Shikar saw him and he too was in tears seeing his brother..
Shikar: bro, don’t cry.. If mom don’t allow then we could play here and be happy roaming..
Ranveer: Shikar, you sleep now.
Shikar: But you didn’t na
Ranvee: I will. Don’t irritate me with talks. Be quite.
Shikar: Don’t worry bro. Mom will allow you… Just see.
Saying he too slept near him…

The next day..
Class starts most where happy and some where sad about their tour permission

CChirag (seeing ranveer silence), hey what happened. Don’t your mom gave permission
Ranveer: No. You just enjoy. I… I will ..
Chirag: But ranveer…

Ishu was hearing this and she felt happy that ranveer wwon’t be coming with them. So she thought of making fun of him..
She called rithika…

Ishu: Rithu, you know my dad allow me. See his signature in letter. Now I m so happy.
Rithika:(noticed her act): Ya. Me too dr..
And she left, since she don’t want her to make a scene…
The day passed… Ranveer was sad… Ishani was so happy…. All were thinking about the next day tour…. Screen freezes…

Precap: Lot of enjoyment in hills…
Ishu to struck on the boat in middle river alone…

Sorry guys.. I know this will be quite boring but next chapter will be good…
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Keep smiling
Take care…..

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  1. Hiiii Maya how are you your episode was amazing I loved it waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks dr ya I m fyn. Hw r u..

      1. Me too dear?

  2. Nice Maya plz unite ishveer i can’t wait

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks dr. S dr. Their union will happen soon

  3. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it it was been just amazing and was really waiting for ur update and update the next di

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you dr. Happy that you lliked it. And the next episode will be soon

  4. Nandana

    Will ranveer go for the tour ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      That you will see in next epi chotti

  5. Hey dhi don’t be sry loved it sooooo much it good and it was not boring

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks dr. Glad u liked the epi… Keep supporting

  6. Rookey rookers

    No no its not at all boring . I love it . and ran ranvi is same like me . but I won’t cry . I will convince myself . so u guys know ; I did even went to a single school trip till now except field trip ….

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy rookey rookers… Happy that you liked it. S dr. Oh you too didn’t…Sometimes it happens. Even I didn’t go tour in school except educational tour. It really makes us sad. But situation varies….
      Happy that you liked it. Keep supporting dr
      Take care

  7. Monesha

    Hi my dear pyaari princess sissy. I caught you. You never said that you are writing ff then you are considering me as third person right. I am considering you as my sissy but you didn’t say about this right. Actually I like Rv and Ishani pair so i will only watch ishveer scenes alone so i don’t know about others character so i will not read ff of MATSH. Sorry for that. Who are you to think that this episode was boring. Don’t dare to think like this again. You are rocking…….. I think i will start to read all the ff. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ don’t ever do this again.

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Oh my sweet chotti…love you a lot. Sorry for not informing you avout this ff… Not like that dr. Actually this is my first ff and I don’t know whether it’s going gud or not. Also I hardly have time to write this… And I thought the posted ff will read by all. And so I thought you too read. Yet I missed yourcomment. I too love Ishveer pair dr and won’t watch other shows often. My always lovable pair will be Ishveer.. Glad that you liked the ff dr. And lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you… Love you so much cutie and also I am really sorry and I won’t repeat this again I swear. I am happy that I got a super cute sissy like you…

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