Friendship or Love – Episode 6


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The epi starts with everyone’s tensed face. But Ishu was not tensed since she will be the first always. Vardhana mam came and starts with her advice and her comments towards their performance. Everyone were tensed. Rithika turned to Ishani every minute and Ishu signed her everything goes good. Mam started announcing the results one by one.
As its attendance order,she called up one by one. After 4 members, Chirag was called up and he scored 6th in class. He was rather happy for his result. The 2students after him failed in exams and were called up for parent’s meeting. Its vaishali, who belongs to first bench got 3rd rank and mam praised her and everyone claps for her. Then after few more, its Ishani’s turn and though she was confident, she was tensed. She went towards mam.
Vardhana miss: Congrats Ishu. Everyone clap for her. She too scored well,
But…. Lost her first place this time.
And she gave the report card towards her. Ishu was shocked as she didn’t expect this result. She didn’t ever get back from first rank till this std and she was shocked and couldn’t take it. She began to cry there itself since she scored second for first time… Mam consoled her saying you could get back to your place next time. Don’t worry… But she was crying so badly. She came to her place. Ranveer moved and she sat in her place crying. Rithika too got shocked and she was confused who would be first then and felt bad for her friend. Not only them nearly the whole old student in class starts thinking on it.Mam starts announcing results of others… The students came one by one. Some felt happy and some sad, some crying…. Ishu was crying badly… Mam called up for Ranveer’s result. He was tensed since it was his new school and didn’t know about the exam and result correction methods..

Mam congratulates him and said: Everyone clap for him. This is the first time a new student score first rank in the beginning of the year exam itself. She smiled and at him and said ‘keep it up my boy. Congrats’.
Ranveer got his report card and saw Ishani. She was in shock and didn’t react a single move.
The whole class clapped and ccongratulated him before he reach his place. Ishu was shocked by his result. She didn’t expect he will be the one who win over her.
Ranveer came back to his place with smile.
Before Rithika could react or see Ishu after Ranveer’s result, her turn came. She was 4th. Though she got her card came, she was sad that she will be getting within first three ranks. She looks sad on her result as she fall. Shaneilla too scored good and she was average in her results. But she seemed happy.
The mam said “Everyone should get their parent’s sign and bring it tomorrow and failures should bring your parents”. She said and left.
The days moves as asusual. The teachers who ever gets into class starts with the result analysis and congratulate Ranveer and some pacified Ishani. This irked her. Rithika though she felt sad for her Ishu, she felt happy for Ranveer as he too is her friend.
It’s lunch. Everyone (group of boys and girls each side)were having it quietly…
Ours girls gang was having llunch without a word..
Chirag: Hey ranveer.. I know you are smart. But didn’t expect you will be first.
Ranveer: I too didn’t…
Chirag: Hey don’t say that. I thinking keeping friendship with a topper is not good or fun
Ranveer: Oh for that you gonna leave.. As though you are dull. You too scored well na. And we vl always have fun okay… Whatever..
Chirag: Oh its k.. Congrats anyone.
As the everyone’s chatting could hear by everyone,
Ranveer saw Ishani watching over them. He still felt something bad for her as she cried so much and said: hey leave. Just change the topic.
That was the moment Ishani got up and in anger came towards them.
Ishani: What? What you think?
You scored first this time so that it doesn’t mean that you could win all the time. Wait and watch.. In the next exam, you won’t be able to score the same and win over me. I won’t leave or take it that easily.
Rithika who didn’t expect this tried stopping Ishani but she just keep on speaking.
This made everyone to listen them. Ranveer felt insulted and he too got frustrated of her activities..
Ranveer: Just stop it. You and your attitude… Just…Can you please shut your mouth for sometime.. As you will be first always doesn’t mean that none should win over you. Everyone deserves to be first if they work hard for it. Don’t think yourself genius and get overboard.
This made Ishani angry and she starts arguing with him. Both were fighting…
Ranveer: Are you challenging me
Ishani: Its not only a challenge, I will make sure to make you lose..

They keep on arguing…
Chirag,Rithika, Shaneilla and even others of class tried stopping them and finally Rithika pick Ishani out with her.
Screen freezes on Ishani hatred towards Ranveer and Ranveer’s anger…

To be continued…

Precap: Excursion and tour…

So how is the epi.. And don’t worry friends, the epi 8 will be Ishveer patchup….

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