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Friendship or Love – Episode 5


Hy my dear lovely friends… I am sorry for the late update drs. Was held up with my assignments… And I think this ff is somewhat bore.. Because I have very less comments in the previous.. If you didn’t like it, I will finish it off. Your support will make me write.. If you feel something could be improved, suggest me dears..
Thank you so much for the readers…

The story continues…

Its exactly 8.15 when they started to school. They reached school and Ishani was so happily waiting for Rithika. At about 8.40 Rithika entered the class room with Ranveer and Shaneilla..
Seeing them, Ishu’s smile disappeared. Rithika came to her and wished her with smile. Shaneilla too did the same. Ranveer too wished her and Ishu just turned her face to other side. Ranveer felt bad and he moved to his place without other word. This irked Rithika and she turned Ishani and said,
Rithika: Ishu, what’s your problem with him. He is so gentle. He wished you for your birthday, but y do you behave so rude to him.
Ishani act as she is not at all hearing her.
Shaneilla: yes Ishu. We only said about your birthday to him and he wished you nicely. But you…
Ishu: This is the problem. What did he gave you. You both are always supporting him and talking for him.
Shaneilla: But y you..
Ishani: Because I hate him.
Shaneilla: No Ishani he is such a…
Rithika cut them off and said: no more argument now. Leave . (seeing Ishani) come its your birthday today we have to celebrate na lets go to canteen and move to prayer.
They started off to canteen and Ishu showed them her gifts and she showed the pen gifted by disha. She felt like its her best gift on her birthday. She was so happy for it. She didn’t even gave them to see. She just showed it by having it in her hand itself. She is not ready to give it to anybody….
They reached their class aftee prayer. The whole class wished her and the class goes normal. This time its Ranveer that he didn’t even mind Ishani sitting near him and he was doing his own work. Its break and Ishani after giving chocolates to teachers started distributing it to the class. She gave to all. Some where coming from washroom and canteen to the class after break. She distribute to them too. That was the moment Ranveer with Chirag entered the class. Ishu went to them and showed chocis before Chirag and smiled. He wished her and took a choci. Ranveer saw her and she too stared at him for sometime. As they were in a cute small eyelock their class miss entered and Ishu without giving him went from there. Ranveer too went back to his place. Rithika watched everything and was in angry with Ishu’s weired behavior towards Ranvee. But didn’t scold her as she didn’t want to spoil her birthday.
The day came to end and they returned home.

Its evening and disha was seriously studying for her science exam. Ishani too was studying but also playing by throwing some bit papers towards disha.
Falguni warned her and she stopped her cute naughtiness.
She too began to study. After sometime Falguni bought rotti qnd feed them both. They finished and were studying. It was 9 when Ishu felt sleepy and she slept at the study table itself. Harshad returns and saw Ishu cutely sleeping and he brought her and made her lay in bed. Disha too slept near her.
Its next day, everyone were reaching the class and sat according to their numbers. They wrote the exams. As its two papers per day, the day passed on studying, writing, eating and sleeping. A week passed with the exams. And after exam for four days ,they felt relaxed. Its friday.
Everyone was happy being relieved and they have Saturday too leave since their exams.
The days passed. Its the next monday , the result will be announced and everyone were so tensed towards the result. The result will be announced after the exam leave. Ishu was not tensed since she knew she would be first as usual….
The next Monday……

Precap: Exams results and a biggest shock of Ishani…..

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  1. Very nice Maya the episode was sooo cute I loved it waiting for the next episode 😊

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thankyou Neelam. Happy that you loved the epi. I will update next soon dr.
      Keep supporting.
      Take care

  2. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hi maya it was so cute nd lovely nd pls dont end it bcoz this is only their childhood nd i guess there r many more sweet nd love epis to come. Dont worry bcoz of comments there r many silent readers so pls cont it and show ishveers cute friendship now.

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy Ishveer, thank you so much for your lovely comment dr. Happy that you liked the epi. S dr. There are more sweet moments of Ishveer friendship too. I will continue dr. Thank you once again. Keep reading
      Take care

  3. Nandana


    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you for your lovely commentcomment Nandana dr.
      I am sry dr. And also I am happy to have your cute anger since its out of love..
      I vl update next soon dearie…
      Thanks for your suggestion dr. They will become friends soon. But please bear me for another 2 chapters…
      Keep supporting
      Take care

  4. Really very nice. Waiting for next update

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much ranveer for your comment.
      Happy that you liked it.
      Vl update soon
      Keep reading
      Take care dr

  5. Loved it sooooooo much dhi keep rocking keep it up

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy duaraksha, thanks for your comment dr.
      Happy that you loved it.
      Thanks chotti.
      Keep smiling and take care

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