Friendship or Love – Episode 4


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The story continues….

As days passed, everyone was so attached to the class and they were so busy in homework, assignment, class tests,etc… Everyone start preparing for the term exams. Ishani,Rithika, Shaneilla became close to each other. They were so happy and started roaming over all the leisure time. Ranveer and Chirag became close friends and they used to tease Ishani always whatever she do. She too fires them back. Ishveer fight continued day by day.
Only 2 days for their exams and their revision started. As day drawn ti evening, Ishani became so excited as the next day is her birthday. She returns home so happily.

After dishani reach home…
Ishu was roaming, singing and jumping here and there…
Disha: Y are you roaming here and there and shouting… Please be quite for sometime. I have to done with my homework. You are distracting me.
Ishani: What? Do you feel jealous. See I gonna wear my new dress, cake, chocolate, and so many fun. Bow bow. I will just give only one choci to you. I vl eat more
Disha: I too didn’t ask for it anyhow. Move now.
She moved to the hall and she was doing her work. But Ishani followed her with some snack and toy and started calling her to play.
Disha: You just go. I have work.

Mom, see Ishu she is distracting me.
Falguni: Ishani go. Study. If you don’t study, it’s ok. But don’t disturb her. She is in higher class right.
Ishani: So what mom. Exam is day after tomorrow only na. Y she is serious now itself. I feel bore ma.
Falguni: Oh lets see. If you didn’t score well na then see what I do.
Disha laughed at her. Ishani made some funny faces to them and she enters their room and starts playing video games.
The day drewn dark…..

The next morning, Its 6.30 am and Falguni came to disha and Ishani and starts waking up them.
Falguni: Disha, Ishani utto. Its morning and you have to get ready early today.
Ishu: Mom 5 min.
Falguni: Ishu drlng. Today is your birthday. Happy birthday get up soon. Didn’t you want your gift. Come on get up my baby.
Ishu became so happy at once and she woke at once and jumped from the bed and was happily moving out. Disha too got up and starts getting ready.
Its 7.30 when Dishani were ready to school. Ishani was wearing a yellow frock with white net over it. She wored white with golden shoes and she was wearing her matching hairbands. She looked so adorable..

Harshad bought a table with cake in it. Ishani lighten the candles and cuts the cake. Disha sang birthday song for her. Then Harshad presented her an white stoned necklace to her. Falguni present her a beautiful yellow bracelet. Ishani was so happy and she looked like an yellow angel. She turned to take her school bag and thay was the moment disha stopped her and gave a card wrapped around. Ishani was surprised at her and she opened it. It was a birthday card for Ishani made by Disha herself. It had the quotes,

“Hy my dear lovely sissy,
Wish you many more happy returns of the day. I am so happy for you. Since I got a beautiful and amazing sister. I thank God for giving you. Even we fight,irritate,mock each other. I just can’t imagine a day without you. Whatever you do, I just say I love you dr for all your naughtiness. You are the best gift to me. Stay happy..
With love,

Ishani was smiling with all her teeth since this is the first gift from disha in her life. She was so happy reading it. She hugged her so well.
Disha: Hoi piggy, are you happy with this card itself. But I unknowingly bought a gift for you
Ishani(excited): Whats it. Show me soon dhi.
Disha: Oh then , you will call me dhi only when you receive something from me uh.
Ishani( was smiling, without anymore control) : show me fast.

Disha showed her a silver color fountain pen which she brought for Ishani with her own savings.
Ishani was so happy seeing it and she got the pen from her.

Harshad(seeing Disha) : So my daughter became so big and matured. She bought a gift for her little sister.
Falguni: Not only gift, she made her own card. I didn’t even expect this.
They both hugged their two children with happiness. Ishani was staring at the pen and she felt that was the best gift ever received. They four prayed to god in home for their family’s happiness.

The screen freezes on Ishu’s happy face and the happy family praying god….

Precap: Ishani giving chocolate to everyone except Ranveer…. Their exams and results….

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