Friendship or Love – Episode 3


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The story continues….

A week passed.
Nothing changed between them.
Ishani and Rithika were poles apart. They just shared silent glances sometime. They move alone or with some other friends. Shaneilla get well with Ishani. As she is new to this school Ishani helped her with the way towards library, office, blocks,etc.. The whole class mingled with each other and each bench pupil became friends. Ishani gets along with Shaneilla, and other two boys of her bench. But she didn’t even mind Ranveer. Ranveer was smart towards the class and he becomes favorite for most of the teachers. This frustated Ishani as she was the bright and a rank holder till now. Still Ishani felt bad of Rithika not talking to her. Chirag , the friend of Shaneilla from previous school became a friend to Ranveer since Shaneilla talks well with him.

It was 2nd Friday of month and everyone felt happy that they would get 2 days leave. After lunch noone was in the mood to listen class. They were shouting and playing. But its science period that strict nithya miss came and everyone fall silent. The class started and she starts drawing something in board to explain… That was the moment Ranveer felt bored and he moved before and called chirag. But he said ‘be quite. This dracula would make us stand if she watch us chatting. Don’t call me.’ He said and turned. But Ranveer tried disturbing him and on moving front and back, by accident his leg hit Ishani’s leg. As she was so fed up with him, she hit his leg back.. He too hit her… And they start fighting with their legs. This disturbs Shaneilla and other in their bench. They all saw them and that was the moment hearing some noise , nithya mam turned and watched them fighting.. She said,’Ranveer and Ishani both of you get up’
Ishani: Mam, he only ddisturbed me. He hit my leg.
Ranveer: No mam. I hit by mistake but she hits me wanted ly and was fighting with me.
They both start to fight and the whole class was watching them
Nithya miss: Shut up both of you and go stand at the back in each corner.
They both shared an angry glance and moved back of the room.
Though Rithika felt bad for her friend she didn’t showed. She just turned away.
The class gets over. and they both without speaking a word moved to their place.

That was the last period and its P.T period and everyone was in the ground playing games. Ishani was just sitting near a ring leaving shaneilla to play throw ball. She was so sad without her bf. Rithika watched her and she too sat alone in some distance.
Some tried convincing them. But everything goes vein.

The day passed.
One morning asusual both class friends got to be together. They both started to speak upto Ishani and Rithika. And that was the time,Ishani starts crying and she said,” I m sorry Rithika. I didn’t mean to insult you. I just hate that Ranveer. I can’t take you talk to him over me. I m really sorry. ” Saying this she started to move to her class.
In class, everyone are chatting and making fun of each other. Ranveer became friend to most of them and as he is too friendly and helpful, everyone getalong with him. He speaks a lot and teases all with them. Chirag from the previous bench corner before Ranveer became close to him.But Ranveer too didn’t mind Ishani.
Ishani sat in her place and the everyone returns and the class moves asusual.
Rithika didn’t even glance Ishani on the break too
Just they both were silent in the class.
Its lunch time and ishani starts moving out with Shaneilla. That was the moment Rithika called Ishani to stop,” Are you gonna move leaving your friend alone. I feel bore without your nonstop blabburs”. And they both had a tearcumsmile in their faces and hugs each other.
They both wish to have their lunch in the class itself. They asked Shaneilla too to join them. They started having lunch where on glancing around Ishani saw Ranveer and he smiled lightly to her. She felt something and turns.
The day runs and Ishani and Rithika were again happy and starts their naughty teasing nature.
Everything goes well around them
The circular came for their first term exam. It was in the next week after the day of Ishani’s birthday.

Precap: Ishani’s birthday present by disha and Ishveer cute fight….

To be continued…
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  1. Very nice Maya it was awesome I loved it and enjoyed very much and continue their school days ?

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      Thank you so much dr..
      Happy that you enjoyed it. Vl continue it dr.
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  2. Nandana


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      Thank you so much dearie. Vl update soon
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  3. you going well.. loved cute fighting between ishveeer,
    waiting for next update…
    hope soon ishveeer become best budies..

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you dr…happy that you loved their cute fightfight…. S dr… They become buddies soon…But before bear for some epi dr… Vl update soon..
      Keep supporting

  4. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Superb. I loved it. Eager to know what will happen next

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dr.. Ur lovely comment makes me happy… Vl update next soon dr
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  5. Loved it soooooooooooooooo much dhi sry for the late comment as I was busy…how r u

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you dr. Its k dr And no need to say sorry for that. Always studies and work come fast. S im fine dr. What about you?
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